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  1. Cheers I have just had a look and can’t find any listed. I don’t suppose you have contact details for him
  2. Hi all but of a long shot but does anyone have a wood stock for a CZ 452 17hmr I have a synthetic stock On mine but would prefer a wooden one plus when I rest it on bipod the fore end touches the barrel cheers
  3. Has anyone got a fox caller forsale icotec or something similar
  4. How much? Where are you?
  5. Cheap as chips air rifle wanted for a 10year old I’m not bother if it’s a youth stock I’ll cut it down for him I’m in North Yorkshire/north east
  6. I’m sorted now thanks for all your comments I’m now looking for a cheap add on for my .22
  7. My night vision has been perfect on my 22 just bought a 17hmr with new scope falcon menace went out last night and couldn’t get it work figured it out to be the glare off the barrel. Has anyone else had this problem? Could I put a bit of tape on the barrel to stop the glare
  8. Cheers I’m on a 2 week ban from that forum for posting a thread in the wrong place
  9. Anyone selling either of the above or a decent is night vision
  10. Hi all as above see if anyone has a electronic fox caller with remote for sale
  11. Sorry it’s the extractor that is snapped not the ejector. The extractor seems a lot harder to get I think I have found someone with a full bolt so all is good cheers tho mate
  12. Burney

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    Thank you. You would be a life saver if you have one it would save me having to buy a new gun
  13. Hi all sorry for the late reply I have found the problem the ejector has snapped off but struggling to find a replacement
  14. Hi all bit of a long shot but does anyone have a bolt kicking around for a anschutz 520
  15. Hi all I have just bought a 17hmr can anyone suggest a decent sound mod?
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