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  1. German or Dutch army surplus goretex over trousers. Have braces built in. zip outside of leg to top .another zip lines up with your normal trousers pocket. Had current pair for 4 seasons
  2. Did think of getting one bored out. But company I found went cold on me
  3. Anyone selling a Spanish double 8. Not worried about looks as want to use it for its original purpose
  4. For sale 2007 done 7500 miles good standard condition. British racing green. £2500
  5. Does anyone know when they contact the winning bids on the auction?
  6. Tried that ,still rustoleum Not cheap but buy cheap. Buy twice
  7. Rustoleum every time. You can brush or roller. Always use at work now. Never hammerite you will end up putting on lots of coats about as much coverage as milk. Rustoleum two coats perfection, some of the jobs I have painted have been in salt water and abused still look good
  8. No problems. The 9mm was fun in lockdown with a rat explosion but can't justify two 9mm
  9. Cartridges would be nice , already have a 9mm. If you decide to split
  10. Wanted Jill ferret. Southampton or Hampshire
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