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  1. I haven't seen any real problems with rabbit on farms for a while now. But I was speaking to a farmer last week who's getting plagued with them again for the first time in a few years. Unfortunately not one of my permissions as I love to airgun rabbits.
  2. That sounds like a good idea, getting hold of that much brass these days is not easy. I plan to use the plastic and brush paint it with model paint to give it a worn metal effect. I plan to use a dremel to cut it into two.
  3. Thanks Harry, just uploaded the same post.
  4. I'm looking to make a military plaque for a colleague who is leaving after 30 years of service as an Armourer. My plan is to use a plastic replica of a Browning 9mm or Glock pistol and mounting it on a oiled oak mount with brass insignia and 9mm brass case. If anyone has a broken or damaged replica or airsoft equivalent I would be most grateful and happy to pay a small fee and cover P&P. Cheers,
  5. I think its a gorgeous looking rife and I'm sure it will make a great hunting rifle as stated. But in my humble opinion the FX Dreamline Classic is a much better option on paper at least. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/fx-dreamline-classic-laminate-black-pepper
  6. I love the idea of using copper pipe to set up the decoys, so easy and will blend in brilliantly. Every days a school day.
  7. So my plan is to put strong fishing line through the wing eyelets and then through the body of the decoy and out the hole in the bottom and attach it to the spring on the pole?
  8. Thanks for the reply Dave, yes it's a plastic one with nylon fishing line through it, stupidly I cut the nylon when I opened the box. Like you I plan to use it to bring them into the landing zone when I set it up at the front. I will put a pic up, good Idea ditchman
  9. Please excuse my ignorance, can anyone tell me the best way to set up my manual pigeon flapper? It's a Sportplast pigeon decoy with flapping wings (manual cord pull). I got it yesterday from Uttings and hope to use it on Monday. Also can anyone recommend some good but cheap decoys? Cheers everyone
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