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  1. This is getting hilarious now , its like watching drunks fighting with themselves. I've had ferrets with better powers of reasoning.
  2. read it again, it was a question, and a reasonable one at that.
  3. Ahh bless, your feigned pseudo offended victim act don't wash with me. the fact is a known violent criminal has been removed from a country many miles from here, many would say good riddance,, others use it as an excuse to carry out looting, burning, and further violence, all in the criminals name, and fools thousands of miles away are emulating similar in the UK,,, there should be a test to join the human race.
  4. seriously,, have you been drinking? has anyone here forced their way into a pregnant womans home and pushed a gun into her unborn child demanding cash, drugs, or else, if there is,,, then you're a scumbag criminal too, and I for one hope you get whats coming to you. honestly what are you going to dream up next?
  5. This was written by an American fellow, you know, someone who actually lives in the USA. I trust he won't object to my placing it here. Suspects killed by police in the USA are 75% less today than they were in 1980. That is true for blacks, Asians, Latinos, everyone. Rate of shootings remains pretty steady since 2015. 919 people were fatally shot by police in 2018. 1,023 people were shot and killed by police in 2019. Whites comprise over half those killed by police. Black compose 13% of the population and comprise 26% of those killed by police. Blacks are arrested and
  6. so its "us" now is it, I didn't realise you were a local resident. I don't have to check anything, I don't care, another scumbag criminal is out of the picture. pregnant women in the neighbourhood will be relieved.
  7. On May 29, the country was told that the autopsy of George Floyd “revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation,” and that “potential intoxicants” and preexisting cardiovascular disease “likely contributed to his death.” Floyd, an unarmed Black man, died in police custody on Memorial Day in Minneapolis, Minn. after a white police officer held his knee on Floyd's neck. both these have been widely circulated, but of course one is highly likely to cause more rioting,looting and virtue signaling than the other.
  8. this. no doubt funded and organised by those who stand to gain, politically and financially.
  9. you know nothing other than what you have been fed by the media, Its not like on the tv, the perps don't always hold up their hands and proclaim "its a fair cop, guvnor"
  10. I was thinking miniguns, but I guess you could start with tear gas and work up, making sure you hit equal numbers of all the correct colour is the hard bit. otherwise you lose more tvs, smart phones and expensive trainers.
  11. have you ever tried to reason with a big known criminal off his face on a drug cocktail of god knows what, It wouldn't be the first time a cop got killed trying to be mr nice guy. get real yourself.
  12. I admit these are not my words, but I agree with every one of them. They try to canonise him because they're milking identity politics for purely partisan purposes. Like the left in this country who want to set the feet of "the working man" in cultural concrete and keep him needy and feeling "oppressed" and thereby electorally obedient, the Democrat establishment in the US similarly stoke black grievance and division between black and white so they can own the black vote. Instead of helping deprived blacks improve their lives they need them to stay trapped in a cycle of self-imposed rac
  13. yeah, its all the fault of those trouble making white cops. ***.
  14. well its true, people such as him don't value life, pointing guns into unborn children,, yeah real upstanding member of the community. live by the sword, die by the sword.
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