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  1. Is it possible to have the roof running the opposite way to the current building? This appears to be a way to counteract the planning issues and with no loss of hight.
  2. I think he might be referring to his holding limit not the wife 😂
  3. Appreciate Dorset is far away! worth an ask I guess!!
  4. Hello, Not sure if this is the place to put this, I’d like to start reloading for 12g and .410. However I would really like someone to show me the ropes with the process and working a couple of loads for me. I've watched every YouTube video but want a real person to guide me. located in Dorset but happy to travel a sensible distance. Not sure what I can offer in return apart from money or meat from the farm but that can be discussed.
  5. Not awful for the money, depending on where you live dealer help is limited if things do go wrong. Had it for 2 years without many issues, upgraded to a navara and wouldn’t buy another ever Great Wall because the price is really reflected in certain build quality aspects.
  6. Got mine last year at the shooting show for £90 Section 1 so I guess it’s a smaller market.
  7. Depending on the level of your pond area, you could place a drain at the desired level and thus would self regulate the water level. Although this isn’t stopping water from the roof entering the pond it will keep it much cleaner with a steady flow passing through? didnt read the above post!!
  8. I’m guessing it’s a no but any chance it could be sent via RFD if costs are covered?
  9. I’m surprised everyone is focusing on the money aspect of this, a large proportion of this deal is to encourage people to start going out again without being scared, which we need to do wether you like it or not. But I hate to say it we seem to have short memory’s when food is offered half price, as the 10million plus people have used the fund already. Having worked in the hospitality sector for many years I could give you an explanation as to why so many Chinese/Indian/Thai type restaurants are not signed up to the deal, it would give a fairly strong indication of what they have not been
  10. I’m fairly sure you would want to hot smoke them if your doing it yourself. I would say it’s easier to use a “hot” smoker to cold smoke by just using a smoke generator. I’ll warn you though , you will smoke everything to start with and then end up putting all the family off!!
  11. Well it depends, normally cold smoking is done with something you cure like bacon or smoked salmon, but you can also smoke things like butter, cheese, garlic etc that don’t need cooking. Hot smoking is usually low and slow type cooking.
  12. You can use both for both if you buy or make the correct type. roughly cold smoking is for preserving or flavouring to then be cooked later or consumed raw. Hot smoking is exactly that, cooking and smoking at the same time. I have a large offset smoker that I built out of two compressor tanks for hot smoking and a small drum type for salmon and bacon cold smoking.
  13. If it was a threat, the Russians did us a favour for once!
  14. I thought it might be clutch related..... hopefully they get it sorted at a sensible price.
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