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  1. Cheers for all your reply’s it’s something to think about. How accurate should a .223 be at 100 yards
  2. Hi all just about to buy my first centrefire .223 how much would roughly cost to purchase everything needed for reloading and is it worth doing pros/cons? Cheers
  3. I’m not sure it came on a rimfire I’m just guessing. The only thing I can find on jls sound mods say there rated to .243 but not sure it the same as the 1 I have. Was hoping some on here knew more about them
  4. I’m in the process of buying a .223 so wasn’t sure if it would go on that not I think it may of one on a old 22 I bought years ago but not sure
  5. Also it’s just got a spring inside rather than baffles
  6. Hi all is there any way of finding out what caliber my sound mod is rated for it has stamped into jls.stalker.pat.app.for that is all I can see
  7. Has anyone got a sound mod forsale for a howa .223 1/2x20 thread
  8. Burney

    .223 wanted

    Someone must have something forsale
  9. What distance do you all zero a .223?
  10. Thanks for all you comments I think I’m going to go with howa
  11. What do you think to the howa 1500 Iv been looking at them
  12. Hi all my variation has just come back with a open slot for a .223. I have been looking at guns and a lot don’t have mods with them but a lot aren’t even screwcut to take a mod ant idea why as most other Calibers are. how many of you use a mod with the .223
  13. Burney

    .223 wanted

    I’m looking for a cheap and cheerful .223 north east but willing to travel thanks
  14. Is this still for sale?
  15. Burney

    Cheap pcp

    The cheaper the better as said it’s only for plinking with the kids to get them used to a gun. Second hand really I’m aware of the cheap new one I’ll purchase 1 if I can’t find a second hand one I’m looking for a second hand gun but if I can’t find one I’ll purchase the pr900
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