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  1. Seams a shame your neighbour left it to you as he must have thought you would look after it and appreciate it. but it’s yours to do what you want 👍🏻
  2. Vapor blasting should not damage the plastic.
  3. As above, do as little as possible doing more than saddle soap with do more harm to its looks and value
  4. 5 minutes to get down, then pull it out of the way with a tractor unit ! if they are still attached to the structure then they had better hope it’s strong
  5. I will work weekends , but the price is eye watering 👍🏻
  6. Forget all the above advise ! clean the tiles with soapy water and let dry fill the void with a repair mortar. screed the tiles with Ardex NA as per instructions and use a spiked roller to remove your trowel marks . That’s what a pro should use ( ps I do it 5 days a week)
  7. Oh well I’m sure the wife will like the new car you have to buy 😉
  8. So the top and bottom seams that if you’re not shooting too well you need a 12 bore ? better shot uses a 20 bore ? I use a 28 bore 😃 but obviously I’m not as good as someone who uses a 410 😂
  9. I’ve just started a new brick of Winchester .22 subsonic’s . Can’t say I’m overly impressed ! In four boxes I’ve had 5 rounds refused to feed into the chamber, Never had that problem before and I’ve shot over 3000 win subs through this rifle Finfire mk 1
  10. Something just doesn’t look right in the photo to me. I’m sure the Peregrine would be looking at the Gull unless they are a lot further away from each other than the camera angle shows. The light off the falcons right wing (left side of picture)does not match the light on the gull. Is another reason I’m unsure about the image. if it’s genuine it’s a good image but I Suspect at the lens is at its limit due to the lack of sharpness
  11. Everything said is true, but no one has mentioned how much heat it reflects ! when it’s hot you can’t walk barefoot on it. I’m in the trade and bought the dogs b version looked amazing but as others have said it needs jet-washing every year at the very least . Yes it’s does get weeds but nothing can prepare you for the heat that comes off it. grass is better
  12. Would have thought it’s not about saving Bisley, more like cutting out the bad wood
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