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  1. P08


    Hi there, still after 12 bore Breda Field semi auto parts, in particular the link at the rear of the breach block, what have you got?
  2. Where are all the dingies coming from, clearly the migrants did not carry it through several countries, The french could start at the shops selling them, produce a French driving licence, mark the dingy relating to who bought it, It would be a start, paper today some ***** tried it on a jet scooter, ended at the bottom.
  3. I wish it was a bit more simple, push back, and maritime law stipulates boats in distress, ships have a clear duty to assist those in distress, The UK is considering push back from whence they came, if it is safe to do it, clearly these migrants will be made aware of this, maybe even jump in the water, Then what? The home secertary should resign, she can then say were are hands are tied, Also has anyone seen any figures of the return rate especialy this year.
  4. I require the opperating tail that connects from the breach block, into the spring in the butt, shot it today, all went well, Wyvale power reds, then it locked up solid on recoil, photo of shotgun, broken parts, never seen anything like it, left a messege for are spares guy, Wabbotbosher, see if he can help, If you can help, will purchase from you, I do have spares, even a couple of chokes, and a rare owners manual for a swap, cheers Paul
  5. Ebay. Breda shotgun parts, cliveh189 he breaks bredas he is your man
  6. Nothing smart about those pistons, Those springs break, There is a updated version with one spring on it.
  7. Yes original chokes hard to find,I do have a couple spare. I think?
  8. Lovely shotgun, I have two, That's when proper shotguns were made, The quality is superb, and not one screw used.
  9. Hi there, A little story, IMA of the US bought the Nepal dump of Victorian weapons, In fact I shoot a Martini Henry marked with nepalise writing, All thanks to IMA, I offered IMA a deal, charge me $200 for the bayonet instead of the $137, give the difference to a vets group, no reply. I have purchased the bayonet now from another dealer in the US $136 plus $98 postage, and excise, and post office charges here, okay expensive I think, but no mention of the minimun $200 as regards are rules here VAT as mentioned by IMA.
  10. I have a 1837 pattern Brunswick Rifle made in Nepal, looking for a bayonet to suite, IMA have them in the US $137 was about to buy, it came up in red, you need to spend $200 for VAT purposes, no thanks.
  11. I was about to offer this nice Marine Hatsan 12 bore semi auto for sale on this site, last time out it had a number of malfunctions, I thought its not like that, anyhow one of the three quaver like springs has broken, anyone have a complete smart valve, or one of the quaver like springs for sale my valve does come apart. I know I can buy a new one for £28, but I want to keep the cost down, knowing I want to sell it. Paul
  12. 123 once fired 6.5mm Grendle cases by Lapua. £45 plus £5 postage
  13. A chap is selling Breda Shotgun Parts on Ebay, Chokes are listed, I do have a Full and Half £20 each delivered if you get stuck, PM if you need them.
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