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  1. Nice to see some positive responses. Quite encouraging, but I guess I'll have to just wait and see. I also feel it may differ from force to force too. I'm in Northumberland so I've no idea what they are like, although I hear Durham force are rather understanding in their approach to grant if an applicant is shown to be taking correct measures to address their issue/illness.
  2. Maybe a touchy subject for some. Or a biased one...who knows Just looking for anyone who has experienced this first hand. I have my application in for a shotgun. I have aspergers but it has never stopped me from anything in life. I've a good job, a mortgage, a wife, 2 kids and all the rest of it. I am on antidepressants to help assist with my condition, and have been since my diagnosis many years ago. I have no record of any kind for incidents etc.....but my worry is the police will have a very limited understanding of what aspergers is. A couple of cautions from my teens which were fully declared and the FEO said it was so long ago and minor they will not even show up probably. Anyways fast forward a few weeks and I get a letter from the police saying they require a medical report form my doctor. Which I suspected they would want so that was sent in promptly by my doctor as he fully supports my application and declares me as he puts it "responsible and fit" to be entrusted. Basc have assured me my chances shouldn't be affected by this I'm basically now just waiting for a visit or a refusal letter. In peoples experience, what are my chances? P.S be gentle haha
  3. TVPC

    Who owns it?!

    Basically asking how you guys find out who owns land or woodlands? Obviously it looks more professional if you know someones name before knocking on the door or contacting them. Instead of of just "are you the owner of...." Question is how do you find out who owns certain land or indeed woodlands adjoining fields etc? Land registry is a fortune!, does anyone else have any other ways? I'm keen to find out Cheers
  4. I appreciate that. As I say I have some smaller permissions but I dont think they would condone me using the shotgun. Plus nosey neighbours would more than likely make a noise complaint or two.
  5. From prudhoe area mate. Cheers for the advice. I'm just getting to grips with all the forums on here. Which forums are best crack? Cheers
  6. Hi everyone New to the forum. Just after advice for permissions mainly. And how to get a better success rate I have just been using air rifles but am due my visit from FEO for shotgun certificate...my issue now consists of....... The main permission I have is no longer available as the new owners want all the shooting for themselves so I'm struggling to find anywhere I could use a shotgun. My other perms are golf courses and paddocks which I'm sure wouldn't take kindly to a 12 bore. I've tried farms etc to no avail at present. Fully insured and have my own business cards etc. Offer to help out with odd jobs etc but no takers ad of yet. If anyone would like to share any advice or indeed knows of any land or woodland owners who require any pest control I'm happy to help. Willing to travel too. Cheers Sam
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