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  1. Maybe it would be an idea if they wanted to resurrect the shooting times a bit if they had a new section to invite write ups from readers, kind of like our talk from the field section here. I know they have their letters to the editor on specific topics but I really think they need to expand rather than rely on their staff to put in write ups that could date back to the previous season.
  2. Same here loved john Humphreys take on things. Was gutted reading his articles as his cancer got worse as he was looking for a home for his old 8 bore "roaring emma".....wonder where she ended up. One of my favourite books is his book/guide to pigeon shooting.
  3. What position are you shooting in?Natural alignment is key. Adjust your whole body to the target by moving your feet and/or whole body if youre prone. don't move the rifle with just your arms.
  4. As far as investing in reloading goes I will probably get into it as I like tinkering with stuff and I can sit and play at a bench in much the same way as I like to the fishing flies!
  5. Reckon you could do a video or a picture sequence of making that shot cup? Could be of use to any loading I do in the future and other reloaders trying to make a good shot cup for themselves.
  6. A 1966 built aya yeoman s/s and a 1983 built sarasketa o/u. Both 12bore double trigger non ejectors with 2 3/4 inch chambers and choked half and full. I have my father in laws gun as well now but it's irrelevant as it feels as loose as Diane Abbott grasp on maths.
  7. Sorry i took the post wrong but thanks for the guide price... is there usually much difference between them and a local dealer? My local clay ground is where I'm going to have a look at another gun and was going to enquire about steel cartridges. Seems to be over here some places look at you like you have 2 heads when you ask about steel. I asked another rfd about non toxic for ducks about 10 years ago and was told to do what everyone else done and just use lead anyway
  8. Yep standard steel loads as that's all my guns are proofed for....until I get another gun to handle the more spicy stuff. Thanks for the info guys. Unfortunately they won't deliver to northern ireland.
  9. How much are steel cartridges per box of 25? I don't have a massive amount of storage to be buying them in bulk and usually 3 or 4 boxes at a time is plenty to keep me going. My usual cartridges are something like a 30gram 6 GB country fibre wad (affordable for me and do the job). So with a transition to steel how much would a box of standard pressure cartridges come in at? All the prices I see are for slabs of cartridges and the just cartridges guys don't deliver to northern ireland anyway
  10. My time shooting hasn't improved much since mine were that sorta age.... now 7 and 5 years old and I'm lucky to get out at all. In the last year I've shot 2 lines of skeet and had one day in the fields. Roll on spring, summer and brighter nights, im planning more shooting and a few evenings fishing my local river
  11. Of course, but that may just be the convenient excuse for them as he's been very critical of them and how they coach. Just an opinion as I don't follow everything that happens in the clay world but I do enjoy watching Ben's videos and to the point manner of shooting and how he breaks things down. It says they reviewed information available but that could be a one sided report because from what I remember he didn't bother challenging anything. Please don't take this as an impassioned defence of him and alleged cheating, just an opinion as I've seen first hand how companies/bodies/organisations will shaft somebody for their own ends to show to people that they are the big boys.
  12. Came across this today on the Eley Twitter feed. Thought it might be useful for people regarding their proof marks
  13. I wonder whether that decision was based more on him totally slating them and their development and coaching methods?
  14. These are a couple of screen grabs from the BASC website regarding using standard pressure steel. So the proof house recommends a traditional lightweight game gun should not shoot steel through any more than quarter choke. So would that mean my 1960s Aya yeoman would be better opened out?
  15. I think what you guys have to go through for licencing on the mainland is a big load of kack. We have had terrorism in NI for 50+ years, can still own nigh on any handgun you want so long as you're in a pistol club and dont have half as much troube. when it comes to grants and renewals and health the FEO basically emails the gp if they have an issue on your health and the gp emails them the relevant info back, never heard of anybody being charged for it. At most all I had to do with my last renewal was come see the doctor for her to have a wee chat and write the email with her
  16. Has anyone tried to make their own fibre shot cup? I remember seeing a video from TGS outdoors and it seemed to suggest it was basically made from paper.
  17. Thanks for starting this thread. Even though all my guns are 2 3/4 chambered I was thinking of loading my own. It's nice to be able to do it even if it's not massively cheaper to do it I quite like the idea of it. Being quite close to a clay ground I'll have a ready supply of hulls to load up. I'm all for saving money and not spending needlessly where possible....short arms and deep pockets I suppose!
