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  1. some see "utopia" others "dystopia" I'm thankful to be old, got no kids, or grand kids, no family at all. excrement is going to reach critical mass sooner than many believe. take a look at "merica" one criminal gets dead, and all the rest of society burns the place down and gets a new tv. under the red herring of "black lives matter" usually whipped to a frenzy by outside influences to create political discord. society is ******. large elements of it are now reverting to primitive feral behaviour and thanks to the current pc snowflake generation, only a few seek to curtail it. every time some kid gets gunned down by a rival gang, a whole plethora of people start bleating about what a great little innocent fellow he was, but a little research soon reveals another well known drug dealing "gangsta" with a rap sheet longer than the Kray twins. As soon as the population reaches a certain point the rot and corruption sets in, the criminal element swells, You can discuss and flap your gums on this for as long as you like, but the government will do whatever they feel like doing just as they always have. They run the country not us, and they run it for themselves, not us.
  2. As with all influxes of people from around the planet coming here ,,, there's bound to be a few "bad apples" https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-and-crime/article/3086549/hong-kong-schoolboy-beaten-unconscious-fire The existing crime lords already running the County drug lines, grooming gangs, people trafficking, and a multitude of other criminal pastimes, are going to have a great time with the triads. interesting times ahead, coming to a town near you,,, if this actually happens.
  3. http://www.pard-tech.com/index.html there you go,
  4. To many the shooting world is just a money maker, when its no longer making them money they will move onto something else. its like charities,, just a way of milking the more sensitive souls and drawing the cash for high paid ceo,s geldof, bono, etc,, "give us yer 'kin money" they cried,,, showing starving kids, while their tax avoidance offshore bank accounts were bursting at the seams. hypocrites.
  5. Its all a bit moot really, It really doesn't matter what language is spoken, or the skin colour, race, religion, worker or shirker, honest or criminal intent. sooner or later we are going to have to face up to the simple fact ,,,, were full up! and with overpopulation will come the inherent problems of which are already beginning to become obvious. its a pyramid of destruction. not just here on this small island,, but worldwide. wars,genocide, famine,drought, ethnic cleansing, plagues, and viruses, aids, cancers, nothing can stem the madness of creating more and more mouths to feed, and infrastructures cannot cope with current levels. our so called leaders learn nothing, except maybe how to abuse their positions usually at our expense to better themselves. progress will eventually destroy all in its path.https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ on the upside, suns out, bills are paid, got plenty of ammo. happy days,,,, at the moment.
  6. All depends whether you're on it or under it.
  7. maybe we should turn them back to where they came from and inform them to change that which they don't like in their place of origin from within. face it, you just can't expect to keep accepting people from anywhere they don't wish to be, without severely affecting all aspects of where they perceive they will all live happily ever after in some fantasyland of free everything.
  8. ^this^ the fact is [but nobody wants to hear it or face it] the uk is full, we have to take care not to break the nhs with massive cases of cv-19 and many other ailments, "stay home and save lives and our wonderful nhs" they tell us, and yet people just keep coming. as seen in the video assisted by the french who are glad to see the back of them at any cost it would seem, at what stage does it end,? civil unrest,? the collapse of the economy,? mass famine,? other countries can break rules with impunity it seems but this place seems to be a soft touch approach, unless of course you post some nasty right wing thought on farcebook or towatter
  9. mmn,,, yer can't beat proper food, better than all that takeaway clown rubbish.
  10. The levels of corruption in this country and its associates are beyond comprehension, reptiles are blessed with more integrity.


    good for you, the bad feeling and widespread condemnation of pellpax and paypal is gaining momentum daily, I think there will be a number who may not be so fortunate. Its also becoming common knowledge there have been problems in the past not necessarily connected to cv-19 or paypal. glad I stayed clear now.


    seems like pellpax have been aware of this problem for some time, but kept quiet until now, and they are still taking money for stuff they haven't got, and if account has been frozen aren't likely to get deliveries of new stock now the word is out, maybe there will be some resignations in the pipeline, won't be the first time. wonder what the "new" company will be called. it it possible the amounts required to refund everyone exceeds the amounts paypal has frozen.


    spoke to a mate today, he's waiting too apparently,, and he just sent me this, he said pellpax sent it directly to him. Dear Reader, Whilst the government, banks, and other financial institutions are supporting businesses through the covid-19 pandemic, one company is doing the opposite: PayPal. PayPal is withholding more than £100,000 from us – money which has been paid by you for goods that you have ordered from us. With record sales at a time of reduced staff levels, our business has been running more slowly, with an approximate 5-week (rather than 2-week) delivery forecast. As a result, we’ve had an increased number of refunds to process. Naturally, we keep a reserve in our PayPal account for refunds. Several weeks ago, PayPal put a stop on our account. There was a balance of between £15,000 and £20,000, reserved for refunds. I submitted everything I was asked for, including bank statements, to prove to PayPal that my company was in good financial health. Because of the pandemic, normal service was somewhat disrupted – staff were working from home; there were no hotels open for our delivery drivers etc – but our bank statements provided proof that we were not in any difficulty. For the next few weeks, I received little communication from PayPal: xxxxxxx@paypal.com> Mon 27/04/2020 10:57 Hi Darren, I completely understand that this is a very frustrating situation for you. I promise I am doing everything in my power to get this resolved for you and worked by the team involved as soon as possible. I have been advised this morning that there should be an update by tomorrow at the latest. Thanks K xxxxxxxx@paypal.com> Fri 01/05/2020 10:14 Hi Darren, I know it is very frustrating but the team is working on it for you. I have to wait until I get an update. Thanks K xxxxxxxx@paypal.com> Tue 05/05/2020 14:31 Hi Darren, I have been working on this all day for you and have been advised that your limitation has just been removed. You will receive an email from the team shortly. Thanks K But the limitation had not been lifted. The account had reached a balance of £100,000, and that £100,000 was blocked off and frozen. Whenever we tried to pay a refund, PayPal took the money from our bank account, using the money from customers who had paid by other methods (card, bacs etc) to refund customers who had paid by PayPal. So, we turned the payment gateway off, to prevent further orders being paid for through PayPal. We can neither access the £100,000 to buy stock, nor can we refund it to our customers. Had PayPal told me, at the beginning, what they planned, I could have turned our payment gateway off, and never taken those orders. In the middle of this economic crisis, PayPal have become the biggest threat to the company’s survival. Here is the proof that our account is on hold. Note: the balance is now over £110,000. So, this is our situation: We cannot process your order. We cannot access the funds you sent to PayPal. We cannot refund you. And I’m very sorry to say that in order to get your money back, you’ll need to contact PayPal. Please note that my company is not the only victim of PayPal’s actions. They have a very low score on Trustpilot, and the reviews tell a story similar to our own, here are a few of them. https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5ea2c1dc086b6409543ef5cc https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e9ec26d086b6409bc898cd4 https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5eb2b92f25e5d20a888e2c66 https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5eaea53a086b64095446a611 https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5e9f2642086b6409bc89f984 https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/5eb73fff25e5d20a88912b1f My company’s reputation is being destroyed on social media and review sites because of this. I just hope that what I’ve shared with you demonstrates that the problem lies with PayPal. Obviously, if you do get your money back, and still want to order your goods from us, then we’ll take other methods of payment. I understand that you may feel reluctant to do so. The damage this has caused will take years to repair. I could easily have avoided all of this if PayPal had just told us on day one what they intended to do, instead of fobbing me off, over many weeks, with promises … while they continued to take your money. I wish you the very best of luck, and I hope that we will all see our money again. Kind Regards, Darren Kirk. M.D.
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