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  1. Said knocking stick arrived this morning. A cracking piece of kit. Many Thanks
  2. Double terrier box can be converted to a triple if you put another partition in. Made by D.D Timber Products. No surplus to requirements. £45 buyer to collect East Yorkshire.
  3. Items received this morning, many thanks. Their good quality and a lot cheaper than a dealer plus a fast delivery. Nice dealing with you.
  4. My apologies for not answering straight away but I have been following up on information given by others, also I followed up on the information you supplied but the person who deals with it was on holiday. I have since found out that Armsan 612 chokes fit and also Beretta Mobiles fit so I am now sorted. Also yes my account was in use this week but it wasn't me, my son uses it to browse the forum. Please in future don't be so quick to chastise people. Thanks to all who helped me out.
  5. WANTED Set of chokes for a Webley and Scott 812 Cheers
  6. Book " Pigeon Shooting by Archie Coats " Hardback with dustcoat in very good condition. - £10 posted
  7. I'll take both of the trickle chargers if their still available please
  8. Mickris

    MIG Welder

    Powercraft 3648 Turbo fan 30/135 AMP Combination Gas / No Gas MIG Welder. It has only been used 3 times and the small gas bottle is still new and unused has a spool of no gas wire and a spool of 6mm wire plus spare tips. Its all ready to go just plug it in. NOW SOLD THANKS Pick up only from East Yorkshire
  9. Thanks but to small for me Cheers
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