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  1. Is it up the tree!😁
  2. Well here goes, after trawling various air rifle forums and hearing the woes of Daystate owners it appears that barrel / shroud moderator problems are quite common, so I decided to remove the shroud and check things out. I found a o ring which I had stuffed back in previously was split ( me and my rough technique) so as look would have I had another and this time replaced it with my new improved technique. Everything back together down for a test ,still not good. Remove one mod replaced with another ! Worse, took mod off tried again, hey ho a group. Then another group but I felt if I carried on without a mod I would be getting a visit from the armed response team. so in curiosity I replaced my original HW mod back on ,and it grouped .Having Zeroed up this is what I shot . This is my rest set up and the barrel was cleaned when I got the rifle. By the way 243deer I haven’t done the square test as yet . I dare not move the zero but I will after a bit more testing. Appreciate your comments .ATB Paul
  3. Cheers 243deer, I was going to ask you about that, I’ve run out of air ,I filled that bloody rifle so many times. So I’ll have to pop and get a fill up then get back on it. Thanks again Paul
  4. Ok will try to do this in next couple of days thanks for the suggestion 243 deer👍
  5. Well lads I thought I’d got sorted ,but it appears not. After having found the above possible cause as mentioned earlier took the gun out to check before going out on the rabbits and I was back to square one! So two hours later, scope off ,replacement scope on much the same, so original scope back on ,then a visit to the internet airgun forums,I came away with the idea to try the single shot loading tray as someone had had bother with the Daystate magazine. You may well be right about it been driver error so I’m going to give it a rest and come back to it. Anyway here’s my results at 33yds It looked like single loading was the way forward then I put the mag back in you decide I’m puddled. By the way I’ve not taken any offence as all comments have been constructive and I would be the first to admit I’m far from a perfect shot .cheers Paul.
  6. Yes as I’ve said it’s a new gun to me and I do believe I need to practice with it , but I’m not a paper puncher at heart,but you’re comments have given me something to think about and no offence taken. Cheers.
  7. They’ll do me ,I’ve got 25 shots their and there all in a rabbits head apart for the odd flyer.
  8. Hi lads, thanks for all your advice and help so just to update on the current situation. Took the mod of to give it a look over and the barrel adapter came off with it and out fell a ‘o’ ring, a quick look on the internet at a exploded view of the gun and it appeared to be in the wrong place. It was my understanding by the diagram that the o ring should be seated around the barrel , there by centralising the barrel within the barrel shroud and above that a aluminium barrel aligning fork . Also there appeared to be two smaller o rings which sat around a spigot on the aligning fork, I did not come across these but luckily enough I had two that seemed to do the business. Anyhow put it all back together as I thought it should be as per diagram and I’ve shot about a 140 pellets through it and it seems to be on song. Just to clarify a point this is a new gun to me having only bought it a week or so ago. Any way here is my last effort. And once again thanks for your comments.
  9. All shots were taken at the same distance of 33yds ,I have checked the scope and mounts all seems fine in that area.Not been out to check today as it’s very windy.
  10. No it seems tight. And secure. Ok thanks for those points I’ll get on to it ASAP.
  11. Yes Daystate and jsb 16 gr. Not the springer. Yes your correct about the point of aim in first photo but I keep the same poi for the second photos, the pressures in the cylinder is 200 and drop off to just above 100.
  12. Yes it’s a Daystate huntsman regal.
  13. I’m using jab 15.89 grains and they have been better than the bisley mags and the barracuda 19 gr . Yes there all at the same range the second lot all same point of aim . Results look to similar for snatch.
  14. Checked again and the results. Scope seems tight No significant wind .
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