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  1. I used to use a thick waxed dog jacket from kennel gate. surprising how warm the spaniel got even when soaked she would be dry under the jacket within 30 minutes, used to leave it on all evening when I got home and take it off just as I went to bed. a dog that’s used a days energy doesn’t need to use more to keep warm when done, and deserves a little care and thought on a shoot I used to go on , the first day all the beaters took the **** when I jacketed my dog, and within two seasons everyone had dog jackets 😂
  2. Mine says the same ! I’m not going to loose any sleep. just carry on as normal 👍🏻
  3. BLM want to de-fund the uk police ! The FA are supporting BLM with their logo on a football club kit 😳 who do the FA think are going to make football games safe without the police 🤣🤣😂😂😳
  4. Modafinale

    Wasp sting

    One had me on bike hit my throat somehow fell inside my leathers and stung my chest 4 times, my mates thought I was having an episode as I threw my bike in a hedge and frantically beat my chest and ripped my leathers off
  5. He will ! a relative of mine whilst driving a police van with 5 others plus an arrested prisoner was forced to break heavily allegedly causing a Bruise to the prisoners face, was put on a Disciplinary warning for 6 months, banned from driving a van until the hearing. he was cleared of any wrongdoing but when reinstated for driving the police vans has now refused to drive them as the whole episode caused him 6 months of stress and worry that he doesn’t want again ! In the last two years this has happened plus he’s been assaulted for the first time on duty in 21 years on the force
  6. He won’t be enjoying anything ! He’ll be ****ting himself wondering if his career is over and if he goes back to work what black marks are on his record that will affect his career. big worries for a Bobby , officers gets promoted for worse mistakes
  7. Modafinale


    Steve, I’ve got them too ! wondered what was taking sections out of my saplings 🐝
  8. Load development top picture 90gn jacketed soft point second picture 115gn hard cast lead both at 25m
  9. 63 years old frightening
  10. Derbyshire Flo died on 14/05/2020 too, apparently at a golf course not seen it reported on here. Lee Collison must have been Flo for some on here. Again stern but fair shame as he was ok .
  11. So sad ! A job lots of us would have liked the idea of doing , sadly it’s not without risk . I was surprised how long I took to find him
  12. Finally sorted my variation, license back and been to pick my rifle up. winchester 1892 .32-20 made in 1928 Only had it 2 days and shot 90 rounds enjoying every one 😀 Unfortunately the pictures are not very good
  13. And the concentration camp victims of Mercedes had an easy time compared to African slaves ? both are wrong but you can justify Mercedes 🤣
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