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  1. Spotted last night in series 1 of the crown. A flight of lancasters flies over windsor castle and thdn a caption comes up saying "1940"...🤣
  2. Go on, you can tell us... you rubbed it on it didn't you?
  3. If you are going to get a dufflecoat it has to be a gloverall.
  4. My kick eez pad has gone sticky. Any recommendations on who might be best to fit me a new one. I am based on Warwickshire/leicestershire border.
  5. Dont know what happened there but i have seen it more than once...
  6. I once had one nail my flapper. Its confusion was priceless as it kept hacking away at the pigeon that wouldn't "die" 🤣🤣🤣 I've also watched them bringing full grown mallards back to the nest box on Leicester cathedral spire next to my office I've also watched them bringing full grown mallards back to the nest box on Leicester cathedral spire next to my office
  7. They used the design of the miles tail assembly
  8. it did use elements from earlier british research, but I think that's stretching it a bit far...
  9. Balls of steel. Another legend gone...
  10. Why so short? Not enough fingers to fit in?
  11. Counting on working remotely being the new normal. You could buy a nice place in the countryside round here for that... probably with little or no mortgage therefore you might not be that bothered if your redundancy number came up.
  12. Its desperately sad for those employees, another 25000 jobs gone and what will replace those jobs in most areas? There won't be any retail operation that can. Online shopping distribution centres which might are very localised...
  13. At one time i would have given my right nut to see a peregrine... but for years i have had a nesting pair about 30 yards from my desk on leicester cathedral spire and the row that they make is enough to drive you insane! Magnificent birds though. The few occasions when I've seen a barn owl took my breath away. At my last house i used to get flocks of goldfinches feeding on seed heads in my garden. Loved those. I love seeing kingfishers streaking past like a bolt of blue lightning! Being surrounded by a flock of long tailed tits flitting about. I know they are as
  14. The seller is clearly chancing at trying to fool someone out of their money. Why else would you list a cardboard box on ebay?
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