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    Strimmer_13 Thanks for this it is very interesting indeed, it may be worth contacting cnc process a they got the rights to keep the original axsor rifle, I imagine they still have the measurements etc to make one, they are still trading under cnc process ab so it's worth a try. Thanks for the info regards Jason
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    Hi buddy Yea I messaged Fx yesterday about the situation but sometimes you can find out more in for onthe forum here especially if people have done it before if you get what I mean, I can always modify my stock for fitment of a gauge but the stock is like mint condition so don't really want to mess to much with it, maybe I can find a fx2000 stock for sale somewhere lol. Thanks Jason
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    Yea it doesn't matter it it sticks out o wouldn't drill the cylinder it would just be handy if it would do that lol, but it's underneath so it hidden by the stock anyway so could soon make a small indent in the stock to compensate wouldn't need to go all way through so you would not see it.
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    Hi buddy thanks for your reply. I thought you would be able to do so I most likely will still require the seal that goes on first if you was fitting the pressure gauge spacer, you would probably want to use some locktite or ptfe. If you could source the right bolt hopefully when fitted it would be counter sunk/smooth with the surface of the cylinder like the bolts that hold the main valve housing or the Front Plug that Holds the Valve Seal when filling the gun. Thanks again Regards Jason
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    Hi Random question but can you remove the air gauge on the fx2000 and replace it with a blanking (Allen type) screw of the same thread size. Reason I ask I can get a new cylinder for my webley axsor from Fx airguns, but the fx2000 has a hole for fitting of an air gauge, the webley axsor does not have an air gauge hence the reason for the question. I believe it is a M3 size thread. Thanks in advance Jason
  6. Hi Is this still available please. Thanks Jason
  7. Hi Has this sold please. If not I am interested thanks. Regards Jason
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