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  1. £27 m2 not much more than the price of an average fitted carpet ! just buy it
  2. Proper door ! Not the **** that opens the joints in winter. very nice !
  3. Most cowboys had leather gloves on so perhaps that helps ?
  4. Bought another Winchester 1892 this time a 44-40 British proof marks made in 1918 bought by the China Navigation Company. Ended up in USA in the 1940’s bought by a Canadian collector and finally by me this week. on the way back to Britain 100 years after it first arrived , looking forward to shooting alongside its smaller brother
  5. Unfortunately barn owls live on a knife edge very close to starvation most of the year. that an lack of breeding sights doesn’t help them, love to see them hunting at last light
  6. Original Winchester 1892 carbine wanted post 1900 prefer 44-40 but will consider 38-40
  7. From personal experience in the first lockdown I was told my my FLO if I transferred a firearm I would be getting a warning letter from his manager, he said it would go along the line of if I had ignored the government statements to stay at home was I a suitable person to own firearms. I choose to wait, your all grown ups and make your own decisions 👍🏻
  8. It all goes wrong when you let the police know what you have bought. Derbyshire where sending out letters to people on the first lockdown for doing transfers
  9. I like a few others on here went to London on the march. unfortunately the pre ww1 world of hunting was out of touch with reality in the 70’s and commercial big bag Days will hasten the end of driven shooting
  10. I have an aim 50 (12 years old but like new) and an Ogden light the Ogden is better quality
  11. Ogden shooting supplies The best gunslips made in the UK !!!!
  12. Modafinale


    I once worked on a ship in Hamburg’s dry dock just before Christmas ! f me it was cold and I didn’t take a coat 😳 young and stupid but was taken around town every night by a dozen Liverpool lads also working on board
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