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  1. The MK11 is the side plate in the picture (thing of beauty). The MK38 Sporter and MK38 trap gd5's are beside it. I'll be going back shortly to choose a MK38 Sporter They're touring the UK at the moment, google search browning UK 2021 tour. It's as simple as booking online (it's free) but it's dealt on a first come first serve basis. Those who get there first get a premium/VIP ticket which earns you a free sit down meal all on browning!!!
  2. Well I've had a successful morning at the Browning South West tour. I had an opportunity to shoot everything on my original list, including a few extras (most notably the new Miroku MK11 and Browning 725 range). My favourite gun of the morning though was by far the grade 5 mk38 Sporter, to be honest shooting it side by side in comparison with the MK11 the differences were mainly visual and it held it's own. I liked it's weight, balance and the way that it came up without slapping me around, couldn't miss with it. I think it's hook line and sinker. With the added benefit of being given a voucher today for £350 worth of gear (gunslip/cartridge bag etc) if I purchase my new Miroku within the next 3 months from an approved dealer. 😎 Thanks for all your invaluable help! I'd highly recommend if you get a chance to attend the next browning event, don't hesitate!!! Brilliant day out and lots of free goodies.
  3. Hello all! Is there anyone in the South-West/Gloucester area that would be willing to accommodate a single gun and a working spaniel? I'm not expecting royal treatment, I'd be quite happy tagging along for sporting company or just a hand. Keen to get the dog out enjoying what the sporting scene has to offer. (Available most weekends & run several 4x4's).
  4. Westward it was a MK38 Sporter with a schabel forend. I'm all ears, I've never shot regularly with an O/U hence why asking advice. All of the guns that I handled had a drastically different feel to my SxS so I'm sure I couldn't pick up on the subtleties that a veteran O/U shooter would have. I don't really want to turn this into a gun-fit thread, but I'd love to hear some feedback from entry level Miroku's and Browning owners. I think I've established that the quality/type of wood question will have endless answers, it's a matter of personal choice. But a valuable take-away so far has been the point made regarding re-sale value and the likely hood of being in the dog house for a while if you go for grade 5 wood...
  5. Taileron, that's a brilliant bit of feedback. Given me lots to think about - Browning are holding an open day in the SW this Saturday which I've got tickets for.. so with a bit of luck I'll have an opportunity to shoot all of the above and make an informed decision from there.
  6. No, he actually said my AYA Yeoman fits me well.. I'll be keeping that for rough shooting/walked up game. I'm just looking to merge into the world of O/U's for sporting clays and of all the big brands that I tried on the day Berretta, Browning, Breda, Miroku.. the MK38 was the one that felt most comfortable and that was because it's higher in the comb and has a taller action. I was originally looking for a Silver pigeon, but out of the few that I picked up that was the most uncomfortable, which was unfortunate.
  7. Top man Muncher, that is a real deal breaker.. I've dropped him a PM.
  8. Have you got a link to his post? that sounds very tempting.
  9. haha! you've hit the nail on the head there. They'd all make a cracking choice because they're all essentially the same gun. The choice is just bewildering... so far I'm leaning toward either the B525 laminate game (because it's prettier than a GD1 and the same price) OR a GD5 MK38.. downside of the latter is the mrs will probably leave me. (Few extra pennies for shooting then perhaps?) 🤪
  10. Evening All, I've been a regular SxS shooter for some time, I've not shot with any brand of OU for a prolonged period of time. The time has finally come for me to dip my toe in the water of OU's due to the amount of clay that I'm now shooting, I feel it's time for slightly more modern workhorse. I've been fitted by my local shop Avalon Guns in Somerset. I've been advised that due to my stature and 'long neck' a gun higher in the comb would suit my build. So I've half settled on the Miroku MK38 teague special 12g. due to it's notorious reliability record and the way that it fitted in the hands. I am however slightly perplexed by the choice of stock grade.. It's also worth mentioning that I wouldn't be adversed to a browning B525 as they're essentially the same gun and offer slightly better value for money (they come cased etc). Options so far are: 1. Miroku MK38 GD1 teague - No nonsense shotgun, average wood but likely to give trouble free shooting for years. 2. Miroku MK38 GD5 teague. - Same as above, great looking wood and prettier engraving - Slight concern about some reports of stock cracking around the palm swell/receiver. (Brittle North American walnut). 3. Browning B525 Sporter. No nonsense shotgun, average wood but likely to give trouble free shooting for years + added benefit of being cased and very slightly cheaper. 4. Browning B525 Laminate Game. No nonsense shotgun, bit of a workhorse.. bulletproof woodwork that requires minimal maintenance. Perhaps slightly a step too far from the traditional gun that i'm used too? Certianly more interesting to look at than a regular GD1 MK38 or B525 and well priced. I'd love to hear personal experiences from you, particularly surrounding this GD5 browning/miroku stock cracking malarky, whether or not it's a myth or has some truth to it. Exciting times shopping for a new blunder bus. Thanks in advance!
  11. SW, appreciate I'm 4-5 months late to the party.. but I'm based in the SW and have a working spaniel. I've been itching to get out with him this year. I'll drop you a PM sir!
  12. Corbyn's puppet! gggggoooooooodddddd byyeeeeeeee
  13. Thanks for the detailed feedback Gunman! I've reached out to ASI, I'll hopefully get some good news soon.
  14. I'd seen that previously, certainly an option although it seems a bit wasteful to have to buy an entire stock.
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