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  1. 2 sets, both 1 inch rings and both stainless. Purchased for a scope I never ended up buying, so no longer needed. 1 set medium 1 set extra low both sets with screws, plastic inserts and one has an allen key (the medium set doesn't have the allen key). £50 each, posted.
  2. Thanks all. All good advice and gratefully received. Thanks for the tip. This was posted on SD at the same time. Thought I would try and widen the audience as much as possible 👍
  3. Hi all,I have been using the site for a while before joining and found it very useful - and interesting.I have been shooting for a good while but only recently started stalking. At the start of 2020 I rejigged my working life to be able to do more of what I enjoy and with my family etc. Stalking was one of the things on my list.So, to the point. I would like to learn from experienced stalkers in the field. I have paid for guided stalking, and will continue to do so. I have also booked on a DSC1 course for later in the year. But what I would really appreciate is to be able to go out with someone and learn what I can from them about the whole process. To be clear I'm NOT after an opportunity to shoot, more to shadow. If I can be helpful, even better. I'm in West Oxfordshire.I appreciate this is a big ask. And if this request is not appropriate or ill judged I apologise. I have also posted this on Stalking Directory.Thanks
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