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  1. Have you tried Chris at w richards? They are at pocklington. He usually has sommat
  2. Theres a very tidy looking one just gone on gt
  3. I've just gone back to weetabix , as the aldi ones have been like you described for the last 4 weeks. Honey on top with ice cold COWS milk.incase anyone was wondering😋
  4. I saw the marlin advert too.where do these people come from? Pillocks!
  5. transk9 double box for sale.£300ono W=37",d=37",h=28". Vgc can send pictures via wattsapp etc if interested. collection only,lancs/west yorks border.
  6. Stuart gosney gunsmiths(he has done work for me) top chap and specilises in auto 5's.he is on google
  7. Another caddy.absolutely nothing french
  8. Crikey,i had one of these in the 90's.wish i still had it,bringing that sort of money.still got my hardy dry fly box and hardys 20 bore though😊
  9. A bit too thumpy for me but they definately do the business
  10. Mr grumpy


    Good shout.thanks for that one
  11. Thanks for this.i'll be watching this,now i know it's on👍
  12. Yep.sticking with meindl.if it isnt broken.........
  13. Peter dyson gunsmiths huddersfield may be worth a try.they are on google
  14. When i had my s1 shotgun,it was one of the conditions for clay target shooting.i didn't ask for it to be put on,it automatically had it.
  15. Have a word with bk webster gunsmiths. He can do wonders with stocks/fit etc.
  16. Ring stuart gosney gunsmiths.he specialises in a 5's
  17. Hankook dynapro at.had em on my jimny.quiet on the road,would go anywhere off road
  18. Anybod that wants to ban shooting🤷‍♂️
  19. Depends who they matter to😚
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