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  1. Depends what you are after, B&Q often have ornamental types later on in the season. They did a good F1 Apache last year. internet for plugs at this time of year or nursery’s later on!
  2. Depends on age / clutch type. My old Polo locked up and so did the clutch giving a load of smoke and bother. My Mercedes has been running with a ****ed pump for a year no bother.
  3. Scotch bonnets mostly get made into jerk marinade and frozen. Everything else normally gets powdered or frozen fresh depending on types. I’ve tried making hot sauces over the years but to be honest I just haven’t found many I like more than the chilli itself. Can’t get my head around adding bucket loads of vinegar etc to a good tasting pepper.
  4. The heat really is about tolerance, much like alcohol. What I think is full of flavour would ruin some one else’s meal. Having said that there are thousands of peppers that people can enjoy, I try to grow a large enough variety that everyone can enjoy them. last year I grew some “big bombs” a plump round red variety that is no doubt a commercial cross. They had little to no heat for me , around the pickled chilli heat from the kebab shop? Perfect for stuffing with cheese. A couple of this years.
  5. Not so much a dark art, but you can increase the heat produced by stressing the plant in dry / hot weather. if your into heat and flavour try some of the less common (in the shops) baccatum species, things like the aji lemon. still spicy but very fragrant.
  6. Not relevant any more as the OP isn’t looking at it but my w204 220 has 198,+++ miles on and is as tight as new. I purchased it with 140,000 with full service history and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. The only thing that I’ve had to do was the torque converter but had the gearbox looked at when it was out and declared mint.
  7. I wouldn’t wish to comment, but what happens is what happens.
  8. I had the same thought but a few years of LBP ownership made me realise this wasn’t the case. Just didn’t want anyone to get caught out on a relatively unknown rule.
  9. Don’t get caught out with the long barrel pistol afaik you can’t shoot it unless it’s on your ticket, same as with sec1 shotguns!
  10. Plant a few veggies or potatoes etc If you don’t have the space outside then try a few herbs / chillis on the windowsills. Growing is good for the kid as well as yourself! You could spend hours potting up if you want being delicate. Plus you both get something to eat at the end of it.....
  11. Unless you want to make a big oven, have you considered buying a fibreglass based one second hand or even new for a small ish one? At £270 to build your not far away from decent oven money?
  12. That did make me laugh!!! Ive had a few bits from our local one, some stuff is seriously weird!!
  13. Easy to say ignore it, without knowing how the OP presents himself and his ‘brand’. ALL of the successful YouTube stars have a ‘brand’ which is normally pushed heavily in the intros and out takes. Some for example show snips of previous videos / projects etc which provides a back story or ‘brand’ that ultimately you are probably interested in if your watching their videos. I’m not talking about babbling on in front of a camera about how your day is going....
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