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  1. What colour is the car ? That’s a funny colour and to me it looks like they did not remove the seal and moisture is getting under the repair
  2. Looking for a cocker spaniel bitch pup anyone got a litter or know of a litter due ? not crazy Inflated coronavirus price . Willing to pay decent money for a well bred pup.
  3. Modafinale

    17 fireball

    My advice is to get a rifle originally chambered for .17 fireball, I was going to have one made but was advised that they don’t feed from the magazine properly. i have a Remington model seven
  4. Any Cocker Litters due or for sale ? looking for a bitch pup.
  5. Modafinale

    17 fireball

    Good choice !!
  6. Well none of them last long 😆 so not really worth it 🤣
  7. I have some 6mm aluminium sheet, tried shooting it with my centre fires . all went straight through at 100m from .17fireball to .308 suppressing its very hard to tell the caliber as all the holes are very similar size
  8. It’s fine, I load a 32-20 and handles below 8gn of flake with ease
  9. Would we not all accept that amount of payment if someone offered it ? I would ! but then again I think football it boring , and a lot of fans obsessed
  10. Modafinale


    Saw some in Nottinghamshire Saturday 🦗yes I know it’s a cricket 😊
  11. Older berettas are 20g actions but the later ones are a smaller 28g action i use 21grams 16 grams is nice but 28grams is too punchy to be fun
  12. Home loading or bought cartridges ? mine is a beretta silver pigeon
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