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  1. Or maybe with a new baby and having just survived a serious bout of covid he just wanted a few night uninterrupted kip on his holiday?
  2. +1 for the parker 51. Undeniably the most stylish writing implement ever made.
  3. All cats are unreliable 🤣
  4. You only need to see the way most town and city dwellers treat the place where they live to understand why they do it when they go to the countryside. They think its normal.
  5. If you dont want to dig it out and replace you need to mix as much organic matter into it as possible. Grass clippings straw, compost, manure - get it in there to break that clay up. Sharp sand wouldn't go amiss either. Also, dig it up in chunks over winter and let the frost break it up.
  6. At least you have the option of growing it back after the no 1... For some of us its the only option!
  7. As a proportion of nhs employees exactly how many do you think are dealing directly with covid patients? They will all want the same pay rise. It makes me laugh when its all about "the nurses" in the news media. At a time when the millions have lost their jobs or are in fear of losing them, NHS staff should quit whining about the size of their pay rise or there will be a real public opinion backlash against them...
  8. For a burma infantry veteran I would say a flypast by a dakota is very appropriate and poignant. They very often relied on supply airdrops and medical evacuation from that very same aircraft...
  9. Good for you. Do you work full time? Do you have young children?
  10. Its not surprising theres an increasing lack of interest. Clay shooting is an expensive hobby and where live quarry is concerned it comes down to cost and access. Game shooting is cripplingly expensive so unless you are born into it, no chance, and most shooters with careers and a young family do not have the spare time required for diy syndicates. Likewise pigeon or vermin shooting, all the permission is sewn up - usually by the old boys (who have the time available to put the hours in admittedly) who then moan that theres a lack of youngsters interested in the sport...
  11. Wonderful creatures and id love to actually see one, ive found their signs many times while fishing - even now on my local canal. Trouble with otters is when food is plentiful they are wasteful. A bit like a fox in a hen run, they will kill a specimen size fish just eat the tasty squishy bits, leave the rest and then go out to catch another one. For a fishery owner they are your worst nightmare as you cannot do a single effective thing to stop them.
  12. Nope thats the film again. This is a 7 part series
  13. No, that's the film from the 80s, but that attack is featured in the series...
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