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  1. I see the test requirement is being scrapped. Anyone know why?? Shame I recently spent hundreds doing it. link to details https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-rules-for-towing-a-trailer-or-caravan-with-a-car-from-autumn-2021
  2. D_shooter


    Absolutely agree. People assume TB will kill an animal in a short period of time, this isn’t the case it will often take years and years. Time will tell, but for once I’m glad the Gov has taken a stand with someone that isn’t prepared to follow the laws after taking on such a “Pet”
  3. D_shooter


    I’ll go out on a limb here, if you had watched the “tests” as many times as I have (cattle) then you start to question how if at all, accurate it is. In the last 10+ years half of the animals we have had culled only around 70% have actually had TB. Although I am pro testing and pro destruction, hopefully there will be a better way of testing soon. We would NEVER have been able to get away keeping an animal for that length of time, why should they. Pet or not.
  4. No, not me. But I will say, the expertise and experience of a local guide is worth its weight in gold. So based on that I couldn’t see why you would (cost obviously but it’s not proportional to what you might experience)
  5. These photos are from June, now most are twice the size and full of ripening peppers. The worst year I’ve grown them, weather is so important in our short growing season. It will be interesting to see if September/October is warm enough to keep them going.
  6. I think it shows he was actually trying to make a difference and isn’t prepared to give up on it. I’d hazard a guess at some of that money being spent on various security measures. Also can’t believe even these yobs would be stupid enough to do anything else in the short term due to the publicity this has received.
  7. And it doesn’t disappoint. My god that Is a meal!
  8. Looks ace, results pictures needed tomorrow!
  9. Same situation for me, and for that reason alone I wouldn’t bother buying from anyone else.
  10. Tomatoes should be pinched out unless they are fully grown, which I doubt at this time of year. OP, you made the right choice. I’ve taken down and re assembled many used greenhouses and they are a pain! My next one will definitely be new!
  11. Depends what you are after, B&Q often have ornamental types later on in the season. They did a good F1 Apache last year. internet for plugs at this time of year or nursery’s later on!
  12. Depends on age / clutch type. My old Polo locked up and so did the clutch giving a load of smoke and bother. My Mercedes has been running with a ****ed pump for a year no bother.
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