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  1. I've just brought the same caller from another member on here. Thanks anyway.
  2. Wanted, an electronic fox caller. Thanks.
  3. Still avaliable?
  4. Downesy

    Hw30 .177

    Looking for a .177 hw30. If someone is thinking of selling theirs before i go out and buy a new 1 off the shelf. Thanks.
  5. Theres a yukon sightline n470s just gone on optics warehouse website . Pre owned £425.
  6. Downesy


    Search for this site on Facebook, hopefully someone can help you out.
  7. Hello. The majority of the time its going to be shooting out to 150 - 160 yards . I will have a look into the photon xt. What ways would you think the wulf4k would be lacking ? Iv never looked through one so trying to get as much information as i can about them. Thanks.
  8. Im thinking of buying one of these scopes to go on a .17hmr . There's not too much footage on YouTube, so if someone that has owned or used one before and could give me some good or bad points that would be very helpful. I have used an atn 4k and was impressed with the picture quality but found it quite big and heavy, also toyed with the idea of the new pard 008s when that comes on the market but the lack of magnification and having to shim the mount puts me off. All ideas welcomed. Thanks.
  9. Purchased in November but can't get on with it. Used 3-4 times so as new condition. £270 recorded delivery £260 collected from Nuneaton
  10. Im in Nuneaton if that helps, not sure how far away you are but if your local your more than welcome to come and have a look.
  11. As 7diaw says, it should unscrew ! You might need some penetrating oil if it hasn't been off for abit. Its worth putting abit of grease on the threads before putting it back together too. I have the 410 aswel and tend to use that more often than the 12g. They are great bits of kit.
  12. £225 1952 Weihrauch hw 55s .177 Fully restored by previous owner. Collection from CV10
  13. £200 12g Hushpower. Around 100 cartridges through it since new. So very good condition. Box of subsonic eley 32g 5's included Collection from CV10
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