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  1. I thought it might be clutch related..... hopefully they get it sorted at a sensible price.
  2. If your not precious about your car I’d just dump the clutch in first at high rpm and see what happens, I’d bet good money it will slip like hell
  3. Not always, clutch could operate fine under low load IE first gear but as load increases it starts to slip, it isn’t unusual for the clutch to finally “catch up” causing an acceleration type experience! I’m not saying that Is what it is in this instance but can and does happen!
  4. Manual? Sounds like clutch slipping but if it pulls away with handbrake......
  5. Is this hard to fit? If it’s a DIY job I’ll take it.
  6. Sure, I understand that. fortunately I have only dealt with genuine people so far, long may it continue.
  7. They will still know your address etc when looking at your SGC/FAC plus all the details on it if you make a sale??? I get not letting people see your security though!
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