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  1. Thats pretty extortionate, I'm going to the Irish game fair in Shanes Castle Antrim, for me and my wife, 2 kids and the father in law its costing us £35. As far as I know parking is free. I'm hoping with there being a couple of years without a game fair that this one will be well attended.
  2. We get some cracking big moths visiting. My missus hates them, just gets freaked out by them for some reason. I live not far from a butterfly house thing where they breed them, both my kids went to it on their nursery school trip and it was amazing to see moths/butterfly's bigger than your hand fluttering about.
  3. I'll add to that my cousin had a black and tan one, ear issues and never fully emptying the bladder leading to dribbles everywhere are commonplace with him. He also sits and bites his toenails which is one horrible bloody noise
  4. Supremely jealous of your new addition! Good luck and enjoy! One tool to look out for to improve your surface finish, particularly on mild steel is a vertical shear tool. One thing I would also advise you buy is either a leather apron or a good shop coat, and don't forget to roll the sleeves up, wear nothing below the elbow.
  5. Thats going to give the wallet a nasty burn! Beautiful gun that it is though I'm sure it will be worth it. Hope you're all good and no bumps or bruises
  6. On the subject of doing in vermin by any means possible, I know a farmer who was so concerned about the amount of badgers and the interconnected setts on part of his ground that he drove down with a huge slurry trailer full of slurry an effluent and piped the whole lot down the main hole and drowned the lot. Another fella I went out shooting with thought nothing of peppering rabbits at 70yards with a 12bore. I refuse to be anywhere near him now for his lack of safety. In my misspent youth I will admit to trying to poach a few pheasants from a syndicate by having my mate chase them over a small rise while I chucked my small Bowie style knife into the air to try to intercept.... could count on a missing hand how many I hit 😆
  7. I watched the first 2 series of it, well worth a watch in my opinion
  8. An 18yr old who is also suspected of killing his own grandmother. He walked into the school with a handgun and an AR15. Death toll is now standing at 21 I think. Sadly there just doesn't seem to be a way to stop it. I mean sure you could arm the teachers but what kind of statement does that make to the world. Rather than go to fix your country's issues you would rather have a gun there incase the problem comes to you. I'm just awaiting Alex Jones to come out and tell people that its not real and they are just crisis actors like he did with sandy hook
  9. Just seen a report of another school shooting in the USA, elementary school in Texas this time I think. Why do lunatics target children?
  10. Your last sentence sums it up really, since I lost my old cocker a couple of years ago to mammary cancer I find every time I stroke my dogs im feeling them for any abnormalities because as we know they can't do it for themselves. Even more important right now with ticks about! My new pup went in for her 2nd round of vaccinations and I had the vet check the wee remnant of her umbilicle as I was concerned it wasnt closing, as with most things I was told nothing to worry about right then but keep an eye on it. That little bit of reassurance goes a long way
  11. Could be worse! you could be like me...an unattractive bald bald in your 30s 😄
  12. Just to expand on that you just reminded me, ever see the mark Wahlberg film Shooter? He does it well where he uses rattle cans and grabs leaves to use as masking to give the realtree type camo pattern on his sniper rifle. I had considered it on my remington as its now just a boring grey plastic stock
  13. My older dog had something like that a couple of years ago, it was a lump with a wee scab, because it had the scab I chances giving it a wee squeeze and there was an eruption of thick cream cheese like stuff. I gave it a good flushing out with a massive load of alcohol wash... hand sanitiser that we all had gallons off 2 years ago! It kinda filled again and I gave it the same treatment and it hasn't come back since. I'll admit when I felt the lump I panicked a bit as we all do when we feel a lump!
  14. I managed to use like a camo duct tape on my remington 597, actually looked OK til eventually I got fed up with the look of it. Was a pain in the hoop to remove all the residue afterwards
  15. I think marks n Spencer are going to suffer more from the general price increases because of the rampant inflation. They are deluded if they think many people do their full weekly shop in Marks n Spencer. Most of their stuff is WAY over priced as it is. They can keep their stuff from the EU. I could care less.
