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  1. Great video. I love Shotkam footage 👍
  2. Here’s my latest video for any one interested in such things 👍
  3. Thanks mate, will do. I’m working on the next squirrel vid. These **** rainy days are messing things up.
  4. Thank you for taking the time watching them 👍
  5. Thanks, enjoying doing them. Do I look like Scott Rea? 😛
  6. Thanks for watching. There’s a load more squirrels in the garden again. Got a couple of days off at the end of the week so will have a go at them.
  7. Latest ratting video gone up if anyone is interested 👍
  8. Work in progress buddy. Are the others okay though?
  9. My latest short vid looking at the merits of mountable spinning targets. If you have the time, link below 👍
  10. ‘Buy cheap buy twice’ And here endeth the lesson. Stupidly I went for the Photon RT due to price and the fact it had a in built camera specifically for uploading footage onto youtube. Either I’m doing something seriously wrong or the inbuilt IR isn’t much cop but the video footage is poor, lacking clarity and definition. I paid £430 for it brand new and regret not paying that little bit more for something superior.
  11. Here’s the latest video if anyone’s interested
  12. Probably, but the local shop allows me to try them out at no extra cost. Not sure the bay of plenty allows me this luxury.
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