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  1. Thats one lovely shiny coat. With how my pup is growing its hard to imagine how small she was at the start. Even at this stage I'm assuming she will still double in size in the next 3-6months. Bit of my missus' home grown photography skills...
  2. Bingo, exactly how I work with mine, I'm pack leader with no exceptions. My late spaniel was possessive of her food when she was young and I went so far as to take her bowl and pretend to eat from it first before she was allowed her "share". I may sound a bit of a mental case but it worked! And as far as I'm concerned if it looks stupid and it works, it isnt stupid!
  3. Sadly I never got to see the litter mine came from when they were eating. Things have started improving now I've started to steady her up a bit and make her wait before she gets food, I'm holding off on the maze type bowl to see how this progresses. The worst she's had is a few cases of hiccups after scoffing. Shes definitely a dustbin on legs though, you can't take your eyes off her or she's got something in her mouth, grass, twigs, stolen cack from the bin etc. She's started to get sulky and getting ignoring the missus as well sometimes so a more formal training regime is coming to her this week!
  4. As has been alluded to, some of the practical adjustments do make sense for daily use, with the right shading with the paint im sure they wont be noticed. Another fine work of art sir 🙂
  5. As nice as the story is I find it slightly concerning that the dog slipped out of its lead and just kept running. Glad she got her dog back but just maybe some remedial training is in order.
  6. Lyalvale pigeon power 29g 6s will do everything you need, in fibre wad, lovely smooth cartridge. I tried a 32g 5 in my yeoman a few years ago and never again, near loosened my fillings
  7. Careful now, the "they are the most kind and gentle and protective of my kids" crowd will be here shortly to put you right! It seems the new catnip for idiots is any one of the new fangled crossbreeds, a lady talking to me just yesterday was complaining about her nutcase cockapoo, this kindly cutsey ball of fluff running amok even though it was at training classes since 15 weeks, straining on the harness and zero recall. From what I heard from her and is also the case for this American bulldog in the post, its the owners need education and training before they even consider owning/training a dog.
  8. Possibly for holding starter cartridges for starting aircraft engines or some tractor engines
  9. Gorgeous, definitely some mischief in those eyes!
  10. Apologies for it being a screenshot but this is a copy of my pups sires breed line, I'm in northern ireland, maybe you might recognise some of these dogs names?
  11. I caught myself on that its possibly a vizla 🤡 I just had to rush off out before I could correct myself haha, but the sentiments stand I suppose. Its certainly in the supermodel category of dogs!
  12. What a stunner, this is the shape of Lab that should be shown at crufts and not the fat roly-poly Labradors! Your dog would be considered an athlete in comparison to most and even a dog with just a little extra on the bones would be acceptable, I just don't see how its too hard for people to understand feeding... the bags of kibble even give instructions on feeding recommendations and so long as you are educated enough to read then the dog should be fine.
  13. When I have to drill it in work the method is slow speed...high feed. Gets sore on the arms going through an inch of Ti plate
  14. The suggestion about chucking it across the patio....im on the point of renaming her Henry after the hoover as it is!! The slightest crumb on the floor disappears in a fraction of a second! I had heard labs were greedy so I'm starting her steadiness off at dinner time making her wait now before being allowed into her bowl. I think I might give one of them weird bowls a go and see what happens, who knows it might be entertaining to watch 😄
  15. Has anyone tried those food bowls with the wee maze design in the bottom? My Lab is absolutely bolting her food into her in record time, I assume this is because the breeder fed 9 pups from the same big dish and they were going as fast as they could to get their fill. I would like her to slow down a wee bit and come up for air!
  16. There's a guy on YouTube who gets these scammers who want control of your computer "to update software". He plays them along for a while and at the same time is actually locking them out of their computer system. I think there's a few clips where he wrecks their whole set up
  17. One things for sure, the crazy lockdown prices have stopped. If you are advertising for working homes you should certainly get homes for them all. My lab pup has a sea of red on the fathers side but as the mother wasn't registered I was able to get her for £400. When are they due? A lot of people like to get dogs during the winter so when the longer evenings come in they are ready for more involved training, that could have an impact on price. Good luck with them, I imagine the right people will part with £1000-£1500 if there is a good pedigree there.
  18. I think if we all think back to our very early shooting days there will be an occasion where we did something silly with a firearm that could have been life threatening for ourselves or others, be it accidentally waving a muzzle past someone, or the dumb*** thing I did...finishing a crow off with the butt of the gun, I still shudder at the thought. I think we would be lying to ourselves if we said we haven't. This young person has paid the price for possibly a moments lapse an i for one won't judge.
  19. I can't remember the full article as it was last week but I don't think it was a big formal day but still imagine the faces of some people if that turned up on a formal day....especially if he went on to out-shoot the naysayers
  20. I bought the shooting times last week, imagine the look on his face if Mr "I hate extended chokes" seen this beauty on a formal driven day. Check out that gorgeous stock!
  21. Would it not be possible for the judge to then decide to dismiss the jury or have the offenders retried? When I done jury service we were minded that we have no say in matters of what is law and what isn't, thats for judges and lawyers, we merely had to decide if they committed the offence or not based on the evidence presented, we were not to be taking into consideration any mitigating factors, that again is up to the judge and lawyers to decide. You merely say they are guilty or not guilty. If you are directed by the judge, that means there is no other possible verdict but guilty. In that sense this jury may as well have let Myra Hindley and Ian Brady go free, or Rose and Fred West. There are trials that are decided by judges and lawyers without jury, but I think they are reserved for terrorist cases, which it could be argued this may well be as it is people using acts of violence and civil unrest (somewhat terror possibly?) for political means. I'm sure the powers that be are hoping these people will slink of quietly into the night but if the insulate Britain rent-a-mob are anything to go by then this idea of mob mentality will only get worse. Perhaps time to bring back "special constables" with the big stick?
  22. Why do I always stumble across these topics at lunchtime. Spoilt my tin of heinz big soup as all I want is scotch eggs and a pork pie now, maybe a beer but i doubt management would look favourably on it.
  23. With them being dried, do they still contain the good fats and oils? If so they would put a great shine on a dogs coat. My grandfather used to add a little drop olive oil or cod liver oil into his dogs bowls back in the 80s when he had a lab and cocker and my mum said their coats were really glossy from it.
  24. My father in law used to shoot early season snipe as the were flighting in to the bogs at dusk. Im not sure how regular a flushed bird would be at coming right back to where they were flushed from though.
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