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  1. By field I was talking about they grass field where we go for walks
  2. Nice 1 pal area gets a slating but some decent people about.not all though some proper wrongens
  3. https://www.essentialfoodsgb.co.uk my pup loves it.very high meat content for a dry food
  4. Thank you for that mate I will take a look
  5. Yes mate seems that way with permission going to start looking when I’ve got my license.What you reckon is best clay ground in local area ?
  6. Hi all Joined up a couple of months ago for advice with my new cocker pup.This has already developed into needing to be a full blown countryman keep plugging away at the wife to get on with my shotgun licence which I gave up 15years ago after finding going out drinking with mates so stopped going shooting. Delivery’s keep turning up new coat new trousers she will get the picture soon and before long I will be out on the pigeon scaring them away with my loud bangs and hopefully 1 will fall from the noise before coming home to blame my gun for not being the right fit and then trying to find a gun that fits better. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the advice lads
  8. That’s great 1st gundog and never done any training before.Had a patterdale years ago which turned nasty so just making sure same doesn’t happen again.Like I said there no aggression at all just noisy glad to hear it’s fine and normal
  9. Cocker Pup coming up 12 weeks I have been doing basic recall and sit.Retrieving not great easily distracted when on field so only do 2 and then put ball or dummy away but a soon as dog picks it up he starts running back and grumbling no aggression tail wagging very excited and I can take dummy from him just noisy.How do you stop this as I don’t want it turn the other way and go aggressive.Hands In bowl when feeding him no problem.Is it normal to grumble when excited.cheers
  10. It’s essentials beginning food it’s dry food 85% meat 15% veg it’s a danish company feeding instructions are adult weight of dog then you gauge that against current age of dog. He’s 9.5 weeks old and it recommends 165g per day at that age.Wormed him on wed.Will keep an eye on him he’s put 400grams since we got him he’s 4.2kg now.cheers for the reply’s
  11. Hi all had my pup 2 weeks now coming along great.He is a decent sized dog last couple of days looking on thin size.His food asks for adult weight and then his current age and give you grams to feed he’s on essential the beginning food.What do you think would be the estimated weight of adult dog cocker I’m going on about 13/14kg is that about right.thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply’s been looking at reviews and most say smocks are too warm for general weather and not willing to pay £200 for 1.Think I may try a jacket been looking at percussion brand clothing looks ok and good price
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