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  1. Hicky

    Saul Alvarez

    I've not heard BJS after the fight yet, it goes two ways, retirement from injury or rematch(I hope so to put the fight to bed). DD does deserve an apology certainly and BJS should of known better than to say what he did but the mouth of boxers building up themselves or upcoming fights it seems knows no bounds. BJS is no doubt talented but lacking a concussive punch to swing with the top top fighters or at least keep them at bay, he was looking good up to that point though.
  2. You don't need to heat them, make sure they're the right size for the boot. I've put them on Altbergs, Itturis, Karrimors no issue and no heat. Fit the toe in as far as possible then turn the front of the gaiter inside out so it has a lip you can grab and sits on the laces area....pull the whole gaiter rearwards so you can get on the heel section. Once that's in place grab the front and stretch and peel the front over the toe. There's a few things you can do to keep it in place ie double sided sticky tape or glue the **** however that makes it an issue to clean/dry the boot. I'
  3. Have you bought it to live in or an investment property? That would be my first indicator of how far I’d be pushing the budget for works and what I’d be prepared to put up with if the house was for me. Depending how much work the walls needed i’d be insulating them, take out the sash and eBay them. Bung in a reasonable combo and a multi fuel. Worry about future proofing later/someone else’s problem. If it was for renting, I’d spend the bare min as most likely some feckless tit will ruin the hard work.
  4. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. If it truly is over then as has been said treat it as a financial transaction and get on with your life, easy to say, hard to do but things quickly improve. Good luck with it.
  5. Gents, thank you for the continued contribution. I decided to pass on the gun and bought a Zabala 3 1/2" chamber SxS Steel proofed for not a great deal more. I cannot for the life of me see any marks to show what model and after having a quick google I assume the company has gone bump. Great condition and it takes Beretta chokes should I need spares. Is there a website I could check the serial number against? Thanks
  6. Ok, thank you for the input.
  7. It isn’t, it’s a beaver tail type.
  8. Aya magnum, £145 1200kg cm/sq. I was planning on using it for wildfowling as many on here have. The gunshop informed me of the issue but said it’s nothing serious. I’ve yet to see it.
  9. I’ve come across a bargain at my local gunshop. However it has a slight pitting in the barrel, is it anything to worry about generally? thanks
  10. How are you finding the Yildiz?
  11. GRP, depending on the shape of the roof lines, simple and much easier to repair than EPDM. Or felt.
  12. Citizen eco drive, which ever style you like. I left mine in a draw for over a year and when retrieved it unsurprisingly had stopped. I left it on the windowstill for a day and hey presto back in business. I can’t fault it.
  13. Hicky

    UK Military.

    Beyond the fact I doubt this is in place and the gov wouldn’t agree to it, I’m fairly sure the DUP would ensure they wouldn’t object with any rips paperwork or not.
  14. I had a baxi platinum fitted to my rental house not too long ago, 1600, direct swap(very little messing with the pipes apart from some rearrangements). 10yr warranty, £100 service and landlord cert. two up two down 5 rads, the hot water flow isn't amazing but the mixer shower is much better than any electric shower!
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