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  1. shinybum


    hi, what area are you from, i have an r10 and a huntsman, based in staffordshire
  2. shinybum

    Air Rifle Law?

  3. shinybum

    Sako .17 hmr

    i have a sako quad varmint barreled walnut stocked 17hmr for sale, with sak moderator, looking for £650
  4. shinybum


    Is anyone using the Vodafone broadband, how are you finding the speed and service as i an thinking of moving from Virgin as the price is always increasing and i no longer need a land line phone, thanks Nick
  5. shinybum

    Harris bi pod

    are you still needing bi pod , i have two, a s-br 6-9 and a s-l 9-13 and local to you
  6. shinybum

    Sound moderator

    Yes it is already threaded 18x1
  7. shinybum

    Sound moderator

    I am in the process of buying a sako stainless varmint in .223 cal,.can anyone recommend a suitable mod for this gun, what mods do you use or have experience of?
  8. shinybum

    electricians question

    thanks for the input guys, i was hoping someone would say yes i use this or that, may get a good magnet for the steel but still a problem with the lead, i made pigeon burgers and smoked pigeon pate and its disappointing when you still find shot in it
  9. shinybum

    electricians question

    would the detector you use to locate wiring and pipes in a wall before drilling be any good at showing lead or steel shot in game meat ?
  10. shinybum

    protect your noise

    done, we lost our small clay shoot of 30 years to someone who moved in over the road and complained
  11. shinybum

    Uncle Tom fox attractor

    I have got some clippings ordered,will be trying this recipe soon I hope
  12. shinybum

    wanted aya sbs stock condition immaterial

    when i enquired a few years ago with the same problem as you , i was told that the stock will still need fitting as aya's are individually made
  13. shinybum

    Wood Burning Camping Stoves

    have you looked at the Hope BBQ Stove, very similar to the Frontier but not as expensive, i to fancy one of these stoves
  14. shinybum

    The latest on lead shot

    Thank you, that's brilliant news
  15. shinybum

    Are these .410 cartridges correct?

    so what could you use an Eley 3inch cartridge in?? I have shot many Eley .410 and never had a problem