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  1. Will ask. You planning on live game shooting as well. Have you thought of beating as a way on to shooting ?
  2. Don't really clay shoot myself any more. Most of my friends shoot at spitfire near stock bridge
  3. Lakens of Louth butchers. Does amazing pies
  4. I have a Browning maxus in camo. Great gun, shoots well reliable One downside camp wears off
  5. Wife is using the graston technique . is on you tube
  6. I have a early one in camo. Is my favourite on the shore. Good gun . no complaints
  7. May try that. Easier to get than agent orange
  8. Have been at war with the ivy st home for 25 years. Have tried roundup , stump and root killer, diesel, creosote. The battle continues
  9. Had it done thirty one years ago. Not a lot of fun , speaking to people who have done in recent years is a doddle . as a twenty year old lad remember agreeing to allow to trainee doctors to look pre op at what the op was going to do. Didn't warn me most were women. Not good.
  10. Will start making inquiries
  11. Was think of a couple of days . me shooting, wife passing the coffee
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