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    Shooting at pigeons and scaring them.A bit more shooting . Oh and sleeping and avoiding picking any form of tool up!

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  1. Thanks for that ultrastu, although I don’t pretend to be marksman of the year, I did shoot a 1inch group with my HW95 immediately after having used the bsa. I do agree with your scope idea and may give that a try. I have heard that they can be very pellet fussy, I’ve nothing against BSA and have owned several, just not had any joy with the lightning. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. Yes I have one I used it today to check it wasn’t my shooting, and having used the two guns one after the other there’s no comparison , the 95 totally out classed the bsa by a country mile in all departments. Those Germans can do engineering. Cheers
  3. That doesn’t sound to promising, as the gun probably not shot 500 pellets and every thing is tight and no play on any of the mechanism, as we’ve had another one a while back and it was the same ,I’m more inclined to agree it could be build quality.
  4. I though as much, it makes sense, we have to be patient and wait it out.
  5. It’s in .22 and not sure which model I’ll try a picture cheers
  6. What’s the situation with NPPC members is it business as usual or is it call outs only or just a total no go ?
  7. Bored ,bored, bored! So out in the garden with my brothers lightning trying to find out which pellets suit it. Didn’t get that far as it was giving 6inch groups @25mtrs with accupels, thought it might be me so got my HW95 1inch group with the first 5pellets. Which by my standards is going some. Now over the years we’ve had a couple of Lightning’s and they’ve both been very erratic. So just wondering wether any of you lads had any dealings with the BSAlightning and what your experiences were.
  8. I like the look and convenience or the carbine hides, shooting from vehicles etc . So that’s good to know . Cheers
  9. I see, so it’s more to do with velocity. I wonder what the shot count would drop to with standard barrel, probably still enough for hunting scenario.
  10. Hi can any air gun buffs riddle me this, I’m wanting to buy a fac rifle, having had a conversation in the local gun shop about a BSA r10 se , It was said that the fac version would have increased barrel length than the standard sub 12 ft version. I accepted this not having great knowledge on the subject. Once I had left I got thinking about all the bull pup models like the fx wild cat etc, so if the increased length was for accuracy how come fx pull it off. Anyhow if any one can explain it that would clear things up a bit cheers in advance .
  11. Thanks for the input lads, I think I’ll go A1 .It looks less moving parts plus two year warranty cheers paul
  12. Cheers lakeside I looked into it I think it’s A1.
  13. I , just got one about a month ago to replace me bucket which I used up end, so the padded lid is a luxury,can’t say I’ve used the swivel aspect of it much as I usually stand up to shoot. So fits in the bag and does what it says on tin or bucket.
  14. Cheers lakeside who supplies the turbo flappers? Cheers Peejay, nowt better than a field test!
  15. Yes that does seem to figure very highly, but looking at it ,there’s a lot of connections and mechanics going on, say compared to the A1 model. Wondering how all the gubbins would fair in transportation. Anyway thanks for your view .I think it’ll be one of the two above .
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