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  1. Hi there, I keep a eye out on Kranks, may give him a ring, I have a bullet that was offered at the muzzle of my friends SMLE and marked how deep it went in, mind you his has a new barrel, but it gives some indication about bore wear.
  2. I am after a WW1 SMLE,or Long Lee, any mark, which has not been messed with, other than perhaps a new barrell, clearly long range sights, and a magazine cut off, are a bonus, any out there, Paul
  3. I have a Browning B80, a clone of a Beretta 302, The forend is moving slightly forward, backwards, I can see the issue there is a rivet holding the front metal part of the forend, it passes through the wood, it has come a bit lose with time, Is there a supplier out there who makes a shim to go between the forend/action to take the play up, I have seen on the interenet a guy who made one, a bit beyond my skill, Thanks Paul.
  4. A bit of thin ice I think, what does your reg doc say?
  5. P08

    Shale Gas

    Youtube, Putin addresses the world, "stop sanctions" Hmm I did not hear that anywere else, is it true, It might be, but of course when the dust is settled on this bloody mess, politicians will leave it for a bit, resume as normal, I can see it coming.
  6. P08

    Shale Gas

    It's a strange world, Tsunami knocks over a nuclear power station, within months Merkil starts to de commision Germany's nuclear power stations, and does a deal with Russia for it's gas, I think it was President Trump who said, "hey what you doing" I have previously mentioned Putin, Laverof having a trip to the Hague for war crimes, is it far fetched? Remember Milosevic the Serb leader, who thought he was untouchable, We have to in the longterm destroy Russia with sanctions, and keep are nerve, and don't go cap in hand for gas, Today it was announced in Russia 15 years for those who do not publish the party line, as regards reporting what is going on in Ukraine, The Ruble is worthless, people's money is not accessible as it was. Let's see how long we keep it up, or how long Russia takes to see the light.
  7. Yes that was in the good days, oh well.
  8. Just received a catalouge from them, ceasing trading 25th may, 2022, The writing was on the wall several years ago, welded up de acts, fit for the scrap man.
  9. P08

    Shale Gas

    Even with that mad Putin, I don't think it will happen, The British goverment will just drag it's feet, nothing new there, They would hope when the war is over, as it has too some time, things will resume as they were, I am one for keeping the screw on Russia, until Putin, Laverof, take a trip to the Hague.
  10. I am not a RFD, The site you need is estore.beretta.com I suppose if it is a trigger group, barrel, it might be a bit different, I just used my credit card, took about 10 days to arrive, customs did open it, but no charge from them.
  11. I have a Browning B80 semi auto 12 bore, a clone of a Berreta 301/2/3, I saw a article that the main recoil spring should be replaced after much use, anyhow mine is about 38yrs old, I searched everywhere for a spring, Browning/Berreta no luck, did a google and got onto a Berreta home page, ordered one, for the pricely some of 3 euros, yes 3 euros, 15 euros with tax delivered. It came, clearly my old one was a good 1"-2" shorter with use, put it in, now if you are faint hearted and unless you know what your doing, don't do it yourself, The spring is under a lot of pressure, you can knock your eye out, for sure, anyone who considers the purchase, job, give me a buzz, I will give you some tips.
  12. P08

    Deactivated SMLE

    It was completely unworkable from the start, If I had a early deact, I sold it to the man next door, no one was the wiser, as regards the EU, I dont think a lot of the rules imposed on us will change, remember the wattage of light bulbs, vacum cleaners, were stuck with them, but at least they cannot impose more **** on us.
  13. P08

    Deactivated SMLE

    Am I right in thinking, anyone who owns a early or non EU deact, has to bring it to EU spec before selling it?
  14. Ive thought of that, mabye to much lube on the magazine tube, but the block breach stops its recoil on hitting the receiver, just a thought
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