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  1. Probably, this is the case (W&S), commissioned to Linsley Bros. It's good though I found a name on it. I ll have to re-registrate it now, since on the shotgun papers for the moment is written as "unknown brand"
  2. On my attempt to restore the gun, I find out that is a Linsley Brothers made! Thanks again for the answers!
  3. Thank you for all the information! Indeed it's very interesting! I would love to see a PHD grade work on the subject!!! Such an interesting and full of history discipline!!!
  4. Well, I love antiques in general, so I ve converted two of those into gun cabinets Thank you for your answer! I really enjoy digging into history of shotguns! Specially if it's one of my own shotguns. I may never come into a solid conclusion, but I will find some peripheral history...
  5. Well, up to now, I am gothering all the look-alike shotguns and then one by one I go through forensic style research 😊. Thanks once again 👍
  6. Probably you are right...still, I ll give it a try!!! One way or another, the gun will curry it's own history and maybe I can only imagine it while sitting in my living room and admiring it lying in the gun cabinet
  7. Indeed, it didn't so far 😭
  8. From a quick look of Thomas Wild and Midland shotguns, couldn't find a similar one. My shotgun's SN is a 3 digit one (411), which it's kind of weird, since usually the SN is a 5 digit number. Still looking on it, thanks again for all the info! I own now three antique shotguns and I am looking forward to build a nice 10-15 old shotguns collection! But since I love shotguns and history, I' d love to learn all the possible information for each one of my shotguns! I' m continuing the research for my little Birmingham treasure. I ll let you know if I find something solid! Thanks again 👍👍👍
  9. Thank you for your answer! There are no initials marked on shotgun though. I' ve checked some Thomas Wild models and found similar action (same) and even same screws. Still looking to find out. Maby i should try to find something through the serial Number
  10. I liked the "barn door gun" term! Lovely! Thanks
  11. Thank you for your answer and time! Well, I am aware that I don't have a "treasure" in my hands; I only need to know as much as I can for my shotguns, just for the love of guns and history. Any additional information helps to know my shotguns better! Thanks again 😊😊👍
  12. Hi, I recently purchased some old hammered shotguns and try to define their age and Gunmakers if possible. I am threading here for one of my shotguns, the Birmingham made one. It is 30" shotgun, with no makers name on it. The proof marks are a crowned BP (calligraphy) on barrels and on the action the following marks appear: BP BV and NP (all crowned), 12c in a diamond, Nitro Proof 1 1/8, 13/1, CHOKE on the left barrel only. (Marked yellow on attached proof mark table) Also, the number 411 appears on action, forend and barrels, so it must be the Serial Number. A crowned BV also marked on action. From all the above, I understand it's a Birmingham made shotgun of 1904-1925, 12bore. No indication though for chamber size (assumed 2 1/2) or maker. Could somebody help me with that? Regards to all!
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