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  1. Gorilla camo tape,it's been on my barrel for a few years now,can't say whether it makes much difference or not to incoming birds but it puts my mind at ease.....
  2. Well i tried one box of the 6's on corvids recently & when they hit they do exactly what they say on the box,1/4 choke,not chancing any shots at silly ranges,i'm happy with them,i reverted back onto the 5's though,i'll keep the 6's for pigeons as originally intended.
  3. Seriously impressed by this project,well done!!! 👍
  4. What a pair of absolutely beautiful looking dogs,awesome!
  5. I've had good days on turnips,i expect to be called out to deal with pigeons on turnips very soon,2 farms i shoot on have just recently drilled turnips & as usual the pigeons will be on them as soon as they emerge through the surface,sadly for the farmers it's a losing battle,what the pigeons don't destroy the flea beetles will! Edit to offer my appologies & condolences to the OP,i just picked up on the thread heading yesterday & raced through it without picking up on the sad news,i should pay more attention sometimes... 😧, Hope you have a good day with the gun.
  6. That chopping boards look fantastic,if my partner saw them she'd be wanting them,she has a strange obsession with wooden chopping boards,a kitchen full of them & only one or two that ever get used!
  7. It could be a month or two before i get around to testing but i'll post the results on here after i do,i've enough Defiants to keep me going for while,i only really use the R10 on vermin in & around farm buildings & rabbits on certain ground where it's unsafe to use the rimfire,i've got rats to deal with on one farm soon,i've also got 2 new permissions for rabbits to organise & deal with as soon as this lockdown eases off a bit more,the rabbit population seems to be building up very slowly around here after the VHD devestated them a few years ago,it wiped them out almost overnight,vast numbers of them,bloody awful disease!
  8. Packham down his throat,whole,one after the other in quick succession!
  9. Oh dear,reading the negative comments about the FF5 & FF6 flappers have got me flapping about,not good!,rather than hijacking this thread i shall post another thread sometime in the near future to explain why.
  10. Thanks guys,very much appreciated! I couldn't find any of the sample packs i had,it dawned on me that i gave away whatever was left with an Air Arms Pro Sport i sold last year. RWS Superdomes i still have,i use them in my Diana 48 Firebird & i always used them in a previously owned HW80,if i recall the R10 didn't like them,i'm rebuilding an HW80 atm for a friend & i've a feeling that it 'might' end up being mine,i don't need it but after i've rebuilt it i know i will want it.... 😐 Going by @Ultrastu & @enfieldspares recommendations i will get sample packs of Falcon Accuracy plus 13.4gr,Crossman Ultra Magnums 14.3gr & Bisley Long Range Gold 14gr,they are all 5.50mm heads (same as my Defiants),it'll be interesting to see how the Falcons & Crossmans will perform given the different weights,the Bisleys @ 14gr are the same weight as the Defiants. As for pellet samples,Pelletperfect have all 3 aforementioned availabe BUT did i see some really bad press about that company either on this forum or somewhere else recently or am i mistaken? Thanks again.
  11. Noted,thank you,tbh i've never even heard of them!,tomorrow i shall dig deeper into my 'room of doom' (my hoarder stylee,very large, all things shooting,walk in cupboard) & try & find some of the pellet sample packs i have somewhere from previous testing.
  12. Thanks for the replies fellas, An update on this & it's not good,thought i'd get myself a tin of Sniper Lights to trial but upon trying to source them on the net it soon became apparent that these were also in short supply,onto the H&N website & there was no sign of them in any caliber,i do recall seeing them on the H&N website not too many moons ago so it was now obvious there was something amiss,i subsequently emailed H&N Sport Germany to enquire & soon got the reply i was by then expecting..... 'Dear Mr. ########, Thank you for your interest in our products. Unfortunately a short time ago our general manager decided that we will not produce the Sniper pellets any more. For this reason you won´t find these pellets on our website' Just my luck! 😧,to add fuel to the fire i cannot find any of the targets i had from testing various pellets with the R10 back in 2016,they would have been damned handy now!,my memory isn't the best either so it's going to be testing time again when possible,however,luckily,i managed to scran another nearly full box of Defiants from a mate so i'm ok for a wee while yet (& he's ok for venison for a wee while yet!) Any recommendations on which brands of pellets might be best suited to my R10 Mk2 sub 12 are most welcome,if only to narrow the field down a bit,i'm thinking @Ultrastu might be the man with the answer on this subject although i'm aware there are quite a few other air weapon gurus on this forum, Thanks again folks.
  13. I've just checked,washed & lubed my last batch of Defiants,i just use 'Power' Pellet Lube,i've not came across many damaged Defiants in all the boxes i've gone through,to me they're a good & accurate pellet,the H&N Sniper Lights are seemingly made to the same spec so i guess i'm just going to have to get a tin & try them out,i hope i don't end up having to go through more testing.
  14. 20/5/20: 18 rooks,11 crows,8 jackdaws,37. Yesterday: 11 jackdaws,4 rooks,14 crows,29. Total 440.
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