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  1. had a few from the 500 series and honestly cant fault them.  got a 535 for wildfowling and i think it will see many more seasons before i look at changing. the rattle in the forend somone mentioned is a thing. they all rattle and some more than others but apparently theyre made intentionally with a loose tolerance to help function when full of mud, grit and all the other good stuff guns of this nature get to see.

  2. if its running fine with 32g and having failure to eject using 27g  it sounds like theyve just not got enough poke to fully cycle the action. the escort is designed to run carts up to 3" magnum, light clay carts may be a bit anemic for it.  i found mine ran better and all my semi auto gas piston guns for that matter. when completley degreased and lubed up using graphite powder insed of oil.   is it a new gun or is this a new issue its developed?

  3. 45 minutes ago, London Best said:

    The reality is, you cannot run a shoot by spending Sunday’s in the country. 
    Much more input than that is necessary.

    The definition of a part-time gamekeeper is a full time job for part-time pay.

    wasnt looking to run a shoot. what i was pointing out was that even the maintance side of being part of an organised shoot seems to be enjoyable. wonder why it gets left to a few so often.

  4. 12 hours ago, Gas seal said:

    Hi Sweet11-87 you shouldn’t be put off by the license, we have used it for a long time. If you have authority and keep to the conditions you can use it. No need to apply or register. I don’t think woodpigeon would have open season as they are a protected bird and native to U.K..  I shoot mainly urban woodpigeon , they time there breeding as the crops are ripening in summer. If pigeons have a shooting season l would have to apply for a licence to shoot them out of season. I have noticed less people shooting pigeons since the licence was suspended, and then renewed. When we had the warm calm spell a few weeks ago I shot pigeons feeding with a 22  rf and then were they were roosting with a shot gun. If asked I could explain my actions. 

    i know how it all works, its just absurd how many stories you hear of people geting agro and drama over how open to interpritation it is since it got suspended and renewed. its all well and good you being able to explain your actions  and thats all the GL states you need to do but will the the autoritys deem it justified becasue it seems thats on the table now regardless of what the GL says. 

    its not  that im not sure about the law, i very much am its just even when youre completely in the right storys like this just keep popping up and seem to go on some time and its makes me wonder somtimes is it worth the risk to my other shooting for what i get out of it. 

    wildfowling on nature preserves has a list of rules  an arm long but they are black and white with numerical values, dates and maps with solid black lines. it cannot be interprited anyother way. no technicalitys one way or another. its safe.


  5. its stuff like this that just puts me off completley.  currently its unwinnable. at best all will be dropped and hes just lost a n evening roost shooting, at worst he can do time.

    i cant grasp this at all and it blows my mind. How with the abundance of proof that animals on the GL can have a list of negatives impacts with few if any positives towards farming. Farming of some variety or another making up 70% of the land area of the UK. with the owners permission and/or request we manage said species of which solid date is avalible that the species managed are only in danger of over population and the negatives that that brings to them......... how are we still losing this one legally?. am i missing somthing?. other than "we dont think its very nice that you kill things" what is the anti hunting communitys argument, why cant we beat is with data and reason and why has this been going on so long?.

    id honestly rather at this point we moved to an open and closed season for them. least then you have a defined set of rule.





  6. I wear gloves for all my shooting and have tried everything. for the most part mcwets have been by far the best for a good warmth and control/dexterity compromise.

    theyve always keep the chill off for me i suffer with cold hands and feet. they do start to fall down a bit on really cold days wildfowling when they get damp and the winds up. but ive yet to find a pair that do stand up to that without feeling to bulky. so ive gone down the  route of mcwets and a hand warmer that straps to the front of my waiders for the foreshore.

    thayre smart enough and fairly cheap and like a leather shammy material.



    next time he asks you about them tell him its safety which is the same apparent reason Semi autos and pumps arnt welcome but drink getting passed around before dinner is :s.

    extended chokes let you see what youre using at a glance, allows you to tighten them down by hand when the gun is empty without tools and they protect the muzzle to a degree during use.

    when lead shot gets banned and everyone moves to steel all of the above become a little bit more important. got a feeling extended chokes will be "traditional" before long


  8. you are allowed to shoot near a road but if  you shooting causes harm or puts a road user in danger then its an offence and i cant imagine it will go your way. and that can be anything like giving a cyclist or horse a fright, dropping the birds onto the road or showering cars with shot.  each to their own but for me its not worth it, i straight up just dont set up anywhere near roads  even if it mean being in a less than favourable position. is setting up into the field pointing away from road and stll under the flight line not an option?. ive seen some pretty effective hides built round telegraph poles and stuff.

