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  1. I think you are talking about suckers from the roots, not top growth? Just cut them off, and cut off any more that appear...
  2. Don't let it see daylight, ive been digging it out where possible and picking it off where not for 2 years and now starting to see results...
  3. MirokuMK70

    D Day

    A battlefield is a battlefield. A great deal of those in helmand ten years ago were teenagers... why would an 18 year old now be any different... there will always be those that are prepared to step forward if required.
  4. MirokuMK70

    D Day

    So, what did the youth of today do in Afghanistan then - hide behind their mothers skirts? I have the utmost respect as do you all for those involved in all the campaigns of ww2, but this rose tinted view about the 'greatest generation' never makes sense. There were just as many cowards, shirkers and men who just couldnt take the pressure in the world in 1944 as there are today. Google british army desertion rates in ww2.
  5. Has anyone used the gunsmith services from Hadfield guns? Opinions gratefully received... I'm looking for a general shotgun service, replace pitted firing pins and replacement of a sticky kick eez pad. Will also need good advice on pad thickness/length of pull as I shoot well enough with the pad and spacer fitted by the previous owner but always felt its a bit long especially with a jacket on... Any other alternative gunsmith recommendations within easy reach of Hinckley, leics?
  6. Or maybe with a new baby and having just survived a serious bout of covid he just wanted a few night uninterrupted kip on his holiday?
  7. +1 for the parker 51. Undeniably the most stylish writing implement ever made.
  8. All cats are unreliable 🤣
  9. You only need to see the way most town and city dwellers treat the place where they live to understand why they do it when they go to the countryside. They think its normal.
  10. If you dont want to dig it out and replace you need to mix as much organic matter into it as possible. Grass clippings straw, compost, manure - get it in there to break that clay up. Sharp sand wouldn't go amiss either. Also, dig it up in chunks over winter and let the frost break it up.
  11. At least you have the option of growing it back after the no 1... For some of us its the only option!
  12. As a proportion of nhs employees exactly how many do you think are dealing directly with covid patients? They will all want the same pay rise. It makes me laugh when its all about "the nurses" in the news media. At a time when the millions have lost their jobs or are in fear of losing them, NHS staff should quit whining about the size of their pay rise or there will be a real public opinion backlash against them...
  13. For a burma infantry veteran I would say a flypast by a dakota is very appropriate and poignant. They very often relied on supply airdrops and medical evacuation from that very same aircraft...
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