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  1. Get yourself some carburetor jet cleaning brushes for doing the barrel ports,plenty available on the Bay,they do the job well enough when used with a good bore cleaning fluid.
  2. Sad news,shame he never made the ton but a helluva good innings anyway,R.I.P auld fella.
  3. Just a thought,when cleaning your A400 do you pay special attention to the gas ports on the barrel,making sure they're not carboned up?,also,do you make sure the gap on the piston ring is positioned at the bottom of the piston when reassembling it?,sometimes small details like that can make a big difference to performance.
  4. 51/50


    4 seasons 5 times a day up here,lambing snow,it rarely fails....
  5. Flapjacks,fruit & nut mix,2 in 1 coffee sachets,flask of hot water,bottle of drinking water,same every time,i'm a creature of habit..
  6. Fascinating!,i'd never have thought a wood pigeon could swallow anything so big,i've never seen anything like that in a woodies crop,every day's a school day!
  7. 'C' spanner,i've got a varying selection of these for adjusting bike rear shock springs.
  8. Personally i view the inbreeding of dogs with the same disdain as the inbreeding of humans,i knew a fella years ago who lost a beautiful 2yr old spaniel to a heart problem,it was later discovered that another dog from the same litter suffered the same fate at a very early age,allegedly directly linked to inbreeding,i've heard other similar stories over the years. A video as an example of the effects that can result from human inbreeding... For anyone interested Mark Laita (Soft White Underbelly) done a series of videos interviewing some very'interesting' characters,w
  9. I have an Xtrema 2 Beretta which i believe has the same (or near enough) gas piston system as the 400 series,i ran 2 full boxes of Hull Comp X 28gm 7.5's through it without any problems,i doubt you'll experience any problems,i also doubt you'll regret buying an A400,enjoy!
  10. Quarry conveyor belt if you can get your hands on any.
  11. This is the only shooting forum i've ever signed up to & i have no personal experience of the HW moderators but i've seen plenty positive feedback & reviews on them,i've never heard of the other 2 you've mentioned,i can't see the SAK not being effective on the R10 after it's been ramped up but if i'm ever in doubt the HW would likely be my first port of call.
  12. I became a full time single parent when my son was only 5 years of age,he's in his mid twenties now & still lives with me,spare time was something i never experienced!
  13. That's an interesting comment,i have an SAK on my R10 (& my rimfire) & to me it works well BUT i'm aware that you have far more experience & knowledge on PCP's than i could ever hope to have so i'm now thinking that after i get the R10 tuned & FAC'd it might be wise to try another moderator,i'll see how it goes when that happens 🤔
  14. Awe man,if i wasn't on the bones of my **** right now 😢 ! beautiful gun.
  15. Signed & shared by myself & few mates,more than 13,000 objections from around the world,ABSURD!!!
  16. Mars Rover landing does nothing for me but i remember when this Golden Wonder Rover landed in the Snowman Rally,now that was something! 😀
  17. Affected businesses are getting support,Nicola Sturgeon was given £8.5 billion to be paid to the scottish people & businesses affected by the pandemic,she then changed the qualifying criteria that was used in England & Wales which meant that a lot of small businesses only got £10,000 instead of the £25,000 grant supplied from Westminster,the £15,000 she skimmed from each payout has most likely been stashed in her independence war chest. The morals of a skunk!
  18. Agreed but sadly i don't have a vice on my kitchen table where i usually pull my rifles & guns apart...
  19. I made this block for working on my CZ,the brass fitting is part of an old bike carb (i think?)that was lurking in my odds n s*ds box,the hole in the block is used for placing the trigger unit over to punch out the pins,the rubber is a piece of old bar top beer mat,it just protects the trigger block from bare wood,i did a fair amount of work on my trigger & bolt & some careful fettling on the agricultural safety catch,this simple block made the work a lot quicker & easier. [url=https://ibb.co/c2P2w5g][img]https://i.ibb.co/6D2D8hn/20210218-155912.jpg[/img][/url] [ur
  20. If it's this video you're referring to he states under the video that he made a mistake whilst reassembling it.............
  21. & on the other side of the coin..... 'The easiest way to control a nation is to disarm it'.................
  22. I think it's safe to say that anyone with an ounce of common sense knows full well that this is just a direct assault on the shooting/hunting fraternity & has nothing whatsoever to do with saving the planet.
  23. I don't understand,why is this even a threat to the UK when we are no longer a member of the EU,am i missing something?
  24. Like the man said,SGA,highly recommended,£40 full membership per annum,here's the insurance cover you get............... https://www.scottishgamekeepers.co.uk/about-us/insurance.php
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