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  1. previously soakaways were filled with rubble and such like to soak up water and support the ground above, these days most bco's want to see crates used, these are strong enough to support the ground above (with a concrete cap) and as they are empty they can obviously catch a lot of water, so the speed at which it drains away is far less of an issue. average soak away uses 6 crates. worth checking the downpipes are not blocked/cracked and allowing the water to escape above ground too
  2. eggy74


    I always answer till im better always? how often are you sick? i would want an idea of when to expect you back personally
  3. dont know, but personally i would love an old theoben sirocco if one came up for sale
  4. Thanks chaps I will gobble them up by Tuesday then pigeon for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is then !!!
  5. Evening everybody Got home today to find the freezer has packed up, breasted todays pigeons and the meat is currently in the fridge (20 birds) how long do you reckon they last ? couple of days ? or longer ? thanks Steve
  6. someone experimenting with wax slugs maybe ??
  7. Sounds a bit like the estate i shoot on, i can only get there once or twice a month, but being a large estate (1500 acres) there are other shooters on it as well. the place is totally shoot out with only the odd pigeon flying over high and fast on his way somewhere else. just going elsewhere is not an option for a huge number of people, being in the southeast of England, land is hard to come by. unfortunately it is the only perm i have so i do find myself sat there like your old retired guy
  8. i have one, it was £300 a couple of years ago, it is noisy as hell, it requires a vent to the outside and over the course of 5 hours it reduced the temp in my lounge by 2 degrees! better off just tucking into icecream
  9. going to have to build more hotels to house all the refugees!!!
  10. As per the title, does anyoneuse the bucket seat? Is it any good? Tough enough? TIA steve
  11. iroko, ipe, balou. obviously look great oiled, but it is expensive to keep them well oiled. mine is silvering nicely now, (8 years old) pressure washed twice a year
  12. as above. be in the shade and make use of twigs and bushes around you
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