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  1. I’d be interested in some of the 1960’s ones will have to wait as I’m in Nottingham so will have to get you to post some
  2. Could be, makes a good dining room light.
  3. Unfortunately have no idea, I think it was a southern region light. My other half wanted something different so I just looked on the evil bay for something out of the norm, I’ve only cleaned it and all the conversation was non destructive to preserve it incase someone in the future wanted to return it to original working condition. i know a chap locally who has an identical one from our local station building that closed around 1966
  4. Bought an old station Suggs gas lamp off eBay cleaned all the brass copper bits up with a mixture of white vinegar, salt and flour. removed the gas mantle ceramic holder and filled the void with two brass pipe caps. drilled the caps to fit a bulb holder with self tapping screws, fitted new s/steel rings on chains as the mild steel ones where to far gone. new electric cable fitted using old style twisted fabric new cable. LED lamp fitted and fixed in dining room . Job done
  5. Best practice it copy Australia. stop controlled burning then when it’s full of tinder and Accidentally catches fire and devastates the area put their hands on their heads and whale about how the flora and fauna will take years to recover
  6. I was going to say that but deleted the reply
  7. My setup is in the attic can’t hide she notices the loft ladder
  8. I have the same setup in 28g and enjoy loading, it’s so therapeutic once you have it all running correctly my Mec is a pleasure to use, but took a while to get perfect crimped cartridges
  9. Thorntons breaker’s Halifax £350+vat
  10. One just come on other sales
  11. Was at carsington Thursday for a couple of hours. had fun 4 in the boat all safely returned ready for you
  12. Been to Carsington water this morning. 4 nice stockies in the boat and returned safely . snapped twice on 6.5lb line. lost two. IMG_2072.MOV
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