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  1. Hiya Vince, from Barry, about 2 miles from Barry island, sacred ground for Gavin & Stacey ...........😅 and thanks for the welcome!
  2. Hi all, well actually its peeing down with rain, but the sun did come out a few days ago (or was it last month?) been into airguns for the last 50 years or so, I love stripping them down and fixing them (springers) also love doing woodwork on them, retired so they keep me busy out the garage,(when I can get hold of them) especially when the weather is bad, which is most of the time! think I will go and buy some toilet rolls if I can find any, just to cheer me up 😄 Here is a pic of a Webley Service mk2 I did up and made a box for couple of years ago, not original I know, but better than the rusty scratched rifle I started out with... Rgds Pete
  3. Just sold a gun on Guntrader, cost 99p for a month (private sale....) ?
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