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  1. loopy bunny blaster


    i got a new yildiz for £430 recently, its got no ejectors but its very nice for the money 👍
  2. loopy bunny blaster

    FAC air .22 or .25

    had the decision to make recently and went .22 as i only wanted one airgun, could get a rimfire for anymore power, i bought a wolverine r at 30ftlbs , its a lovely thing and plenty of shots
  3. loopy bunny blaster

    squirrel control

    got 2 from atop the silage clamp with the hmr off the bipod, lazered 100 yards
  4. loopy bunny blaster

    Treated wheat

    hiya, the treated stuff i plant has a big label on it telling you to wear gloves and wash your hands after filling the drill so id say no personally whether mixed or not
  5. loopy bunny blaster

    .17 hmr range

    150 yard shots are easily done on a windless day stu, they're a cracking round and very destructive though abit noisy ! , and thanks for your fac airgun advice, ive aquired an fac daystate wolverine r in .22 with a laminate stock and a hugget mod, shes a beast 👍
  6. loopy bunny blaster

    fx crown

    will be used for corvids rabbits and squirrels , general farm pest control i didnt think there would be as much advantage to an fac .177 ? current guns are a wolverine 2 and a regal
  7. loopy bunny blaster

    fx crown

    i have 2 177 non fac daystates already thats why i was thinking of a crown or maybe an impact to cover the other end of the spectrum with the option of turning down abit if needed , what would you recomend as a .22 fac airgun for general pest control stu ?
  8. loopy bunny blaster

    fx crown

    i think most people go .25 now but i wanted to be able to turn down to 12 and shoot a light pellet around sheds whilst still be able to turn it up to shoot squirrels, was wondering what the range of power was like out of the box without breaking out allen keys which i wouldnt be comfortble doing myself, most of the stuff i can find on youtube relates to the .25
  9. loopy bunny blaster

    fx crown

    does anyone have an fac fx crown in .22? how adjustable are they with just the wheels on the side and different pellets? like the heavy jsbs?
  10. loopy bunny blaster

    Help on a Pre-charged Rifle please ??

    get an air arms s400, s410 if your desperate for a multi-shot, it will be worth it in the long run
  11. loopy bunny blaster

    joining the force

    I've been considering a few career paths recently as i havent really made my mind up and joining the police is a front runner currently, does anybody have an advice on doing so? Cheers
  12. loopy bunny blaster

    Quadzilla Quad bike

    second hand honda's all the way, we have a 250es fourtrax and a 420es fourtrax, both have never had a problem with them
  13. loopy bunny blaster

    Illegal Lock Knife?

    when i go shooting i have a buck sheath knife i always take with me, the local plod exercises their dogs down one of the lanes in the fields near where i shoot, they have never said anything to me about it
  14. loopy bunny blaster

    Gun Licence

    its reasonable, they are performing a service at the end of the day
  15. loopy bunny blaster

    Been Tinkering Again

    is that a 420 honda fourtrax?