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  1. I was in lyme regis on holiday last week. One of the local boat skippers was talking to the tackle shop owner about how he'd been surrounded by them earlier that day...
  2. Just got back from a weeks holiday with the house shut up and noticed rust forming on the top of my wood burning stove. Any ideas how to remove this without damaging/ spoiling the appearance of the stove. Its only a year old and cost me a fortune!
  3. She speaks very highly of you too 🤣😜
  4. Why bother with second hand? Good quality starter fishing tackle is dirt cheap these days, you can buy a 13 ft match rod for 20 quid that would have been 100+ not that long ago. Same with reels...
  5. I forgot about the last kingdom. Another vote for that...
  6. On netflix: breaking bad and then better call saul, theres about 12 seasons to binge on for a start. Narcos, seasons 1 and 2 and then narcos mexico.
  7. I've got one. I love it enough to name myself after it. I dont find it muzzle heavy, though it weight does help with your swing through. Pitted firing pins are an issue to watch out for though. Mine dates from 2006 and has invector chokes, not invector plus.
  8. Its a terrible system. Having been through it a few times including very recently. All it does is cause stress and misery to everyone instead of just the unfortunate ones who are selected.
  9. You have a 74 year old president who does nothing but talk ****.
  10. Yes ours is a detached property
  11. We've just been advised the same by our planning department. Really annoying because we have to lose 2 ft of interior space that we cant really afford to... it is in a set of "guidelines" for that read "slavishly followed" that have really only just come into use.
  12. Sometimes the rose tinted views of some of the members on here make me laugh out loud. So there were no spivs, cowards, perverts, murderers etc in the wartime generation? Over 100,000 british servicemen deserted during ww2. Then as now, not everyone was a square jawed hero. A good bit of national service would sort out all societies ills wouldn't it?Not for the Krays and their like, but they were just naughty boys who loved their mum eh? Not so long ago there were 18 year old kids born in the 1990s knowingly walking through fields of ieds accepting that every step could be their last.
  13. Small very soft maggots that you breed in a mixture of bran and milk. Used on the hook when fishing squatts on the canal... i can't imagine anyone does it these days...
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