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  1. That did make me laugh!!! Ive had a few bits from our local one, some stuff is seriously weird!!
  2. Easy to say ignore it, without knowing how the OP presents himself and his ‘brand’. ALL of the successful YouTube stars have a ‘brand’ which is normally pushed heavily in the intros and out takes. Some for example show snips of previous videos / projects etc which provides a back story or ‘brand’ that ultimately you are probably interested in if your watching their videos. I’m not talking about babbling on in front of a camera about how your day is going....
  3. At the end of the day, in a country that we are forced to pay a licence fee for the likes of chris packham to be paid, I'm more than happy for anyone to capitalize on the likes of youtube to make money. After all I don't DIRECTLY have to pay for it.........
  4. My old mans was the later duratec but..... what an immense car.
  5. Don't quote me on it but I am fairly sure videos need to be a minimum of 10/12 minutes long in order to generate google add revenue.? Work at it, Other forms of social media need to be used in order to draw attention to your videos. Instagram being a big one. Are you a talking kind of person?? If not I suspect it wont work out easily for you, people like entertainment as well as the content they are watching. Intros and outtakes can fill a few minuets while being fairly easy to produce, especially showing off the knife you have just made.
  6. With the exception of only fans (Something I know nothing of) the people who actually make good money are really working to make it a full time job, some of the people I watch post 3-4 episodes around an hour long each week. With how much time it takes to film and edit that sort of content it should be worth doing!! The clever ones make real money from product placement and merchandise etc rather than just google add revenue.
  7. I like their bbq sauce, it’s not sickly sweet like most!
  8. I’ve got both, Air fryer produces better than ‘oven’ chips but if your after the deep fried taste then you can’t beat a deep fryer! I don’t use the deep fryer inside as the smell ruins it for me, however in the summer it’s ace with a BBQ
  9. The only issue with the 620 is the price tag that comes along with them! My old man went for the r500 on the basis the real world performance was the same (manual not sequential) and actually made money keeping the car two years.
  10. Nice car, but just that. Nothing compares to a caterham / 7 style car, if the OP wants that then an s2000 won’t even touch the sides.....
  11. 👍 Hope the next one goes as well!
  12. Now your talking Timothy Taylor’s landlord, or boltmaker.
  13. Sorry nor was I! Anywhere you have a suitable backstop away from footpaths etc! On one of your shooting permissions normally should be able to find somewhere!
  14. I personally draw the line above 6% as I lose the enjoyment of having a couple. Maybe I should give them another go! Looks nice!
  15. Any location that is safe and you have permission....
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