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  1. Cheers, will give that a go next time I take it out. 👍
  2. Hi All, I have a Hatsan Escort Extreme Max with extended choke. The issue is the choke comes loose after only a few shots. Unlike the browning the choke does not use tools, only hand tight. I don’t see a need to change choke, but would like to keep the option. So before I loctite it has anybody come across this issue before and what is the best solution. Cheers, Mike
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome all. Been out of the country working long days since new year so not had much “me” time. I understand from the local grapevine that Monkton is closed down, even though there is a working website. Some family rift caused the law to get involved. But I have no facts.
  4. Actually not been there yet. I have been past many times on my bike and I’ve seen that have a good high tower. Will have to give it a go in the new year.
  5. Hi Moondoggy, East Yorkshire ground is nearest but I prefer Sporting so end up at Brandesburton a fair bit. We went to Park Lodge the other day. Lovely place and a good cafe but it isn’t cheap there.
  6. Hi All, Thanks for the add. Just getting back into shooting after being away for a few years. Really enjoying clays at the moment but have .22lr for the rabbits and semi-auto for stoggies and rough shooting. Anyway, see you all around the forum.
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