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  1. Iv already got some Diy ones but when they set they are rock hard and hurt my ears
  2. Cheers everyone I have spoke to custom fit guards and they are doing a tour in a couple of week so will come to my house to make the mould
  3. What the details on it? Where are you? How much you wanting? Cherr
  4. How much did you pay for the mould to be done mate
  5. I’m looking for a set of custom mould ear plugs not electric as there a bit out of my price range any recommendations? How do you go about having a mould taken cheers
  6. Cheap over and under wanted close to n.yorkshire
  7. Burney

    Clay trap

    Has anyone got a clay trap for sale in North Yorkshire or close to
  8. Sorry mate just seen your reply how much are they?
  9. Hi do anyone have a Anschutz .22 semi auto magazine forsale
  10. Ok thanks for your reply’s
  11. Hi all I have just bought a .22LR with no scope. Could I use a Hawke vantage 17hmr scope on it?
  12. Burney

    Cheap semi auto

    Does this have chokes and shims? Also is it a 2 + 1? I’ll be honest I’m only looking to spend about £150 mate
  13. Burney

    Cheap semi auto

    Is any selling a cheap semi auto for smashing round a field close to n.yorks as possible but I am willing to travel within reason
  14. I looking at getting a powerful air rifle for shooting rabbits has anyone got anything for sale or recommend a decent gun that doesn’t cost a fortune
  15. Ok mate leave it with me if I don’t want it for the wife There is a lad who has just started coming shooting with us that is left handed he might want it I’m sick of him using mine
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