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  1. if all else fails ring FAMOUS FOUR 4X4 at louth
  2. you cant beat BYCROFTS of BOSTON
  3. maybe MIDGE, jim backwards ish
  4. about a fortnight ago i took £75 to my doctors house which was a 20 mile round trip, 4 days later he rang me to say he had e-mailed the report to the firearms dept. i know its a bit steep but IF YOU WANT TO SHOOT YOU PAY THE LOOT


    march many weathers
  6. i used to get gout, i stopped eating cheese,tomatos and bananas after a couple of weeks no gout. my big toe was very happy and so was i.
  7. i totally agree with fronty61 ive got a premier gold 12g fantastic gun handles great.
  8. hi mate, i mostly shoot game and pigeons, i looking at a new gun but if there is a very good pre loved one i would consider it. i also take my old william evans side by side boxlock in the hide at times. Bob
  9. evening all, im looking for a new gun, i have got a franchi affinity but fancy a change any recommendations. thanks in anticipation bob.
  10. hi mate, the action was rusty aswell, as i said earlier my other guns in the same cabinet were not in socks and were not rusty
  11. the rust took a bit of getting off, i used 0000 wire wool and clean motor oil. maybe i am fussey about the bluing
  12. no mate , the gun was dry. i paid 10 pound each didnt think that was cheap
  13. these socks were bought of the bay from uk sellers , they dont look like rubbish
  14. hi mate , we have no damp at all. my other guns in the same cabinet were not in gun socks and were rust free.
  15. evening all, just after christmas i bought 3 silicone gun socks, begining of march i decided to use one on my best gun. i am very particular about cleaning my guns, they are kept in a dry place no damp. i went to get them out and check them, they were ok apart from my best gun. i took it out of the sock and it was covered with RUST. i was absolutely gutted mainly because my late father bought it for me just before he died in 1986 .i am in the process of cleaning the rust off polishing it and re-bluing the barrells. i have now got 3 silicone gun socks i wont be useing. PS i forgot to say m
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