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    Shooting at pigeons and scaring them.A bit more shooting . Oh and sleeping and avoiding picking any form of tool up!

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  1. Hi Dcd87, welcome to pigeon watch ,new hear myself , but not new to the dark art of the pigeon, what specific advice were you after, I am quite local NW Durham.Happy to offer any help if required, well done with your new permissions,and good shooting. All the best Paul.
  2. Well whatever happens it’s got to be better than been stuck in the house or worse still at work. The signs look ok so go and walk them off see what happens, if they start to drift back your in with a chance, but as you probably know with pigeons it’s anyones best guess. Good luck hope you have a red letter day.
  3. Yes I Agree those Bees are bad news!! Only joking Its a fair point, but what will be the go to crop for the winter woody now, How does anyone see it affecting the pigeon populations,Judging from my outing this morning ,a round trip of 120 mile I saw about half a dozen,it looks like badly.
  4. “Ah”How Things change, you lay of for a couple or three years ,and it all goes to pot! ,Do you think this will be the case from now on?or could our departure from the EU reverse the situation.
  5. Been out today in Northumberland,had a scout about fields which I used to shoot approximately 2 to 4 thousand acre. Not only where they missing pigeon they were also missing osr , there were two fields about 40 acre in total.Have the farmers give up on it or is it because of the wet weather we’ve had. What’s the story we’re you are.
  6. Hi Ian, Thanks for the information, I wonder what’s happened to the website . Cheers Paul.
  7. Hi Wondering if any nppc members are having difficulty accessing their website , contacted just before Christmas asking about membership for 2020 ,received a reply saying they were accepting new members . I have tried their email and website but just keep getting a no access message and emails bounce back. Is any one else experiencing this or has anyone got a contact telephone number. Cheers Paul
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