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  1. How good are the nv019 Iv got a cheaper spotter off eBay and it’s good for rats but that’s it need something better
  2. Burney

    Pard nv019

    Hi all anyone selling a pard nv019?
  3. Hi all I’m looking for a stock for my howa .223 not hogue tho
  4. Hi I’m looking for a camera for a bait station preferably one that send send notifications to phone if this is possible
  5. Hi all does anyone know it you can convert the hatsan escort 2+1 to a section 1 before any asks i do have a open slot for a section 1 and already own the 2+1
  6. Burney

    Cheapish pcp

    send me details please mate
  7. Burney

    Cheapish pcp

    Hi all what cheapish pcp air rifles are for sale
  8. I’m looking for a synthetic stock for a CZ 452
  9. Has anyone got a stock forsale for a howa 1500 mini action
  10. By the looks of it mate you have only read bits of the thread as o have stated it’s on ticket as unknown moderator and also stated that I have bought 2 .223 mods now so no need for it to go on the rifle. Would just be nice to know what caliber it’s rated to. Thanks for you concern tho mate
  11. Who said the sound mod was off ticket?
  12. I ended up buying a mod with the gun I bought but it’s a old big heavy thing so bought another dm80 to go on it. Yes mate the jls is on my ticket but it down as unknown sound moderator
  13. Hi no I can’t see any proof mark. Yes if you could that would be great I will order a set of verniers now cheers
  14. Cheers for all your reply’s it’s something to think about. How accurate should a .223 be at 100 yards
  15. Hi all just about to buy my first centrefire .223 how much would roughly cost to purchase everything needed for reloading and is it worth doing pros/cons? Cheers
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