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  1. I make venison jerky quite regularly using my own marinade recipe & it's mega popular!,i experimented a lot with marinades until i was satisfied,i now stick to the same each time but vary the quantities according to the weight of meat,9 ingredients: Soy sauce. Worcestershire sauce. Brown sugar. Black pepper. Garlic powder. Onion powder. Paprika. Salt. Colgin liquid smoke,hickory,(be cautious with the liquid smoke,a couple of drops too much overpowers everything else!) I've also made goose & pigeon jerky using the same recipe,again it's
  2. Could you please update this thread sometime in the future & say how you rate this flapper?,i ask because i'd like to purchase a flapper,i have no experience with them whatsoever & had convinced myself that an FF6 was the way to go but then i saw some bad feedback about them regarding the wing mounting spikes,also,prior to seeing the bad feedback i had emailed Flightline Decoys twice to query availability & waiting times on orders (i got the impression the FF's were made to order but could be mistaken??),i never received any replies to the emails,that also concerned me,recently the
  3. 51/50

    Mono block LOL

    I'm also with this,i wouldn't hesitate!,you could be preventing this elderly couple from being ripped off,there was a case local to me only last year where an elderly widow was scammed by 'caravan dwellers',they charged her a fortune for painting the exterior walls of her bungalow,unbeknown to her they had been refilling Sandtex Exterior wall paint buckets with B & Q emulsion,the perpatrators to my knowledge were never caught.
  4. I can't fault the Acme,works a treat but i'll be d#mned if i can master the jackdaw call with it,gave up trying! This fella makes the jackdaw call look easy...
  5. 17 mixed yesterday,i spent the afternoon in my 'crow box' dealing with yet more egg & feedstuffs raiders. 564.
  6. All the best for the future,take care,stay safe & enjoy!
  7. They were one of the first companies i contacted when i'd set about about trying to get parts from the USA,their replies regarding import duties were worded very tactfully but i persevered & then it became obvious that as soon as you'd purchase goods from them & they'd dispatched them it was out of their hands & there was every chance that you'd be stung,not only would there be import duties but Parcel Force would also want duties for collecting the goods from the airport.
  8. Same here & every shooter i personally know is of the same opinion.
  9. I ended up buying my Briley button/lever from Brownells UK,i wanted to buy direct from the USA but it was fraught with uncertainty regarding import duties,i paid Brownells £87 & it was shipped to my door at that price,no fear of any surprise charges!,that's almost twice what you'd pay for the button in the USA but i had no choice,it did however transform the gun,especially for emptying the magazine,i also have a health condition which can seriously affect the dexterity of my fingers in cold weather so the Briley will make operation far easier in that situation,i also had a bespoke bolt han
  10. You won't regret buying Beretta but as previously mentioned for ease of use (especially during winter/wildfowling) you might want to swap out the bolt release button for an aftermarket one,expect to pay over the odds to get one in this country but to me it was worth the bother... A relative of mine has recently bought an A400 Extreme Plus after previously owning an Extrema 1 & 2,again it's a fantastic gun but i'd sooner keep my Extrema 2,Beretta,for reasons best known to themselves, have done away with the magazine cut-off on the Xtreme Plus,something i use regulary.
  11. Try putting some Winchester 42gr Max 1065fps Subsonics through your CZ,my 455 likes nothing else,on a good day it will easily put every shot tightly into a 1 inch bull at 50yds & remains very accurate out to 120yds,it hates CCI & Eley. That's off a bench,bipod & bags.
  12. 🤣🤣🤣!! i know that feeling well,the amount of times i'd have been better to put the gun away & started throwing stones!,i could have retired on the amount of cash i'd have saved on wasted cartridges... 🙁
  13. 51/50

    Desert Camo Net

    Thank you @moongeese... Firstly,thank your good self & your lovely wife for the kind & welcoming hospitality shown to myself & my partner yesterday,secondly,thank you so much for the fantastic deal on the camo netting & last but not least thank you for showing me & allowing me to handle which in my mind is the finest gun i have ever handled (& i've handled a few!),a J & W Tolley 8 bore s/s hammer gun,an absolutely beautiful gun & kept in such fine condition by a true gentleman with an obvious wealth of knowledge on wildfowling & all aspects of shooting
  14. Cracking job done there,looks fantastic!,wish i'd seen information like this many years ago when i attempted to re-blue an old single shot bolt action 410 BSA i'd acquired,i tried using Perma Blue & i soon realised that home bluing was best left to those with a higher level of skill,a disaster!
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