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  1. Cheers pal 👍
  2. Lol always check ur kit and conditions before you blame urself pal u want to put on here a new topic to see if there are any other airgunners willing to trade a handful of pellets some of urs for theres cheapest option mate cost you a fortune buying full tins hope all goes well bud 👍
  3. Im not shooting atm i sold my rifles because of MH prob a while back wish i hadnt because i would like to go out in the field again but i will be shortly in the market for a airrifle but unfortunately wont have anywhere to use it as gave it all up back then just have to keep plodding along as for your pellets that stray a little might be down to the weight of the pellets get urself some pellet scales off ebay £10 or so to weigh the pellets in the tin once u get urself 10 pellets of the same weight try those at a target all in the prep work for better shooting thanks for your reply FroDe 👍
  4. Hope you are glad u bought tht rifle very nice kit there m8 did u look at the 510 ultimate sporter regulated tried one at the shooting show and its a very nice bit of kit also the r10 se carbine very nice looking gun all the best FroDe
  5. Hi guys just wondering if theres anybody from Staffordshire/Newcastle-under-Lyme/Stoke-on-Trent/surrounding areas on here 👍
  6. Hi from Staffordshire hi guys been out of shooting for sometime but i just cant let it go started when i was 15 trying to aquire my first permission atm so fingers crossed but i have one question how do i go about going on a day with the pigeons its something i would really like to do 👍 thanks
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