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  1. Very much appreciate the information. Thank you 👍
  2. Absolutely spot on. I took the moderator off this afternoon and gave it a tap and had quite alot of the grit come out. In future i will make sure its removed when the gun is in the cabinet and obviously clean what i can out of it regularly.
  3. Hi. Yes I've checked that and its clean. I thought maybe it could be coming from out the moderator whilst its being carried around over my shoulder?
  4. I've cleaned it up and left the bolt dry. Il see how it goes over the next few weeks . Thanks for the replies.
  5. I have a Anschutz 1417 22lr. When i used it yesterday the bolt felt stiff and wasn't as smooth as usual. There were no misfires or problems ejecting the empty cases. As you can see from the pictures there was quite alot of what felt like a gritty substance over the bolt, Iv had the gun around 6months and it was spottless when i brought it. I added a brand new moderator and have shot less than 1500 rounds of the Winchester subsonic ammunition. Has anyone come across this before or have any ideas where it's coming from ? Any help or ideas of what might be causing this ? Thanks 👍
  6. Ok I'll send you a message.
  7. Where abouts are you located?
  8. Downesy

    Scope camera

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced scope camera to mount to a Nikko Stirling. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Ok could you let me know how much your looking at for the lot then please. Thanks.
  10. Hi would you consider splitting this as i am interested in a few things. Thanks.
  11. I thought about doing this with a 12g . Are they much louder than a full length moderator and do you know if the moderator is screwed in like a choke or are they slid over and fixed to the barrel?
  12. I have a yildiz single barrel 410 hushpower which is similar to the one you have put in the link. Its as quiet as an air rifle with the lyalvale express magnasonic 17g 5's. Ideal for shooting rats. I have also shot crows at 25-30 yards using hull high phesant cartridges as they are harder hitting but as expected they are alot louder than the lyalvale
  13. Ok no problem. Thanks anyway.
  14. Im in the midlands so unfortunately its abit far unless you would consider sending it via the rfd ?
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