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  1. All the way. Cash should be just for tips so you don’t need that much and really at point rates don’t matter much as talking couple quid dif at best. Santander also have a pretty good travel credit card worth looking at. Always pay in the local currency on these cards - do not accept paying in GBP if any merchant provides the option.
  2. I’m partly impressed you think the legal system is flawless. You’ll see I stated innocent. Would’ve been a fight to keep a ticket with that conviction. I personally haven’t ever been prosecuted let alone for an accusation of breaking someone’s jaw so I’d say there’s plenty of smoke billowing about the whole sit. To be precise the court has actually said that he is not guilty beyond reasonable doubt. However semantics. In assessing the moral character of a person, I think it’s actually pertinent to take any accusations - especially those that warrant a push by CPS for prosecution - ma
  3. More the walking over to and punching someone aspect I found interesting - especially in light of that post about respect....
  4. Wasn’t hard to find actually. ‘Innocent’ however. Despite a five day trial. 😉 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/leicestershire-world-clay-pigeon-shooting-871587.amp
  5. Extension piece looks to be - long pull
  6. Isn’t this the guy who punched and broke a blokes jaw playing rugby - completely off the ball? Somehow talked his way out of it? There’s a common thread to the pattern of behaviour...
  7. See if they have any Black Isle Brewery beers whilst you’re up that way. The Blonde is good (very traditional Germanic type) but the Red Kite and Porter are delicious (and very different - fruity and Chocolately respectively)! 👍🏼 Alternatively the Cairngorm Brewery has some wacky stuff - favourite is Nessie’s monster mash - might be bit niche though!
  8. Respect - can only be earned not demanded / expected. Any snowflakes that need to resort to threats of violence because they feel slighted would not be someone for whom I would find any respect.
  9. Thanks - helpful looks like can add a lot of length on - and that type of thing wouldn’t affect access to the stock weights in future would you know? So screwed in etc?
  10. Hi, Bit if a dumb question but I can’t seem to get a straight piece of information on the internet so hopefully someone more informed can help!?! 🤞🏼 Basically had a Browning 425 for a long time now - shot very irregularly over last 15 odd years - was my first gun and got as a teenager. At the time I had it fitted and a new rear butt put on by a gunsmith. Have picked it up and been going lot more regularly and Ive been looking at a wee upgrade (looking to pack on longer barrels and but more weight) and quite like the Beretta 692s so thinking about a second hand one with adj comb.
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