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  1. I've just been quoted £379 for turning new firing pins and springs for my old Franchi by a local gun shop,as Franchi do not make the springs or pins for this over and under anymore. Now I just think this is a bit steep this price or is this about the right price for this kind of woks to be carried out. Does anyone know of a gunsmith in the dorset area who does not charge a fortune for this kind of work.
  2. Thanks for the kind words,yes his old bit of gas pipe as he called it will be coming with me tomorrow, i will try my upmost to make him proud when using it.
  3. cant go til tomorrow, stowing dad away today at 1300 hrs, the virus didn't get him,but this bloody lockdown did,suppose though good innings at 91, was still shooting at 89,and still using the gun he bought when he was thirty something. but yes I will be filling my boots tomorrow in his memory. Rip Stoney , Bloody Legend
  4. My buddy,who farms the land has said they are on there all the time, could it be that they have nothing else in the area to feed on.
  5. Hi guys, I have been asked to shoot some pigeons on some stubble turnips, just wondering if anybody has had any luck with decoying over stubble turnips.
  6. zip broke on pocket,stitching came away from main zip, sent it back and got a replacement sent out, can't fault customer service.
  7. They haven't helped me or the wife with any help for the bed and breakfast we run,lockdown came ,we lost all our bookings, asked barclays for a loan to see us through,got told no sorry you dont meet the criteria for a loan. been with them for years,will be changing banks as soon as this lockdown is over. still sending text messages saying that im overdrawn and to move funds,what funds you ******** ,you would give me a loan to move funds. On a good note though looks like the government is going to back 100% loans for small rural businesses.
  8. Hi Docleo, thanks for the advice,bit new to this forum stuff,so all advice helps. cheers Shooter1966
  9. Hi guys, Hope everyone is ok. I hope you guys dont mind me asking,but. Is there anyone on the forum in the Dorset, Wiltshire area that will need a hand with pigeon control after this lockdown is lifted. If there is, then I would be more than happy to help. please inbox me. Cheers guy's shooter1966
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