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  1. can you not just ask her what she would like for it ?
  2. eggy74


    keylight offer the same type of rooflights, cheaper than velux
  3. i have bought one back to life before by leaving it in the freezer overnight. give that a try
  4. thanks, that is what i thought, bit like magic mushrooms then 👍
  5. newbie question so be gentle the sabots are for fac holders only i guess? are there different rules for home loading as opposed to buying these rounds ? thanks
  6. Hi Yep my old TL. had some very nice goodies on it as well, great bike, needed to wrestle it a bit, but super stable. regret selling it really. 😰
  7. me at clearways a few years ago, never had the money to race but did plenty of trackdays all around the country
  8. they are within the rules so whats your issue???
  9. i used to follow a guy on instagram called "the disabled hunter" i'm not on inst anymore, but might be worth looking him up if you are on it. dont think he is in a chair, but shoots off of sticks on the edge of a field in most of his pics.
  10. you've paid to be on the land and take the birds, base any tip on how well the guide leads you to those birds and anything else he/she does that you feel goes above and beyond. £30 is nearly 20%. Thats pretty decent.
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