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  1. Finally purchased a gun within budge, a Beretta 686s 28' fixed choked at a 1/4 & 1/4 which I though was unusual but I thought it was reasonably priced at £700....Whilst it'a r/h gun it fits my friend very well who will be shooting it l/h. Does anyone have experience of these guns & does anyone still shoot one ?
  2. Good Morning all, Some advice needed, I have been shooting clays on & off for a years however I would say i'm an average shot but recently a friend of mine has had a lesson & loved it, needless to say he applied for his SGC which has now arrived. On his lesson he shot off his left shoulder as he had a motorcycle accident and struggled to shoot off his right even though he is right handed. He is now looking for his first gun, I have limited advice on o/u as I always shoot a Semi & I think my advice would be biased. His budget is £600-800 & will probably shoot sporting twic
  3. Does anyone have experience of shooting the A400 xcel multi target, it looks a bit of a beast on the clay ground but has anyone had experience of setting one up as it looks like a work in progress kind of gun. I'd like to hear any negatives
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