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  1. Yes original chokes hard to find,I do have a couple spare. I think?
  2. Lovely shotgun, I have two, That's when proper shotguns were made, The quality is superb, and not one screw used.
  3. Hi there, A little story, IMA of the US bought the Nepal dump of Victorian weapons, In fact I shoot a Martini Henry marked with nepalise writing, All thanks to IMA, I offered IMA a deal, charge me $200 for the bayonet instead of the $137, give the difference to a vets group, no reply. I have purchased the bayonet now from another dealer in the US $136 plus $98 postage, and excise, and post office charges here, okay expensive I think, but no mention of the minimun $200 as regards are rules here VAT as mentioned by IMA.
  4. I have a 1837 pattern Brunswick Rifle made in Nepal, looking for a bayonet to suite, IMA have them in the US $137 was about to buy, it came up in red, you need to spend $200 for VAT purposes, no thanks.
  5. I was about to offer this nice Marine Hatsan 12 bore semi auto for sale on this site, last time out it had a number of malfunctions, I thought its not like that, anyhow one of the three quaver like springs has broken, anyone have a complete smart valve, or one of the quaver like springs for sale my valve does come apart. I know I can buy a new one for £28, but I want to keep the cost down, knowing I want to sell it. Paul
  6. 123 once fired 6.5mm Grendle cases by Lapua. £45 plus £5 postage
  7. A chap is selling Breda Shotgun Parts on Ebay, Chokes are listed, I do have a Full and Half £20 each delivered if you get stuck, PM if you need them.
  8. Im wondering if players at a football match take the knee, do some of them say it's best I do it, or I could be branded raciast. It's now the fear factor, what you say, do,
  9. Any chance of a photo, I may be after a Breda Field, 07846403363, what is the barrel length no chokes fitted.
  10. Funny world this, Trump was never given a fair chance, you do remember, when he was working for Russia, to his impeachment, not one bit of evidence on either, so what has he done? Build the wall keep illegals out Take on Iran, The breader of all terrorists Bring American jobs back to the US Get Nato to pay it's fair share of defence, and not the US $ Arab nations recognising Iserial Oh and I nearly forgot, China sells, but doesnt buy, not with Trump around. no other President did what they said they would, Biden at this stage looks like he is winning, It' cle
  11. Pure logistics, ship tanks from Germany, or the UK, clearly the US has the firepower and cash, but one day soon, and it may come if Trump is re elected , you Europians in the main, are not paying your way, Hmm
  12. Funny topic this one, was stationed over there in the early 70s, we had 50,000 British servicemen, woman there then, anyhow a couple of years ago I googled why had we withdrawn, thinking the Germans wanted us to go, no that was not the case, It was to save a couple of quid, so forward to were we are now, The Russians have seized the Crimea, some of the Ukraine, oh **** they said, we could have supported Latvia, Estonia etc just by shipping are armour out of Germany, what did we do ship from the UK , the bright spark who thought of saving a couple of quid, has not been named, or shamed.
  13. Well nearly right Stuarta, a firearms cert to purchase primers, to be viewed only by the RFD, powders don't need the cert, not since I last purchased powder, and to clarify any ammo is entered on your cert, primers are not.
  14. Its my understanding, Archibold Criminal Pleadings Evidence & Practice 2012, says the test for deciding if an Item is "ammunition" is wether it is capable of producing a explosive effect. As mentioned by Miki, There is no current sec 6a it was a bill not yet in force, and in any case possesing component parts of ammunition, dies etc are not a criminal offence, you could make dummy rounds and sell them, as per any militaria show, World Wide arms, etc, If you used live primers, powder, your doing time.
  15. I have perhaps a 100 fired Large rifle primers, no charhge will put them in a envelope for you.
  16. Hi There, a friend has one for sale, mint in box with all accessories, I phone 8 64 Gig, unlocked presently being used on 02, £220 ono contact Howard 07850129291 for pics.
  17. X2 FFF blackpowder cans, with rubber stoppers in, If your interested?
  18. P08

    Breda, semi auto parts

    The Deal was done, Cheers Wabbitbosher.
  19. The video clip was good, certainly with the required colour change, I would anneal say 50 cases every couple of months, or use it to make Martini Brass, from 24 gauge shotgun brass, So I dont think the expenditure of the machine would suite my needs.
  20. Brass would conduct to much heat, and fast, The idea is to keep the temp down in the tool, That's why I duck the tool in cold water every three cases, I think if you used brass the heat would be so hot, it would anneal the whole case, Which is what we don't want.
  21. P08

    Breda, semi auto parts

    Hi ****, no more room in the box for a complete one, I suppose it would be a shame to break one up for parts, but will check Holts at a later date, checked today, I did not see semi auto shotguns listed?
  22. P08

    Breda, semi auto parts

    Wabbitbosher sold me that gun ha, other than a couple of chokes he sold me, the cupboard is bare.
  23. Still on the look out for spare parts to keep my Breda Field 12 bore semi shotguns up and running, What have you got? Paul
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