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    Ferret Kits

    £20 is small money for a well bred trained ferret, fair play to you and your youngfella.
  2. My apologies, best of luck with the sale.
  3. It's worth nearly £1500 scrap value.
  4. Yes please, if you send details for bank transfer you will have payment tomorrow morning.
  5. That's a pretty unique sales pitch you've got there dessy kid.
  6. Er, £20 for the nails and screws maybe. You won't come across pieces of timber that size too often, you certainly won't come across them for your measly estimate.
  7. Hi ya Sparkie, would you post the .308 rounds if I covered the cost?

  8. How much is it going to cost?
  9. So what do you want? You're looking for an air rifle on here and a scope on another site for the same stuff. Pictures on request here and pictures posted on the other site. You have previous form for this carry on and shouldn't be wasting the time of genuine people just because you like to hear your phone beep because it makes you feel important.
  10. Brand new unused Air Rifle offered, very reliable and accurate, ammunition widely available and very cheap. More pictures and details on request, scope not included...
  11. Now I see you have pictures of the fishing gear up on The Stalking Directory and you are looking for a swap of the best scope offered. I've been down this road with you before when you did something similar with a Pard 008 and wasted everyone's time leading people on as if you were very interested in each individual offer. Give it a rest, just say how much you want and buy what you want from the proceeds of the sale.
  12. I'll take this please.
  13. PM sent, sorry if I broke a rule Steve it was unintentional.
  14. I'll offer a cheeky 30 for the u caller.
  15. Glad to report the same level of service here in Ireland, I've had a skeletool replaced with a brand new one at no cost and no need to produce receipt. Peterson's in Dublin are the agents and you couldn't ask for nicer people to deal with.
  16. I'd like to buy these please, if you message me your PayPal details I'll forward on the payment.
  17. I do a bit of Sika and fox shooting. We (wife and kids) moved from Cork city to a rural part of south Kerry about 12 years ago. I was always into hunting and fishing but never did any shooting until a few years ago. I did a safety and competence course, passed the licence application process bought a gun safe and started off with a .22 air gun, then got a BRNO .22 and am now shooting a Savage .308 for the last couple of years. There is some bit of snipe and pheasant not far from where I am but from talking to the farmers it wouldn't be as good as it used to be years ago and it's not some
  18. Hi to all members from a new member in the south of Ireland. Great forum ye have here thanks for having me.
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