  18. Was told you were trained to only use 3 sheets...1 up, 1 down and 1 to shine
  19. That's what my thought was because a game keeper with a shotgun....the thing would have been riddled with shot
  20. Rob85

    hedgehog study

    Used to be when we heard our dogs going nuts in the pen there was surely a wee hedgehog scuttling up the garden. Me and the wife used to see one every other night in the autumn time crossing the road in front of our house going into the neighbours garden. I wonder do cats ever go for them as there's loads of feline vermin around here these days that don't seem to belong to anybody
  21. .577 i think haha Wouldnt that be a sight to behold! I would assume that was locally sourced or possibly farmed himself....lucky sod
  22. I used to go to a car boot close to me and a guy had a stand doing Hereford beef burgers, venison sausage hotdogs, wild boar bacon rolls and sausages, majority game stuff and it was unbelievable how busy he was. I managed to speak to him for 5 minutes and asked him where he sourced his meats from. You cant imagine how jealous I was when he said he shoots EVERYTHING he sells himself. Going down that route with game etc you would be best targetting country fairs and game fairs for your business. Setting up outside an industrial estate will attract people looking for the standard cheap n nasty burger or fish supper who won't want to pay extra for proper quality
  23. The thought just came to me as I remembered at one point a few years ago I was looking for something heavy for foxes and my gun at the time was a Baikal 2 3/4 chamber and my local rfd sold me gamebore buffalo 36g AAA. As far as I remember he explained that these were almost a full 2 3/4 cartridge before firing and how it avoided trouble was to have a small roll turnover and overshot wad to prevent the case entering the forcing cone. See this is what the organisation's should be doing right now if they want to try and regain the trust of shooters after this debacle...maybe just a slight acceptance that they made a hash of things and then get straight on with what they are being paid for...lobbying on our behalf. If there was a strong collective voice saying "these are the kind of cartridges we want/need" and not a company firing out a cartridge saying here have a go with these and see what yous think...then in 5 years time there should be no reason why you can't have off the shelf cartridges to suit almost every gun. The main crux of the matter is the wad. 5 years to concentrate on 1 part of the cartridge? Surely a fibre wad/shot cup that can carry steel in a 2.5inch cartridge is WELL within the realms of possibilities. I suppose it doesn't affect me really as I don't have a short chambered gun but I hate the thought of all the old well loved guns becoming worthless because it's too expensive to shoot them.
  24. This should probably be in the reloading section but as it's somewhat regarding this thread I'll put it here.....this may already have been covered/said but I haven't read every single contribution to the thread. With some people maybe panicking about having a 2 and a half inch chambered gun and nobody/very few manufacturers doing a steel loaded cartridge in that chambering I was just thinking (As you do when you're bored and on nightshift) if you were not worried about running the steel shot through your guns would it not be ok to buy some standard 2 3/4 steel cartridges, open the crimp, trim it down to size and put in an overshot card and reseal with some candlewax? I thought the cartridge size referred to them when they had been fired, therefore the chamber size was to allow for the crimp to stop it entering the main bore. Of course this may not be true for older guns before crimp was commonplace but surely trimming and putting an overshot card on might just get people out of a pinch without paying a fortune for special loaded cartridges.
  25. Definitely not a wasted trip....most of my evenings and afternoons shooting was really a walk for the dog with the gun under the arm and if a pigeon/duck/pheasant etc was bagged then that was the cherry on top. I still have a springer collie crossbreed. She was bought as a bit of a pet for the wife and kids and is about 7 now. Although loyal and affectionate she will no doubt never make the grade as any form of gundog but she's a lovely dog and if she's happy to accompany me for an afternoon shooting then I'm happy to have her trot along with me. I reckon if i got a chance to go beating again i could get her into enough shape to flush birds and nothing else. I feel when she came along my spaniel kind of lost some of her edge so I don't plan to get another working dog until this one is gone. my wife is quite set on getting a Labrador for the next dog but I've a notion if she was shown a litter of cocker or springer pups she would run for the hills with 1 under each arm! Maybe when my kids are older and I'm not working so much i would consider training 2 dogs.
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