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  1. Another vote for jgs4x4, I use them for my landrover spares also
  2. I have a set of each, the copy set as slightly thinner guide rods than the original ,and as someone said above the cast clamp is not as refined as the original , but otherwise fine it does the job, it was cheaper to buy the copy than replace the stones I wanted
  3. Hi @TIGHTCHOKE yes that’s the same he’s asked how much your asking for it and do you use PayPal. Best regards rob
  4. Son is going to have a look, thanks best regards rob
  5. landrover

    Hatsan choke

    As above half choke wanted for hatsan escort, ( threads at the bottom) best regards rob
  6. Hi I worked on phase 1 of Elderwood park the traditional build plots (bricklayer) but on the second and third phase they are timber framed And the brickwork went to a contractor instead of direct lads been on there, Heard from some trades still on there the brickwork is not fantastic at all as there seems to be a bit slap an dash, The site manger is a decent lad and does try sort things but usually those above are restricting his powers to help. It is a nice development just on the outskirts of hemlington as the place had a name for its self a while ago but again only hear the bad and there’s
  7. landrover

    U caller

    Ok mate no bother
  8. landrover

    U caller

    We have one, external speaker two sound cards £60 £60
  9. Admitted but so far they have never questioned it as the transaction is on my certificate, sold/bought, sellers name and cert no also date of transaction
  10. We send the firearms dept every thing recorded delivery and keep the slip, same with anything to do with the dvla
  11. landrover

    Drag bag

    Got a ridgeline one never been used not sure on length I’m in the north east ( teeside area)
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