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  1. V3.. thats what is says on the chokes.. 12g hatsan escort mobu..
  2. Has anyone got a Hatsan escort shim kit going ? Needs to be lowered..
  3. Could you tell me the chest size in inches please. Cheers
  4. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how and where i can find the model of my gunmark kestrel by it's serial number?
  5. Excellent glasses.. You will certainly see a difference (pardon the pun). I agree to try before you buy. But for me the quality is second to none.. Only downside is the lenses aren't changeable .Have a look on ebay...
  6. Tbh... The fixed choke a300 wouldn't get used and the A302 would be perfect even light firing.. If you change your mind and have a price please let me know?
  7. Would you sell the A302 on its own as i only need one. No room in cabinet.
  8. Has anyone got a cheap semi automatic shotgun section 2 licence for sale? Not bothered about looks just after a reliable pigeon/hide gun..
  9. Can you convert a FAC semi automatic shotgun to Shotgun licence?
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