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  1. little and often and youll never need more than a few passes on each tooth with the file unless you hit a nail or burry it in the ground. carful using the bench grinder sharpners becasue they seem like the best thing in the world but if you hold it on for more than a split second youll get the tooth too hot and loose the tempering and the chain will be dull after 2 or 3 mins cutting forever more.
  2. i go for the simple reason its a day out , The prices are the prices becasue they must cover the cost of a stand which is dictated by the expected turnover and footfall. people grumble but every game fair ive been too is always rammed everyones carrying bags of bought gear and theirs always queues for the food. I get up a bit earlier, hit a mcdonalds on the way for a breakfast and a coffee, basc membership gets me in for nowt in most cases, have a wander about get my hands on the stuff ive had my eye on for a while see what its like in the flesh, head back to home, then i go online and order the stuff ive seen and decided i want at a much better price. .
  3. webpage is down for an update. this is probably this seasons permit template coming online
  4. if hes an active member of a club and of UKPSA. unless hes in some kind of probation period with a club or their is more to the decline. he should be challenging it. he has a valid reason/need for one. its as valid a reason to own a section 1 smoothbore and slug ammunition as any their is.
  5. season ended early last year becasue of it but ive heard nowt about this season being off. the permits didnt go live last year until august so maybe will be getting thewm in the next day or so
  6. In this instance I fully understand your frustration then. And I think it’s wrong thst you’re not being compensated for this. As much as I think on the whole it’s better I don’t agree that the financial burden should fall on individuals like yourself.
  7. Well 2 sides to an argument make a health debate and clearly I’m in the minority on this one and that’s fair enough. But I still think it’s a good thing however no I’m not putting in any acres into this scheme. I think that as long as farming is subsidised with billions of pounds of tax payers money then tax payers are entitled to an opinion. I’m in no way undermining the work of farmers or the importance of farming I just think balance is the key I don’t think complete woodland cover or farming every last inch of available land is the answer
  8. It’s exhausting in here somtimes. Nobody said get Rid of all farms and make everything woodland it’s about balance and moderation. We currently have the lowest percentage of woodland in Europe at about 10-15% and naturally that should be over 80% but that’s never going to happen as it’s unrealistic and the country would be uninhabitable but transferring farm land to managed woodland only by a few extra percent is worth while timber as a sustainable recourse can be quite profitable and if it’s not then I’m sure the land owners will be subsidised jus t like they are for live stock and arable land at times.
  9. Sorry I should have said hunted to extinction in the wild. I though thst was obvious as I said they all come from farm stock and ofcourse because they’re still on the planet.
  10. theyre as wild as they can be. and its a few hundred acres to start but they plan on extending it over time think theyre putting like 3 cows in an area of somthing like 4 square miles eventually with the bull to follow later and they will be monitored, but will have no assistance or interuption. they come from farm stock anyway, they all do they were hunted to extinction the same as the north american bison and just like them have been succesfully re wilded all over the place. its an experiment for sure but if its a success it will be continued in other places in the uk. i dont get why people are so against this stuff and so negative as a knee jerk reaction. Even if it is just a publicity stunt, so what?. I bet if they did it in your area and you spotted one youd stop and watch it a while. just allow it and enjoy it, allot of thought and planning went into this. not everything is a conspiracy. as for the skandinavian wolf thing ive followed that too youre right they are culling them for a number of reasons. mainly becasue theyve grown from a very small group and they are at risk of interbreeding now. a cull would open the area up to new wolf stock to move in and keep the population viable. and if you look into it most of the lobbiing has been done by hunters not farmers as they control moose and other game species very effectivly, of course live stock confrontation will happen from time to time its bound too. i cant find the numbers but i bet its less than 1% of all livestock losses are wolf or wild predator attacks though. and no doubt just like in other parts of the world they will be compensated.
  11. Nah im behind this one. its nothing like clear felling for livestock that graze out an area and need to be moved. they do infact manage eco systems very well. while scratching and browsing they knock over some of the standing deadwood and younger trees and ringbarking others they create space that removes competition stress from the healthier tree stock. and in doing so create micro habitats for diffrent species of bugs and fungi that in turn feeds other specialist birds small mammals and plants. when they create wallows and dust bowls they help spread pollen too. they are pretty picky eaters so its not like they obliterate the field layer of the forest floor either. most domestic cattle have been bread to eat anything and not roam to far so theyre pretty destructive. anything in exccess or abcence will create unbalance and they will be monitored and culled no doubt with the absence of predators same as wolves in scotland most people think they will go after sheep and leave the deer alone solving nothing. truth is scotland has quite a few large predators so much stuff got turned loose after the exotic animals ban and managed to take root. live stock do get attacked from time to time but its not that chaotic. central and eastern europe have never not had wolves and bear and they dont have an issue. The main reason they want more wolves is not to outright control the deer but to keep them on the move creating a healthier "more natural" eco system. any stalker knows reds will stay in a valley and graze it out if not pressed until its grazed out and that behavious puts them at risk of disease.
  12. nowt to do with the licencing its time coming for us all. im in my 30s and im considered a youngster in all of the clubs im a member of for any dicipline i shoot even PSG and mini rifle. i bet the average age of a S1 and S2 ticket is over 60. id love to see the figures. clearly shooting isnt as popular with younger people as it was in the 60s 70s and 80s and i worry that people are checking out faster than younger people are getting onboard could be wrong i guess...did any of you think everyone was ancient when you all got into the sport
  13. well i dont know how my grounds do it then. the 2 shoots i frequent are £12 for 50 so thats like 24p a clay. theyre not massive groundsbut they are decent shoots not a farmer with a spare sunday deal. surly the clays are bought and sold at the same rate all over the uk? if anything the bigger grounds should be cheaper with economy of scale?
