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  1. You also forgot your location.
  2. The one advantage of the covid lockdowns was that we managed to get out of doing 2 such birthday parties for our daughter and also didn't have to attend any others! Hell on earth.
  3. What a clown. Anyone want to get their name down for a driven bear day at sandringham ten years from now? 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I have never understood why great whites are common off the north eastern seaboard of the USA, but not here when the water conditions are virtually identical and there are plenty of seals to hunt...
  5. Seems to be a common thing. I have recently emailed 3 separate gunsmiths about work i require. Not one has even bothered to send me a response. Before anyone says ring and talk to them i am a busy man at work myself when they are open. In this day and age any business that ignores approaches by email deserves to fail.
  6. Was a tongue in cheek answer to a ridiculous question...
  7. Clearly the child was not a part of the hunt and its an awful tragedy, but probably an avoidable one. I'm not a horsey person but I would think that putting a 2 yr old on a horse is a little foolish no matter how much riding or hunting is part of your lifestyle... However, for people to gloat about the death of a child because it suits their agenda is truely unforgivable.
  8. You pay the opticians for your eye test. That pays the salary and equipment. You dont need to pay twice the price for the spectacles from them. Do you buy your toothbrush and toothpaste from the dentist?
  9. I always buy my specs online, usually at smartbuyglasses. Funny how they can do my varifocals in a rayban or persol frame in hong kong for less than half the price of boots etc . Uk opticians are an absolute rip off.
  10. One of the microphones on my howard leights has stopped working so will need to replace my hearing protection. I'm considering some of the custom moulded earplug options. Probably not electronic as i don't shoot enough to justify the expense. Looking at the cens with the passive filter, but can anyone report on if they are any good? Can you hear what's going on around you while wearing them? Is there a better / cheaper option than the cens, Eg emtech noisebreakers?
  11. YES because somehow the right to own a shotgun was granted to a man capable of turning it on a passing 3 year old girl. The system is clearly broken.
  12. Put it on 'Pedigree chum' in the 3.30 at haydock. Seriously though: Buy 2 of mungler's rolex subs that he has in other sales at the moment. Put them in a safe until he's ready to buy a house.
  13. I think you are talking about suckers from the roots, not top growth? Just cut them off, and cut off any more that appear...
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