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  1. Same. No reply I'm guessing they've been filled
  2. Very Interested. Only 20 mins or so from me so ideal, Is a gundog a must?? I cant have one with the kids being allergic so I'm a bit snookered in that department unfortunately. Can you get back to me with any more information please. Been desperately trying for a year or 2 to find a syndicate. Many thanks
  3. Looking for a single place on a small Saturday shoot (Newcastle, Hexham, Durham) area for the 2022/2023 season. Will consider anything e.g. driven, walked up, stand one walk one etc. Full gun or half gun considered also. I have insurance, and a 4x4 Please message if you have any opportunities available Regards Sam
  4. I've tried to twist the keepers arm but he wants full guns only. Which is a shame as there was a few of us willing to go half gun. But I guess he makes the rules at the end of the day.
  5. I'm not twisting, I'm trying to get an idea of prices, you gave me a number and I'll be ringing. Just because I havent rang instantly doesnt mean I'm not interested. I'm simply trying to get an idea of what I can expect to be paying and if there varied opportunities in the area
  6. I'm part of a wildfowling club. Only managed to get out a few times over the season though plus it's over 1hr away. Just looking for something a tad closer
  7. I'd accept driven or rough shoot. I'm afraid I'm not made of money and dont have 1600 to spend. (Cheapest I've found so far) I'm happy to help out as I've been doing it on the shoot I'm beating on at the moment.
  8. I'm looking to join a syndicate for the coming season, and I'm wondering basically the variations in prices. I am not interested in huge bags and would prefer a small diy syndicate to join as a working gun. I do beating on a shoot already and have been offered a place but cannot afford it. speaking to various people, I have learned that some are paying as little as 300 quid per season for their syndicates, but these are like rocking horse **** and by invitation only. I already struggle getting no permissions for pigeons and now I appear to be priced out of game shoots too. (I'm based in Northumberland) just for reference. Cheers
  9. As much as I love shooting. It's a bloody selfish sport. Coming from a fishing background where everyone helps everyone it was a shock at first as to how different it is.
  10. How else would you get a permission then? I understand that loyalty involved etc. But I have also at times had a knock back but been told they havent seen their regular guy for a while. So how do you weigh it up. The one thing I've learned about shooting is that everyone looks after themselves. I'm not trying to sound obstinate. Just giving my observations
  11. You dont try, you dont get is what I've learned. And it's a cutthroat sport , So no I'm not stealing. I'm simply offering, and the land owner has the say at the end of the day I share my only permission, I'm not greedy and I take newcomers out who are looking to get into shooting. I will bare this in mind when I'm out and about in future.
  12. I was told its rude to turn up with your gear expecting to get on. Although I have pondered on this, and as a last resort asking for a single go at them And if I do a decent job then go from there. I do get alot of "thanks but no thanks as I've already got someone". I guess if I had my gear with me I could go down the route of saying "well there not here now, and the crops getting hit"? Not in a cheeky way but you get my drift
  13. I have Ngo insurance. Take my cert to show. Identify which crop is being hit in which field. I dress well and am polite and have business cards made up which I hand over on introduction. Always thank them for their time. Your correct. I have been going further afield in my searches but still to no avail. Why people pay to shoot pests is beyond me. I do have a permission but I would prefer to have the luxury of having a choice
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