  14. in france you can get solognac cartridges from the big chain for 5 euros a box for 32g of 5s works out after conversion at about £170 a thousand so im still not buying the whole price fo raw materials stuff were getting pulled to bits becasue the whole UK market is a racket. gamebore supply all the kent cartridges that use dimondshot from the shotdrop tower in the UK that are cheaper in the US than here. so if raw materials are so expensive and hard to come by how are they managing to get enough of it, processing it and shipping a heavy metal across the atlantic to supply the whole of the US but were getting hit with price hikes of nearly 50% in 2 years? i can still remember when eley olympic blues made in the uk were like 210 a thousand where as rio were making the same cartridge in spain and shipping it here and it was about 180 a tonne
  15. deer sacks that the americans use to pack out a quartered up big big animal. basicaly draw string cotton bags but the whole point of them is to keep all the nastys off the meat. google quarter game bags. soaking them in citric acid every now and again and letting them dry is aparently another trick that stops the fly for laying on the bags
  16. wildfowlers switched to non toxic shot a long time ago for completly diffrent reasons reasons that actualy have fact and figures behind them. it was found leaving lead shot at the bottom of wetland or courses of water was being picked up by dabbling ducks and was getting ground up in the gizzard and was infact causing allot of bird to die from lead poisoning as well as increasing the spread of diseases as the ducks may not have directly died from the lead but had very compromised health and immune systems. as has been stated many times now, so far theirs no recorded adverse effect on humans form eating shot game on the regular
  17. in theory i agree but in reality and practice are the hoops that huge of an obsticle? you rock up to the farm you have permission to shoot over and you shoot woodpigeons, you walk the birds off when youre setting up or you can fire a shot into the air if you really wana cover yourself and thats its youve taken steps to use non lethal methods to deter the birds from feeding, those youve shot are birds that have returned. as for having a few pimms round your play mates then deciding it would be a laugh to get the guns out well then yeah you probably cant do that and thats probably for the best.
  18. BASC are simply picking their battles and trying to box clever. shooting is under presure from all sides and they can just stone wall every fight. lead has been on its way out for decades. shooting is probably one of the last places its in common widespread use,industry, paint, all had to change with more upheaval. angling is under pressure now too. fighiting the ban outright will result in a loss and will cost in resources and funding they probably cant afford given everyone seems in a hurry to blame BASC and cancel the membership. lead is getting banned simple as that. always was gona happen, the battle they fight now is to get exemptions and delays until alternatives are effective and widley avalible. the 5 year transition was to show they can negotiate and shooting can adapt and adopt. but folks are convinced it seems that its all an inside job to kill shooting. people quickly forget that they got the general licence issue resolved fairly quick from a legal and legislation pov or that theyve turned up to challenge wild justice at every turn and won most of them. not exactly fitting the narative that theyre looking to end shooting from within
  19. yep its what i use, squashes down small enough to go into a decoy bag side pouch, its light and it keeps your movments masked. like all hide nets they do better when built up and into natural cover. id happily get one again been using mine about 2 or 3 years now and its not ripped yet and my method for dealing with tangles and stuck branches is to just yank it out. dry quick too
  20. some of the lads at my club have started to substitute Small rifle primers for small pistol ones. theyre the same size and will fit but rifle primers are a touch hotter and also the cup is thicker so this has to be taken into account.
  21. yep id happily pay 400 for cartridges today if a family could get on the property ladder and raise 2 or 3 kids on a single income while the other parent stayed home which was the norm in the 70s. Its just not a possible feet these days without crippling debt or government aid and thats is just a nice way to say mandatory charity fOR the tax payer. im just not about that whole" back in the day life was harder but better" becasue i dont buy it.
  22. soft on the shoulder but not soft on the wallet. only fired a hand full i got in a bag of odds and **** of a fella who was having a clear out. eleys game flagship, coper plated shoty aparently helps minimise deformation. if you regularly use eley 30g of 6s i cant imagine these would be worse might not be better but its hard to see why they would be worse when they apparently use the best components. advertising being what it is youll probably find them very similar to what youve used just pattern then to make sure theyre not all over the place. were soft, and cycled my auto very well and i did ok with them but i only fired about 20 so not really a scientific test.
  23. have an old baikal o/u and that came with 2 sets of barrels, 28" and 32". its bark and recoil is signifigantly harsher with the 28" on. With the 32" the extra weight when swinging the gun through is way smoother. both meaning i can get on the second clay faster. however i still prefer a 28 for live quarry as its just easier to manouver round a hide, shoulder and get into all those weird shooting angles you find when not braced and ready like you are in a clay stand shouting pull. got to be somting in it otherwise all the serious clay guns wouldnt be 32"
  24. Not to pick a fight and simply to play devils advocate (as a target shooter indoor and outdoor,clay shooter and live quarry shooter so i have no horse in this race) can you see that from what you said in your opening comment by listing why you should be allowed to keep lead and listing a few reasons why others shouldnt and why its easy for them to switch and not you, you totally undermined and contradicted yourself about having one voice and throwing disiplines under the bus?. the suggested dangers of lead are either acceptible or they arnt to human health. its nothing to do with how accurate it is for you on paper, people could easily argue a clean kill is just as important if not more so from an ethical point of view. food for thought.
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