  16. May not be totally wrong as you look at houses from hundreds of years ago with very minimal signs of wear on lead flashing. The only reason I know about that lead pipe is because a few months ago it burst and I got to see it first hand. That pipe has been running to the house since 1953. To me its plain to see this is all agenda driven, possibly with a little class warfare thrown in. As we know most of the lead emitting into the environment in the sport will be from the commercial driven shoots that host the 1000 bird days on the regular(this coming season aside due to shortage of eggs) this is the more visible side of shooting and has the image of tweed and wealth thrown in. If the new regulations that are almost inevitable thanks to basc changed game shooting to non toxic and possibly decoyed pigeon shooting to non toxic but left the rifle side alone I reckon I could live with that. The issue will then be how is it policed without also changing all clay shooting to non toxic also to prevent people using clay cartridges on live quarry. I can't see these proposals becoming anything other than a complete mess
  17. Quick screenshot from some NHS information site regarding the lead water pipes. The last metre or so of pipe going into my house is lead. Funny thing is the pipe leading from the road is blue plastic yet they left that small bit of lead behind rather than use an extra metre to get it into the house
  18. Because they are azov troops it will give putin a way out of the war because he can now claim to have de-nazified part of Ukraine... a limited victory. Of course as part of the peace terms he will likely want to keep the land bridge from donbas to crimea as having mariupol also cuts a lot of Ukraine off from the black sea. I don't think this is going to wash and Ukraine will want to step on the gas and start forcing Russia back further in the North and dare I say it maybe even a limited incursion into Russia itself? From what I've seen the major Russian supply lines come down from the North, along the border and into the southern regions. Why not make a limited incursion to cut the supplies off?
  19. I love the oil cooled stick welders, pretty much 100% duty cycle with high OCV. Can run them all day without having to let them cool down. Theres a lot to be said for the simplicity of using a stick welder, have a look on YouTube and see the stuff the Indians and Pakistanis do with them when it comes to repairing their jingly trucks in the back of beyond. A now much maligned but very versatile machine.
  20. A man after my own heart... im a big fan of white pepper! What way do you like sausages made? I find a lot of them, especially supermarket ones but increasingly in some butchers the meat is almost liquified in the skins, i prefer a slightly more course texture myself
  21. Thats the one, shocking altogether. I don't mind what people identify as, to each their own but to go down the road of putting out there that a biological man can get pregnant? There's no point coming after the fact and saying oh but thats a trans person identifying as a man but they are biologically a woman. I mean come on, in my opinion if you are transitioning into a man then you should have the womans working parts removed, likewise with man to woman....at the least should be fixed so you can only fire blank ammunition
  22. So of this is enacted exactly as it stands the only shooting that may remain affordable for most will be rough shooting, wildfowling, decoyed pigeons. The eye watering price of non toxic ammo and its poor performance will reduce airguns and rimfires to being completely useless. It will be basically shotguns only unless you use a deer calibre centrefire even for shooting foxes with copper monolith bullets. Why can they not go for a common sense approach where they could enforce use of non toxic IF the animal is to enter the commercial food chain. Why can they not leave target shooting, pest shooting and shooting for personal consumption alone. I mean we are still allowed to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.... both arguably more harmful for the human body than the odd piece of lead shot. The last metre or so of rising main into my taps....the very water I drink runs through lead but I don't see anyone in a big rush to tell me I shouldn't drink the water. But in reality common sense would say that lead shot/bullets should be left well alone
  23. Have you seen the new advert that came out recently with the apparently pregnant guy in it?
  24. Flip me £85 a pup? Back in 2009 when my cocker had to go in at less than a year old for surgical docking it cost me £120. The vet said if she had been done at the right time as she should have been it would have cost the breeder a fiver. A long time since my dad used to dock terriers with a sharpened bolster and hammer against a block of wood! With a vet i find its best to go with an independent practice that does a lot of agricultural animals as they are probably more likely to encounter working dogs/gundogs.
  25. So if this all goes ahead I take it I may as well run my 22lr remington through a bandsaw? Does reasonable priced 22lr in non lead that is accurate to 100yards exist?
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