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  1. ive used cardboard before (cornflakes box) on a water cooled two stroke, was good enough to get me home. 😆
  2. Nope, and he is ******* massive, I may back out last minute depending on how scared i get !!!
  3. He doesnt know it yet, but taking my workmate to the pub for one after work tomorrow to discuss letting him go 😶
  4. I am disabled, although i do walk ok, ish it was good to see a section recently in the basc magazine focusing on those with disabilities. i think there is a lot of untapped revenue that could be realised if clubs/shooting made a little more effort to improve access and offering/advertising taster sessions. my local club has great facilities in respect of traps, instructors etc... but the track that leads to the club is a mile long pothole strewn mess, the carpark is whacked type 1 that is rutted and worn, the clubs response recently was "you are coming to a gun club, not a golf cour
  5. offer the farmer a card anyway and say you are available for one off invitations when drilling or the regular guy cant make it or even to be at the other end of the land to keep the pigeons moving.
  6. 7 hours in the cold and sleet today (kent) and just 2 ferals and a squirrel to show for it, saw a fair few woodies above my decoys and they show a moments interest but then get spooked and disappear, not getting any closer than 50-60 yards. 😔
  7. i knocked for over 10 years before i gave up, i pay for the perm i have now, thats in the southeast which i think is the hardest area in the country to gain a perm
  8. Great bag, well done, beats the 2 pigeons I shot today. I set up in 3 different places on a 2000 acre arable farm. spent 2 hours in each spot. Saw more herons than pigeons
  9. Unfortunately where I live is all owned by estates, very few independent farms here, far more guns than there is available land, so I have to travel out of area for shooting
  10. As far as i am aware i have never upset the landowner in any way, always followed the rules laid down, im certainly not going to argue with him as its 100% his decision and i never like to burn bridges so to speak. no idea what the situation is with his nephew, didnt want to propbe. only ever spoken to him a handful of times, i have been going through his manager when i arrange visits. i hear what you are saying though 👍
  11. Morning, Yep the land owner has a young nephew who is taking the spot, I only had the perm for the last two years but its gutting as the land is plenty big enough to accommodate us both, but that's his decision, just hope the nephew looses interest and my phone rings again 👍🏻
  12. Well it looks like i have lost my one and only permission (pigeons and ground game/vermin). no fault of my own, very safe, mature, experienced, insured gun, so looking for anything that may be available in the southeast (yeah i know 😅). i am Sussex based but happy to travel, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and either help out, or pay for the privilege of getting some time out in the fields. all rules you lay down will be religiously adhered to, and equally happy to help out on a one off basis when your land is getting hammered. Thanks for reading. Steve sgc and air rifle
  13. ive got an empty can of wd40?
  14. planning to get the first miles of the year done tomorrow, think it is degree or 2 warmer than today
  15. free building materials and all the sawdust i can eat!!!
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