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  1. I have the blue flashes but don't want to spend £££ for a gunsmith to fit them. The original stock had them and the bloke I originally sold it to mullered it making it to short so I brought it back and sourced a stock from a deluxe gun and used it ever since, never bothered me to be honest. Picking it back up tomorrow and will have it as spare while my new gun is having alterations made
  2. Fox RX+ 3 rod presentation set in mint condition used 3 nightsSupplied with brand new batteries £475 uk posted
  3. easier to clean🤣 "Gutted" I have a new gun now but no one in the UK ports barrels anymore, once you've shot a ported gun its hard to go back to the norm
  4. Just been put up to £950 maybe selling it cheap people think something is wrong with it
  5. Preferably Browning or miroku OR even beretta Xcel blue auto, just need something lighter for the wife
  6. No sorry Will look at swapping for Over Under 12 bore
  7. Simpsons Newmarket got 2 in stock £1000 each
  8. Got new Browning o/u now and this is to heavy for wife
  9. 30 inch on guntrader Essex gun I believe
  10. I have a Beretta stonecoat Gold 28 inch auto on here for sale PM sent PE15
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