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  1. Thankyou for your pointers.i hope thing carry on improving for you👍
  2. Mine too but I can't really hold a straight hand stock anymore,due to needing more grip/position of wrist,so it would need to be a pistol grip (ugly in comparison,I feel) and also due to perceived recoil an o/u.would consider a pow,but would need to try one.dont need 3"chambers or multi chokes,but realise that most modern guns have them.am i asking for the impossible? Would also want a 12 bore.
  3. Due to health reasons,I am dabbling in the murky waters of over&unders. I've recently been looking and am amazed at the weight of some new game guns.some close to or over 8 pounds.no I can't do a full days walked up shooting any longer but will still do some for as long as possible.i understand that the extra weight absorbs recoil better,but, surely this is trap gun territory.is it me?
  4. Legia spray for a once over then cleaning rod/brush/mop/cotton buds and 3 in 1 oil when I get home.
  5. Impressive fire? I shouldn't have thought the wildlife think so.impressive work by the fire crews, undoubtedly.
  6. Browning didn't used to but they do now
  7. I have the leather lined lechameau and the aigle neoprene lined. The aigle are far more comfortable
  8. Browning due a true left handed in the 525&725
  9. There's one just gone on gt
  10. You can get an ultrasonic unit for the engine bay.they are very compact,I fitted one for a customer and he had no more problems.he got it off the internet.
  11. Thanks for the clarification.sounds more my thing-i don't do dtl.👍
  12. Thanks.i'll give it a go in the spring
  13. Place sought by 2 experienced guns,with dogs.must be Saturday shoot,bag not important but craic is. Ideally Lancashire but would travel,yorks,derbys,or Cheshire. As happy doing work parties,feeding etc,as we are beating or shooting. Thankyou for reading
  14. Yes i appreciate that.i'm relly looking for opinions on the aya.thankyou Yes your right about the over the arm feel.i recently went to the dark side (over&under). Most uncomfortable over the arm,compared to my sbs
  15. I have always liked the look of round action shotguns but dont have mckay brown money. I've seen an aya number 2 round body on gt.looking for peoples experience of these.fed back on handling,recoil etc would be appreciated.
  16. Thankyou but too far for me.i would have wanted to try it on,if you had been local.👍
  17. Drive in the other direction,to premier guns.they are at doveridge shooting ground and ,from personal experience,far nicer and knowledgable to deal with.
  18. I couldnt agree more.i had one,very good solid gun.handled like an over&under NOT like a traditional sxs
  19. Ogdens shooting supplies.quality gear and a nice guy too
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