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  1. Have tried that. Apparently they don't go that small
  2. Am after a BB mold.
  3. What relation is there between dripper hole size to shot diameter?
  4. Was the saving worth it? Where did you get the bismuth?
  5. Can any one help . know I have seen a thread before with someone say you can make your own bismuth shot. Can't for the life of me find it.
  6. When out shooting having a bad day. Couldn't hit a cows **** with a banjo
  7. That was close just fished the paper work out of the burn pile
  8. Sounds interesting were are you on the south coast?
  9. Used to buy a smoked sausage in a local one. Had had loads of them. Started eating one in the shop one day , the girl behind the counter pointed out to cook them first. Oops
  10. That's interesting. Were did you get it ?
  11. Seal skin fingerless , flip over mittens bit. Were 50 pound in the shops , bought direct from sealskin for 15 pounds plus postage when they had a sale on. I don't like wearing gloves, but they are great use them wildfowling. This was second season still good.
  12. Was concerned with pellets managing to push through the slits and score the barrel
  13. Am in the process of developing 8 bore loads. Am using c&g fibre cups that I then slit , 4 angled cuts then as doing a tungsten / steel load add a mylar wrap. My question as would like to be eco , is their another way. Was toying with the idea of lightly glueing the slits back up with PVA or pritstick or could I use degradable alterative to mylar?
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