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  1. Haven’t got a clue I actually found it like this with the other things rolled up inside
  2. Haha I think so, there was documents with the German eagle on top of the swatstika here’s a couple of the things I found which I’ve got at hand
  3. I know, most people I tell just mention the money side of things. I’ve moved it all to me storage unit just need to find some spare time to clean everything up and filter out what I actually want to keep but thanks again much appreciated
  4. There was all sorts in there mate, German west front deaths head ring, building plans for the first Woolworths on church street, to west Germany made night lanterns, German officer uniforms helmets just all sorts of random stuff
  5. Thanks very much really helpful I’ll give that a try let it have a nice soak see what it comes out like.
  6. When I say former I actually mean just abit cleaner to hang up on the wall it’s had a hard life by the looks of it. Thanks for the replies though 👍🏻
  7. Hello people, I’ve recently moved into a new house and found this in the shed. Just wondering if anyone could give me any information on what type of gun it is, also any tips on how to clean it up I’d like to see it back to its former glory. I can put more pics up if that helps. In advance thank you for any reply’s I’ll look forward to seeing them 👍🏻
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