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  1. thanks, good to know, planning on using lead for as long as i can. Just wanting to know if i can use steel if needed. thanks, I assumed that as other models are steel proofed that the barrels themselves are strong enough for it as I believe miroku use pretty similar tech in all models. Thanks for the info
  2. Hi Guys, I have an MK60 high pheasant, has anyine tested these with stell shot? Currently it is choked 3/4, and as i believe isn't steel proofed. Is this purely because of the tight chokes? i.e. when it comes to the lead ban, if i open out the chokes to 1/2 will it be proofed ok? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. thanks guys, i'll have to try. Hopefully I can pull enough over to get a few shots. It's a strong flight line so fingers crossed
  4. Hi guys, Has anyone had good results using a whirly to shoot a flightline / roost shooting? I have patch of ground where pigeons flight along a wood that is not mine on the boarder of my ground, to roost. They flight maybe 50 yards into the wood, I was wondering whether I could use a whirly in the field to try and pull the birds out a bit to shoot. Has anyone done this before?
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