  9. allot if not most gun/choke manufacturers dont recomend shooting steel through more than half choke becuase it create a pressure point that lead will compress and deform to easier than steel, and becasue steel tends to open back up again when you over choke it ruining patterns.  these problems  are more proonunced given that folks tend to go up a few shot sized with steel.   even high end chokes designed with waterfowl in mind say not to go over BB in anything past half.

    as for shooting steel in your gun if it says 1200 bar or has the word SUP with 2 crowns above it means its superior proof and will be fine with standard steel.

  10. 22 hours ago, holloway said:

    Unless I have missed it ,nobody has mentioned the fact that an efficient steel load is launched at a greater speed than lead ,this is what evens out the pellet size variables hence the new powders specially designed to maintain high speed with low pressure the old powders were fine for lead but not perfect for steel .The launch speed difference mostly evens out the performance ,tweak pellet size a little and you can’t tell the difference.

    i honestly thought this was the case aswell but looking at load data, and claimed velocitys on manufacturers websites which always tends to be generous anyway theyre about the same as a 70mm game lead cartridge and wit 3 inch high performance being less than 100 fps faster. like others have said less density and bigger surface area they will slow down a fair bit quicker.

    the science is all pointing one way but i must say whenever ive used steel ive done well with it and its impressed me. maybe its becasue im concious of its limitations and im  maybe not going for stuff that i may have had a go at with lead, even though its probably well capable. That actually may be the way to approch it. expect the worst and be pleasently suprised when its better than you though.

    all the folks claming its can perform like lead with modern powders and tech are deluded. As if the industly just decided theyd reached a good point and stopped R&D into powders and wads like 20 years ago and kicked it back up again and made leaps and bounds since the anouncment of the faze out..... Be real,  if somone just figure out in under 2 years a chemical formula thats stable, can be mass producedand allowed you to throw heavier projectles faster and with less recoil, and maintain a pressure similar to what weve got now i think every major nation and its armed forces would be very intrested in having a chat with that person.


    22 hours ago, holloway said:



  11. seen this argument like 1000 time now and the same things dont seem to get factored in. yes steel will kill  at the ranges lead will  if you go up your apropriate shot size, and yes steel  patterns tighter.

    heres my main  belief why high birds shooters will be a thing of the past with steel and its not killing potential, its comfort followed by economics.

    we all agree steel 1 will do what lead 4 will do however  for every ounce of lead 4 you get roughly 170 pellets  an ouce of steel 1s will get you rougly 100 so you get  bigger gaps or smaller overall pattern than a like for like lead. Options.


    bigger gaps-- we all know why thats not good, moving on.


    non toxic shot other than steel-- we all know the crack lets move on again


    Tighter choke--could do but its pretty much blanket advice by the industry that its not a brilliant idea to go to tight even if you gun/choke combo will take it.  besides steel starts to open up again at range if you go to far. idk why but somone will im sure. has the same pros and cons as choke choice in lead. so that option is a bit of a non starter too.


    heavier loads--  for the most part im sure their is exceptions somwhere but anything beyond 32g in steel is a 3" magnum  and lets not argue that a 36g  lead cart thumps just like a 36g steel, we know they dont. So realistically who is gona stand on the peg  and just go through box after box of 3" steel?.  its ok on the forshore where youve got loads of layers for warmth and a full box shot is an exceptionally good day.   people will try it and be battered and peformance will go out the window or they will throw light loads up. either way they will just increase the amount of pricked birds and misses until it becomes a lottery and shoots will ban it or it will be so frowned upon youll just stop doing it.

    anyone who says folks wont get tired and yes they will fire SP steel all day .If extreme range kills are the goal, whats stopped them throwing 3" lead carts up this whole time and bring them down out of orbit?. regardless if its the recoil or the excessive damage to more reasonable ranged birds the same factors still apply with steel but probably more pronounced youre gona have to compromise somwhere    how long do you thing the whole thing will last if we use steel like lead?. its gona be loads of wounded  hight birds with 32g of steel 3s or loads of apsolutly smashed birds with  36g+  of magnum steel 1s or BBs :D

  12. never really rated jack pyke gear its not great  value for what it is really. granted ive never had any of the  higher end game day clothing for lack of a better description, just a few of the hoodies and stuff and  the odd bit of decoying gear but honestly its exactly the same stuff as the night hawk gear just a bit more expensive. and you can get the nitehawk gear even cheaper if you go on aliexpress and youre willing to wait about 3 weeks to get it.  my guess is its all made in the same factory just brand names buy it in bulk, add a few quid and have a stock on hand in the UK.

    my go to for a long time was decathalon all their solognac brand gear was unique and really good quality for the price. unfortunatly  about 6 months ago they all but pulled the plug on the shooting/hunting market in the uk.


