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  1. Yeah. Figured the cylinder wasn't a Mk1. It just has a pair of grooves, about 4" long, on it. Hope the pic helps! Ha! Used to use wasps for everything, about 20 years ago!
  2. Hi, all. New to the forum, old shooter just getting back into it! Now, I've seen plenty of entries regarding the Meteor Mk1, but I just have a few specific things I'd like some help or advice on. My father-in-law has given me an old Mk1 Meteor. Mostly. Decided to make it a lockdown furlough project. I say mostly, because it's the barrel of a Mk1, in the stock of what appears to be a Mk5 (maybe). Not entirely sure what the piston is from, but it does shoot!! At least, after I freed up a seized piston! It had been in his loft for over a decade, apparently, and he was given it by a mate. He likes tinkering and used to shoot a lot, back up in Yorkshire. Anyway.....the rifle... Now. Got all the parts I need. Got a Mk1 stock for it because the stock it had looked like one side of the fore grip had been snapped off and glued back together! What I'd like to know is; what are the most suitable pellets for the. 177? Can I, or is there any point in getting a moderator for it? If so what and where from? It does have ironsights, so, has a block to hold the foresight blade. Also looking at a basic scope, for plinking. Grooves on the cylinder seem to be about 11mm. Heard elsewhere that they don't hold scopes brilliantly. Any ideas? TIA.
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