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  1. Ok could you let me know how much your looking at for the lot then please. Thanks.
  2. Hi would you consider splitting this as i am interested in a few things. Thanks.
  3. I thought about doing this with a 12g . Are they much louder than a full length moderator and do you know if the moderator is screwed in like a choke or are they slid over and fixed to the barrel?
  4. I have a yildiz single barrel 410 hushpower which is similar to the one you have put in the link. Its as quiet as an air rifle with the lyalvale express magnasonic 17g 5's. Ideal for shooting rats. I have also shot crows at 25-30 yards using hull high phesant cartridges as they are harder hitting but as expected they are alot louder than the lyalvale
  5. Ok no problem. Thanks anyway.
  6. Im in the midlands so unfortunately its abit far unless you would consider sending it via the rfd ?
  7. Hi . Im looking for a single barrel baikal 12g hushpower. Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks. Wayne.
  8. Downesy

    Rifle Sling

    I will have a look . Thank you
  9. Downesy

    Rifle Sling

    Does anyone make and sell paracord gun slings ? I am looking for a nice sling in the same sort of design as the one's in the pictures. The only ones i can seem to find online have an adjustable section on. Thanks.
  10. Thank you all for your help and advice . I will stick to the moderator that is on the gun and go from there. 👍
  11. Can anyone verify the make and model of this moderator? Im looking into buying my first 22lr and have seen a cz452 that i quite like the look of. The shop selling the rifle can't confirm what moderator is on the gun as it has no details on it. I would like the rifle to be as quiet as possible due to the permission it is going to be shot on. Would it be worth buying a gun on its own and then buying a decent moderator separately? And is there much of a noise reduction between a £30 moderator and a £150 moderator or is it dependent on the ammunition used? Any help would me very much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Did you have any look finding a replacement stock ? Im currently looking for a replacement too . Thanks.
  13. When is something like that likely to happen. Is it when the gun is put down or if it gets a knock during transportation ? Surly that couldnt be caused by just shooting the gun ?
  14. The one I've seen is a left handed grade 5 30" . Will be used for sporting clays 99% of the time . What started all this was when i went to have my b725 fitted . The gunsmiths advised against spending the money on permanent changes on the b725 as they can be unreliable and possibly not a gun that would last me a long time. He said i might be better off having a look at a 525 or miroku mk38 as they are very reliable and well made. But as of yet i havent seen that i like the look of . This mk70 has recently came up for sale and im quite interested in going to look at it.
  15. Thanks mate. Im after something that is going to be bomb proof and is going to last me without having to spend on maintenance all the time. By the looks of it the mirouk ticks all the boxes.
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