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  1. There will be some big old zander in that stretch.
  2. Organic material dug in to improve the soil structure is the way. Almost anything will help - you can even dig your lawn clippings in... straw, manure, spent mushroom compost, shredded newspaper and as others have said, sharp sand. My new house has soil you can make pots with and a year of digging in organic material has now started to reap rewards. The one advantage of clay is that it is rich in minerals and nutrients so you are looking to improve the structure, not necessarily the fertility....
  3. So if i lived in that house in the camera view behind the volvo i should be happy that your not a pervert getting your jollies over videos of my kids in the garden? Obviously I'm not suggesting that's the case here - but i do feel that filming someone elses house is fundamentally wrong and should not be permitted...
  4. As your neighbour I'd be delighted that you are constantly filming the entire frontage of my house. And i certainly would not be round to have a strong word with you should i become aware of it...
  5. That's not a shed, its a warehouse.
  6. Is it any wonder these do as you likey scumbags feel free to operate with such impunity. The sentence is a disgrace.
  7. I would think that if a life sentence is not applied to at least the driver, there will be an uproar...
  8. MirokuMK70

    Bad break

    Eek 🤢🤮. Team tractor will be along later with one his own horror stories...
  9. MirokuMK70

    Bad break

    I think its quite common that wounded soldiers don't initially feel much pain due to shock and adrenaline and often carry on fighting despite very serious wounds.
  10. I've been doing a bit on my local ashby canal and the river anker. Had 9 zander (small schoolies up to 1.5 lb) lost one a bit bigger at the net and a decent perch last night so was happy with that. Loving the lure dibbling as its something i can keep the kit in the car and just do an hour when i get time...
  11. They both have the same basic movement based on the eta 2824, which is the workhorse of the mid range watch world, reliable and easy to service. I'm not a fan of either of these watches based on looks, but of the 2 I would go for the Longines as I personally think they are a better maker than Tag, who I think are overrated and overpriced.
  12. Stunning. If only i had the spare cash and opportunity to shoot it.
  13. I would be going down for severe gbh if that was my child. What a scumbag.
  14. Where's me washboard? Eh, eh?
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