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  1. Brambles


    Sw Scotland mate just outside Ayr, if your ever up this way drop me a line more the welcome to a days sport even a bit of lamping if it interests the lad, always good to get the younger ones started
  2. Brambles


    I'm in Scotland mate, shame as you and the lad would have been welcome to a bit of sport and a couple of workers
  3. Brambles

    Bird id

    Peregrine πŸ–’
  4. Prefer to see a good dog on the back of a winter hare πŸ–’
  5. Brambles

    Plum Tree

    Thanks lads I'll take that on board and get it treated πŸ–’
  6. Brambles

    Plum Tree

    It's been well watered and fed all through the dry spell, was wondering if there's some sort of parasite or fly that can cause this?
  7. Brambles

    Plum Tree

    Hello folks looking for a bit of help or info on my Plum tree, started the spring with plenty flowers and when leaf started to show and flourish it looked the picture of health, now it's looking rather lack luster and leaves seem dry and shrivelled, still showing plenty of young budding fruit, any help regarding me getting it put right would be grateful appreciated πŸ–’
  8. Yes the stitching to the pockets and zip wasn't good at all mate had to be redone
  9. Don't know about cockerpoo but definitely cocker and springers if that's any good
  10. Like the look of that mate, very nice πŸ–’πŸ–’
  11. With having a bit of time on my hands due to the lock down I thought I'd make a few walking sticks, the one with the dogs head has just been glued up so will get to the polishing and finish tomorrow, realised that I had no epoxy left I glued it up using Gorilla glue so I'll just have to see if it stands the test of time
  12. If your gonna give the power tool a fair bit of work buy Hilti or Festool, expensive yes but really well made and great warranty and after sales service
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