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  1. Hes been shut since because of this lockdown he didnt charge for getting it " repaired " no wonder he didnt with the trick up his sleeve.
  2. You're welcome thank you for you're help and advice.
  3. Yes I will do to be on the safe side , if I dont get a reply I will wait till after lockdown at a local gunsmiths . I have found online a site what sells firing pins and the screw it looks similar so I have messaged them also .
  4. I have been on the website today and emailed them as some one mentioned him on recent posts so I will wait for a reply cheers .
  5. Yes mate I do the reason I took it back to the gun dealer was because he said he uses a gunsmith who repairs some of the second hand guns he sells but obviously in my case it didn't work out too well .
  6. No mate that's where I am struggling I will just have to go a gun Smith's as I didn't no they could make them I thought you had to buy them ready made .
  7. Thanks for trying much appreciated Mate.
  8. Thanks for the Reply mate , are they expensive ? The guns only worth about £400 so I dont no weather just get rid of it .
  9. Hello Sorry to bother you alI I have a spanish side by side 12g shotgun . It's quite old and I cant find a make . When I am out in the field it miss fires a lot on the right hand barrel, so I sent it off to the shop who I brought it off as it was a snapped pin , since being back out with it the issue was still happening . So today I have looked at the pins my self and he hasn't changed it at all as the pin is snapped still on the right as before . Can you help me out on how measure it so I could buy a replacement. Or has any one seen one like this before . Thank for
  10. Thank you I have messaged him and hes going to contact me when he's back from his holiday . Cheers sean
  11. Hes only come out as gay so he can have a good look at Holly's tits
  12. Thank you very much I try look for him now
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