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  1. Have to agree with both the above, chances are a rotary will just scare them off, but it'll probably vary day to day, the only way to find out is try it.
  2. Surely you're not suggesting the sanctimonious little cock is a hypocwit??
  3. Yep, i think we should all start today, lets have a 'Kwiss Day' and fill up the freezer in his name.
  4. Got an 1894, which i've had for years. I guess they're fairly similar, if a bit better made, good fun and ideal for what you want i should think.
  5. Cheers bud, nice to meet you today.
  6. I'm going to be coming past on the way to Stansted and back tomorrow (Tuesday) so could pick up if you're about.
  7. Hi all. More of a return after an enforced absence of a few years really (no not at her maj's pleasure), but glad to finally be able to get out amongst them again. Can't wait.
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