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  1. Corbyn's puppet! gggggoooooooodddddd byyeeeeeeee
  2. Thanks for the detailed feedback Gunman! I've reached out to ASI, I'll hopefully get some good news soon.
  3. I'd seen that previously, certainly an option although it seems a bit wasteful to have to buy an entire stock.
  4. Evening all! I'm in the process of restoring my old AYA yeoman, I've recently re-blued the barrels (I posted the finished product in the DIY Craft section). I'm reaching out to you all for some help, My yeoman was fitted with an aftermarket Recoil pad which has always bugged me. It's fitted nicely, it just doesn't suit the gun. I'd really like to replace it with an original AYA butt plate. Fortunately I still have the original screws which have large plugged head. If anyone has one or would be willing to sell me one, please drop me a PM! (ITEM 143 in the below GA drawing
  5. Mines '78. I bought it specifically because the case hardening was almost 100% intact, the woodwork is pretty good for a yeoman as well. The other minor let down is an aftermarket recoil pad, it looks quite old it was possibly installed shortly after it was purchased. I'd like to find an original AYA yeoman butt plate to re-fit! Maybe I should put a wanted ad on the forum 🤔
  6. Thanks Rob! You're quite right, the action & fore end are in need of tightening. I'm planning a trip to my local smith to get a quote for some work I think the little yeoman deserves a little TLC despite not being a high end shotgun. I recently attended a simulated game day, the Yeoman shot nicely 300+ cartridges later, fantastic little workhorse.
  7. Hi All! I've recently joined the forum, I thought I'd share with you all my Barrel re-blacking project. I bought my AYA yeoman last year from a local dealer in Somerset, I picked it up for a bargain price. As you're all aware Yeomans are great workhorses, they're an ideal introductory gun into the world of SxS's or the ideal companion for a days rough shooting. My Yeoman was manufactured in 1978, it's choked 1/4 & 1/2 and features 28" barrels, the original case hardening was still present and in very good condition. The only defect present on my Yeoman when I bought it was
  8. I completely agree. I'm a minority being in the under 30's age category and believing that people rely far too heavily on the state in current times. As has already been previously mentioned, these parents all have expensive smart phones, large flat screen TV's etc etc. The average benefit income in the UK makes a mockery of those in the lower working class income brackets. I feel genuinely sorry for people working they're ***** off, possibly even working multiple jobs, pulling in approximately the same per annum as a single mother with 3 kids working 16 hours a week down the local cafe...
  9. Evening all, My names David, this is my first post on the PW forum so a formal introduction is the proper thing to do! I've recently moved to North Somerset, I'm an experienced gun that's shot since a young lad. I've currently got a young working Springer called 'Badger' who's still in training, I'd love to get him working doing what he does best. I've unfortunately had to wave goodbye to several brilliant permissions at an old location due to a career move. Being new to the area I thought I'd try and reach out to people via the PW forum to see whether or not there
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