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  1. Burney

    Cheap semi auto

    Does this have chokes and shims? Also is it a 2 + 1? I’ll be honest I’m only looking to spend about £150 mate
  2. Burney

    Cheap semi auto

    Is any selling a cheap semi auto for smashing round a field close to n.yorks as possible but I am willing to travel within reason
  3. I looking at getting a powerful air rifle for shooting rabbits has anyone got anything for sale or recommend a decent gun that doesn’t cost a fortune
  4. Ok mate leave it with me if I don’t want it for the wife There is a lad who has just started coming shooting with us that is left handed he might want it I’m sick of him using mine
  5. I will check her eye how much do you want for it?
  6. I have messaged a couple but had no reply as of yet so thought I would see if anyone on here had 1. I only want a cheap 1 to go up the field with I have a o/u for the clays I’m also looking for a cheap right hand s/h o/u 20g for the wife to have a go
  7. Thanks. I’m in north east but willing to travel
  8. Has anyone got a cheap left hand semi auto for sale
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