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  1. It's to do with Country Squire exposing Packham's lies to crowdfund money regarding re-homed lions,you'll find all the details on Country Squire.
  2. Three very good videos created by Dominic Wightman from Country Squire Magazine,worth a watch................ https://countrysquire.co.uk/2022/07/21/the-countryside-strikes-back/ Also,Dominic Wightman,Nigel Bean & Paul Read are currently being sued by Chris Packham for defamation,details in the following link.. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/the-packham-3-defamation-defen/ They have been fundraising to help them fight this,myself & a few shooting buddies clubbed together recently & donated a reasonable sum of money,they are still a good way off what they were hoping to raise,perhaps some PW members might want to donate,unfortunately there's only 2 days left to do so.
  3. Very interesting & very well articulated,i had been meaning to post a thread about another Country Squire article i found recently,i'll go ahead & do it now.
  4. & don't expect to find the truth about the WEF on any platform run by Google,Google etc will only let you see what they want you to see,the majority of the world has woken up to what's really going on,unfortunately there's a minority who only believe what MSM tell them.
  5. I was a wood cutter for a good number of years before the harvesters moved in & put us all out of work,in one squad i worked with there was only one fella who used guides to sharpen his chain,ironically he was the one that had always cut the least amount of wood by the end of the day...it had nothing to do with his cutting capability it was purely because he wasted so much time sharpening his saw!,it doesn't take long to learn to do it quickly by hand with just a file,there's no need for any gadgets. 254 & 266XP Huskies were always my weapons of choice,that'll tell you how long it's been since i was a cutter!
  6. He sure is & he will be installed to assist the WEF agenda,he will help usher the UK along into a digital ID & social credit system,he is the perfect tool for the job,himself & his wife look upon the lower,working & middle class with great disdain & they have family ties to technology partner of the WEF that has advocated for a chinese communist party-style economy,Sunak & his wife also have an insatiable appetite for large sums of money,they have an estimated net worth of £730 million(?) & still feel the need to partake in tax avoidance,corrupt to the core like the rest of them!,the list goes on...it's a done deal. Anagram for Rishi Sunak...'hi risk #nus' !
  7. Teamac Marine Gloss,it's a brush-on modified long oil alkyd marine coating & the price won't have you sweating like a pox doctor's clerk.
  8. Slightly diluted bleach in a spray bottle,works a treat,i believe the green algae is caused by lack of sunlight (?),i live in Scotland,bleaching my sheds & fences is an almost daily chore! 🤬
  9. Another vote here for Phil Crampton aka Ratworks,totally transformed my Mk2 R10,money well spent & worth every penny!.
  10. Are they DPM or the new issue MTP?
  11. Found this video earlier,the 'Fife Shooting Developments' pigeon decoys are used a few times throughout the film,a good 'old school' flick.....
  12. Something else to think about... If,according to the HSE & FSA etc,there are no safe levels of lead because it is such a health hazard why do they allow our drinking water & food processing water to be treated with flouride that is a hazardous waste product from the phosphate fertiliser industry which amongst other nasties contains LEAD,mercury & arsenic,they do not treat our water with pharmaceutical grade flouride because that's way too expensive. I personally cannot prove this,i am no scientist but i would like to see trustworthy scientific tests carried out to prove this to be correct or incorrect,if proven to be correct surely it would give the shooting fraternity some decent ammunition (pardon the pun!) in the fight against an outright lead ban?
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