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  1. Many thanks Dave. Have a few but mainly cartridge collection as a hobby. Nice to see what you have though as some of the rarer boxes are making good money. Thanks for the offer Sable25 which is much appreciated but I think I have the Eley and plastics are rare in my collectables except Eley 1960 to 80's. All the Best.
  2. Krieghoff28


    I am looking for old collectors cartridges, paper preferably with roll turnovers. Also collect crimp paper from the 1960's to 80's. Loaded if possible and mainly UK. Situated in Oswestry, Shropshire. Eley Bros, Greenwood and Batley, Mullerite, Page Wood, Midland Gun Co, Westley Richards, Nobel, Kynoch etc. Gunsmiths and Ironmongers. Many thanks.
  3. Came across these recently.


  4. Came across a few of these Yellow Wizards yesterday.
  5. Hi There. Looking for a Higham of Oswestry cartridge in green or red and also a J Ellis of Oswestry please. Anyone have a spare.
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