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  1. The Heron, this is an old link, but I am a new member, so I just saw it. Likely you already have your Peacemaker, but in case not, I will add that my wife bought me the Umarex NRA Colt Peacemaker with the 7.5" barrel and this gun is awesome! It will hold a 3/8" group on my 5-meter indoor range (with .177 JSB RS 7.33 grain pellets). I searched the reviews on Peacemakers as I wanted an accurate one. Even though the sights are 1873 style, thankfully, this gun shoots to point-of-aim (did not have to file the sights), and I am very well pleased with it. Thank you. P.S. Attached is a pic o
  2. If you can find a nice used one, I think you would be well-pleased with a 1970s Sheridan C-model with the rocker safety. I've had this rifle since I was a teen and love it! At one time, I had it "magnumized" into a 14-pump gun; however, it would not exhaust all the air with one shot, so I had it changed back to stock. It is supposed to be a maximum of 8 pumps, but I generally always used 6 pumps; this puts a 13.73 grain JSB pellet out at 600 fps (~ 11 fpe); and this power level has accounted for many gray squirrels. I tried a scope on it several times, but was never happy with the way it int
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