  13. On 20/08/2021 at 08:28, ditchman said:

    good memory :good:...about 4 or 5 years ago........it was a fairly long post about chassis protection on 4x4's..........

    christ time flys...........

    really you shouldnt be taking a gun onto the marsh that you a frightened of getting messed up...they are a tool at the end of the day...

    yeah totally agree, and the plan is to get somthing a bit tougher and built for purpose. probably an SXP or a super nova  but as always life gets in the way and the season comes round before we know it and im a bit cash strapped atm. its not that im frightened to get it messed up  the gun is very much a working tool. its just a run of the mill  11-87, not rare, sought after or expensive by any stretch and weirdly not the first 11-87 ive fired,  but it just fits me perfect and i shoot like a god with it,hence the name, so id rather not beat it into the ground before its time. its my go to for all but PSG now but the saltmarsh is just so brutal an enviroment


    thanks everyone for the replies, ive ordered a tub of renassance wax as a bit further reading into it its somthing thats showing up a fair few times on other forums and posts. plus it looks worth while having it around for long storage and stuff, ill post to let folks know how i got on with it


  14. ive seen them. they solve a problem we've all experienced i guess but require you to carry a mash hammer and the 20mm steel driver bar.

    if youre carrying that why not just use the  mash hammer to drive a 20mm steel bar into the hard ground and put the poles into the piloted holes and save the £40?

  15. anyone got any tips or tricks for keeping rust at bay  on blued steel on the salt marshes?.  

    im a clean freak as far as my guns are concerned and none go back in the cabinet dirty but i just feel im fighting an unwinable fight.

    i do plan on buying somthing thats plastic stocked and coated that made for the job as soon as i can but atm its just not financially justifiable before september 1st

    gun gets a health coat of napier gun cleaner/lubricator spay on all internal moving parts, once thats evaporated  the chokes get plenty of choke grease and the outside wood and metal get a good wipe down with napier oil then when im done it gets a wipe down with an oil impregnated rag, boresnaked and it goes into one of them breathable silicone socks, and a full strip and clean is priority when im home.


    anyone found something that give you a bit more time before the orange devil shows up, or know if any products that offer a bit more protection. i know prevention is better than cure

  16. gloves... imo a good pair of gloves are pretty much required kit like ear protection when shooting. if its cold they keep you warm and stop fumbling, and numbness, if its hot they keep sweat on the metal work and what youre experiencing to a minimum.  plus they keep your hands clean and to an extent protected when setting up a hide around brambles and stuff or handling shot game (if sweat affects the finish like this blood will rock your world) or a hot barrel (i do PSG).  

    i cant think of any disadvantage to wearing gloves over bare hands other than trigger control and feel but a good pair of gloves pretty much negate that if they fit right. mcwets are like a 2nd skin.


    if youre prone to not going home straight away or have been shooting if more adverse conditions put it inside of one of them oil impregnated socks instead of/ inside of the gun slip ive found they tend to give me a chance to get the gun sorted as soon as i get home on the long drive home from the salt marshs. anyone know of any better way to prevent/ preserve blued steel in those conditions please share it. im 100% fighting a loosing battle on that front


  17. my farm drilled beans for the first time in years last week and had loads of spill. i shot it the next day  and had a fairly poor day.  the seagulls and crows found it  pretty much as the field was being drilled unless they were after the insects and worms. left me scratching my head a bit  going back up on thursday for another bash. hopefully i was just a bit too keen and didnt give the pigeons time to find it.

    like i said above first time on my permision to shoot over beans. they a drill and harvest window kinda deal? or do the pigeon hit them for a while. none of my permisions do OSR anymore and wheat  seems of no intrest to the pigeons other than just after harvest.

  18. never had too much drama in the pigeon hide touch wood. i tend to lay the nice on thick, unload and step out well in time and say hello.  its been annoying at times but i stand to win nothing by giving them a telling off.but stand too loose everything. all they have to do is take it bad, call the police and give some fabricated story saying somone in a field pointed a gun at them and  then the armed response are out.


    i work in forestry and its pretty scary the amount of people think they have a right on land simply becasue they walk it often.  had people move signs to walk through,  come into a working area to watch. doesent matter how much high vis orange, noise or cordons you put out if its a path they walk daily theyre coming through.

    as somone said above tresspass isnt a criminal offence its civil. unless you can prove its aggravated tresspass  i.e prove they are doing it to intentionaly disrupt or intimidate(good luck doing that) all the police can do is escort them off property they probably wont even come out

  19. Never delt with carbon fibre gun parts but deal with carbon fibre in bikes all the time. It’s advise you don’t use anything more aggressive that soapy water as the carbon fibre is lacquered and you never know how good thst lacquer is.but  tbh I doubt that will shift 15 years of dirty 22lr residue. You sure it doesn’t strip apart? It’s probably a carbon shell with steel baffles. A monolithic moderator  would be incredibly hard to make from carbon and would end up being very expensive to produce not to mention a really stupid design for Rimfire ammo for the reason you’re having right now.  

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