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  1. Glad to report the same level of service here in Ireland, I've had a skeletool replaced with a brand new one at no cost and no need to produce receipt. Peterson's in Dublin are the agents and you couldn't ask for nicer people to deal with.
  2. I'd like to buy these please, if you message me your PayPal details I'll forward on the payment.
  3. I do a bit of Sika and fox shooting. We (wife and kids) moved from Cork city to a rural part of south Kerry about 12 years ago. I was always into hunting and fishing but never did any shooting until a few years ago. I did a safety and competence course, passed the licence application process bought a gun safe and started off with a .22 air gun, then got a BRNO .22 and am now shooting a Savage .308 for the last couple of years. There is some bit of snipe and pheasant not far from where I am but from talking to the farmers it wouldn't be as good as it used to be years ago and it's not something I ever had an interest in to be honest. I often see ducks or hares near enough to our house but again I wouldn't be bothered shooting them. There are plenty of Sika around and a few foxes too. As well as myself, the family and friends are fond of the venison and because we keep some poultry and rear a couple of lambs every year the fox has to be kept under control. That's about it, I'm not really fanatical. I enjoy hitting a target the odd time. If I never again shot another deer I'd still enjoy getting out for an hour in the morning just before dawn, the scenery is awesome and it's great exercise. Oh, thanks for all the welcomes!
  4. Hi to all members from a new member in the south of Ireland. Great forum ye have here thanks for having me.
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