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  1. As they are supposed to register in the first country they set foot in, maybe we should send the bill for the upkeep of all the ones who get here to the EU seeing as it should be them dealing with them.
  2. My dad used to talk about heading the old caser footballs in school, said it was like heading a medicine ball. Worse though was taking a full volley to a cold wet inner thigh on a winters day
  3. Footballers get spoilt these days when it comes to their playing surface. I played rugby in the snow once and scrummaged my way so far through the turf I was in the drainage stones. About 3 years later I played on another terrible pitch that resulted in me rupturing my Achilles tendon. In modern times it seems most injuries are now occurring on the new rubber based 3G playing surfaces. Hateful stuff to play on, a slide tackle or a slip and slide on the pitch nearly requires skin grafts on the friction burns!
  4. Rob85


    Not much of an F1 fan these days but this one tickled me. Lewis Hamiltons new haircut
  5. There is also Lyalvale express ultimate steel 30gram 5s. They have the compostable bio earth wad and i think they are designed for 2 1/2" chambers and up. Im just waiting to get to my local FEO to try some out myself.
  6. These are a 32gram number 3. I was given them after asking for a standard steel load to go through my old AYA and sarasketa. Would they therefore actually be classed as HP loads as both guns have at least 1 full choke barrel. I've went down the road of just not worrying and going ahead as they were sold as a standard pressure steel load. The box has no figures other than 32g of number 3 steel shot. Downside with them as the plastic wad.
  7. Oxy/acetylene torch. On a serious note, steal the missus' nail varnish remover and have at it
  8. Or the French....who are already being paid a substantial amount by the UK for extra patrolling .....agree to the British government repatriating all illegal immigrants that are picked up in the Channel back to France immediately after picking them up. Seems fair to me with them having left France in the first place. An incentive scheme seems more of a way to scam money from Britain. Do you really think the French government would want this immigration battle to end if they were getting free cash from the UK?
  9. Have you got a better idea?
  10. I think you could be spot on with that right there. I just can't seem to understand why they want to come to the UK in the first place when they know already they are not wanted. Is it because they see it as harder for us to get rid of them because we are an island nation and on our own? We do not have enough space or resources to help our own people...hence the new tax that is coming into force. Simply the more we let in...the more that will come. I think they should start towing the boats back to France as soon as they are inrercepted. If anyone threatens to jump overboard then I say let them, when the rest see someone being left to their fate then I doubt many will vote to join them.
  11. As a parent of special needs (autism) kids myself, I would suggest that you will want to set up nice easy targets to start with, something you are sure he will hit. Reactive targets would be good as well as it gives them an extra reward as well as the satisfaction of hitting the target. What will he be shooting with? Did his parents define what his needs are in regards "special needs"
  12. I would be pretty peeved at this. This allowance for chief constables to do as they please in interpreting rules/guidelines is why incidents like Plymouth happen. The mainland needs to get one set of rules that all chief constables go by, I don't see how that is not the sensible option. Then when you move counties you just have the continuity of the original licence until renewal. I've just went through my renewal(northern ireland) and the question we are asked regarding mental health only considers the previous 5 years. I was informed that as I had a note on my file previous(over 5 years ago) they would write to the doctor regardless of when it happened but unless it can be shown that I deliberately lied about anything that changed since my last renewal 5 years previously then there should be no change. but to drag up an episode that is 9 years old at least is ripping the hole out of it a bit. I think we are now seeing police getting tetchy about guns after the Plymouth incident.
  13. Well as he wanted the rod for tomorrow I had to just go with superglue and some nail varnish to cover it, thats what he wants so thats what he will get. Just gave the rod a few test casts in the garden there and all seemed to go well. I'm going to invest in some of the proper rod whipping varnish myself incase any of my own rods need it and judging from some of the others on this rod of his there will be a few more to do before long. Do rightly...
  14. Rob85

    A real treat.

    Happy birthday, a beautiful location, good food, good drink and good company. What more could a man want
  15. Rob85

    Variocele op.

    Would be worthwhile raising your concern with the doctor regarding shrinkage. Bear in mind a vein or venule does not feed, it takes de-oxygenated blood away. What your variocele would have been doing is sending blood flow the wrong way round the system. Would you happen to have had mumps as a teenager? My father had an issue with shrinkage on one nut that required an op but it was put down to damage from having mumps as a teenager.
  16. I think they need to stop the emissions coming from some politicians mouths
  17. Its good to hear there is understanding FEOs out there. You're doing the best thing now by tackling the issue head on. Theres still too many men these days refuse to seek help for anxiety as they fear being stigmatised. Just remember if you need there's a big forum full of people here who won't mind reading a rant or 2 if you need to let of some steam or just need to talk
  18. Wee bit far out.... im in northern ireland. But I do appreciate the offer. Had my first go earlier and all went well until my son distracted me and I messed up the finishing loop 😄 I'll get it done, pressure is off for today as he doesn't need it just yet.
  19. Yes I quite like the look of the UV stuff for tying flies. I got all his fly tying stuff as his arthritis prevents him tying now.....sadly no UV gear. My missus has been saying just to do it the way he asked and just hit it with the superglue and thread. Maybe ill just put the nail varnish I use for my own flies over that to tidy it up.
  20. Thats what I was thinking of doing but I done some Google searching on that and some people have said the cellulose varnish or nail varnish can attack the carbon of the rod. Seems a bit out there for me considering i used to work on carbon fibre fuel tanks and they don't worry about Avtur fuel attacking it. But having read that I had an idea, we use some sort of 2 part varnish in work when doing carbon fibre repairs and covering edding marker idents on carbon fibre, maybe I should put it off a day or 2 and tea leaf some from work to seal up the whipping? As you can gather I don't want to rush out to spend my own money on it as I know its not a job ill be paid for but at the end of the day I don't want to just hand him back his Greys rod with a real scabby looking job on the ring.
  21. I second that! I got a pair of old skybolt binos for 15quid and they were crystal clear. Until my then 4 year old son dumped them in a bucket of murky water.
  22. My dog would still sometimes even in winter drag her bedding out and just lie in her bed with no bedding at all. If its a warm dry night she will sometimes curl up in a ball and sleep out under the stars in her kennel run.
  23. Buy the pup, you won't forgive yourself if you don't. Never mind the missus, I think she will forgive you the second he snuggles up to her.
  24. Rob85

    Sept 1st

    Just a word of warning for anyone wildfowling in northern ireland, make sure you have your certificate with you and have the necessary conditions on your licence and non toxic loads. The police seem to be taking a very proactive approach to checking people at the minute.
  25. Yea i think for a wee rough and ready coarse fishing set up the superglue and thread would do it. Think my dad done it years ago with our old bait rods I used as a kid, but to me a fly rod just wants that bit more love and attention because you rely on the rod action so much.
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