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  1. Yes please, PM sent.
  2. It's £25 brand new so you may have to drop your price. https://horseandhoof.com/roe-deer-management-and-stalking--richard-prior-101267-p.asp
  3. I was doing a job for a lady one time and she mentioned she saw wild goats everytime she walked her dog on her land near her house. I offered to shoot one butcher it and share the meat and she was disgusted at the thought of eating a goat. The same lady loves travelling and considers herself an expert on cooking so I asked her had she ever had a lamb tagine in Morocco. Of course she said and started telling me about all the spices you need to make an authentic one. I then asked her had she ever seen a lamb in Morocco and as I did her husband spat coffee all over her to compound her misery.
  4. Fair play, a shame to see perfectly functioning stuff just dumped.
  5. I'll take Dead Game, Digging the dirt 1 and 2 and Nathan. PM on the way.
  6. Is the airmax 3-12x50 , if so and you'll post to Ireland for the 155 I'll take it please.

    1. workaholic shooter

      workaholic shooter

      Sorry this item sold last night.

  7. I'll take this please, PM sent.
  8. I'll take this please, PM on the way.
  9. Scope now sold to the above gentleman, thank you.
  10. Open to offers near the asking price.
  11. 3-12 x 50 IR with the Japanese glass. 30mm tube, all calibre rated. Ideal scope for use with a Pard 007. £120 posted.
  12. SF Pro

    Ferret Kits

    £20 is small money for a well bred trained ferret, fair play to you and your youngfella.
  13. My apologies, best of luck with the sale.
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